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After school, Chen Tian and Xiao Yu went to eat together. Originally, he didn't want to go with Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu insisted on going with him. After she said a lot of good words, he reluctantly agreed. He wanted to focus all his energy on learning and martial arts. In high school, he would never let a woman have his feelings again. Besides, the love affairs of high school students are all playing house games, so it's unrealistic. They left after the college entrance exam. Rather than wasting time on someone else's wife, it would be more practical to read more books. When Xiao Yu and Chen Tian were together, they were always filled with joy. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

The editor, as long as he was with Chen Tian, he would have the time and opportunity to understand him, the history of his love affair with his girlfriend. Moreover, Chen Tian had practiced < < Previous Chapter

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The back of his body exuded a special aura, always giving people a very comfortable feeling.

It was the peak hour for eating, and there were many people in the cafeteria. There were no seats left. Xiao Yu ordered two servings of rice and bought the best dishes. When Chen Tian saw her use money like water, he could not help but feel his heart ache. "Alright, Xiao Yu, stop buying. This dish is so expensive." Buying cheap food was the same as eating it with nutrition in your stomach. Besides, I don't have that much money! " These words attracted the disdain of the other students. F * ck, is he even human? The school belle had given him food, but he was still being picky. Other people would always get food for their female classmates from their male classmates. Yet, he felt that it was too expensive for him to eat soft food there. He was truly a scum among men.

Chen Tian took the bowl of rice from Xiao Yu's hand and said, "There's no place to eat. Let's go outside and eat." Xiao Yu looked around before suddenly saying, "Don't worry, I'll think of something." She walked up to the boys who were eating and said with a smile, "Classmate, the cafeteria doesn't have any seats anymore. It's very hot to eat. Can you give me a seat?" "The boys looked up and saw a beautiful lady holding a bowl and talking to them. They could not believe their eyes, and all of them had their mouths wide open. They had the standard porcupine look, standing there dumbfounded." Can you give me a seat, anyway? "Hmph, petty, unwilling to give up any position." When Xiao Yu saw their perverted looks, she felt a wave of disgust, but she still said with a smile in order to get a seat.

There was no reason for them to refuse to give up their seats to a beautiful woman. Several students rushed to stand up.

"Fellow student, please sit with me." "Don't, his stool is dirty, just sit with me." "None of them are clean. It's better if I stay here. I'll help you clean up." Seeing that they were arguing, Xiao Yu quickly stopped them and said, "Alright, someone will be coming to take your seat." She waved at Chen Tian. Chen Tian walked over and said, "Xiao Yu, is this how you do it?" Xiao Yu smiled mischievously, "They were the ones who gave up their spot. I didn't force them. What's wrong with that?" Don't you think so? " When the boys saw Xiao Yu speak to them, they hurriedly said, "Yes, yes." We volunteered. " Chen Tian shook his head with a wry smile, it seemed like the power of a beauty could not be resisted. He had only eaten two mouthfuls when he was slapped on the shoulder. " "You are Chen Tian?" Being disturbed to eat, Chen Tian was very unhappy, moreover using such a crude method. How could there be such a student in a school? He was not polite at all, and his quality was not bad at all. Chen Tian turned his head and saw a boy with a head full of yellow hair wearing earrings.

"I'm Chen Tian, do you have any advice for me?" Other people had no manners, but he could not afford to be rude in the beginning. However, Chen Tian still asked with a smile.

"I wouldn't dare to give you advice, but my boss is looking for you." Chen Tian was stunned. "Boss?" Which boss? Do I know him? "Go, I think you're the wrong person." Seeing that Chen Tian was not giving him face in front of so many students, the yellow-hair pointed at his nose and said, "Brat, don't throw away your face when I give it to you." "My eldest brother invites you to join him because he thinks highly of you. If you don't appreciate his kindness, you won't even be able to cry when the time comes." These words were nothing to Chen Tian, but to Xiao Yu, it sounded like he was insulting Chen Tian in front of his classmates. She originally had good feelings for Chen Tian, but now that she had a meal with him, there was no difference between insulting Chen Tian and insulting her.

Xiao Yu scolded the yellow-hair, "What are you? At most, you're just a dog running errands for someone else." What kind of status did Chen Tian have? How could he be invited just because you said so? "I can see that your boss isn't that good, so you should have found a good dog to run around with. I didn't expect to find a mad dog that only knows how to bite and bark." Chen Tian looked at her in surprise, he did not expect that the usually gentle and quiet Xiao Yu would actually scold people in such a way.

Xiao Yu's voice was very loud, attracting the attention of all the students in the cafeteria.

The yellow-hair was scolded by Xiao Yu until his face turned from red to white, from white to green, and he roared at her, "Smelly bitch! My boss likes you because of your attitude, but for a bad woman like you, I really don't feel good for my boss." "Fine, fine, just you wait." After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the cafeteria.

Xiao Yu saw that the yellow-hair dared to scold her, so she wanted to go up and stop him, but she was stopped by Chen Tian.

"Why are you pulling me?" Xiao Yu asked somewhat angrily.

Chen Tian did not speak.

"You're afraid I'll suffer, aren't you?" Xiao Yu asked.

Chen Tian could not find a reason to pull her, so he could only nod his head. Xiao Yu was so happy and touched. She did not think that he would hold her back. She did not think that he would care about her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she wanted to throw herself into his arms and cry. Chen Tian frowned and whispered, "They're here." Not long after, over ten people rushed into the cafeteria. All of them had a terrifying murderous look on their faces. When the students eating lunch saw that the situation was not going well, they all retreated, afraid of being caught in the crossfire.

"Chen Tian, I sent someone to find you. Why didn't you come? Are you still a man?" The one who spoke was a very handsome, fair-faced boy. He was none other than the self-proclaimed boyfriend of Xiao Yu, Li Bing.

Without waiting for Chen Tian to speak, Xiao Yu stepped forward and said, "Li Bing, it's not like Chen Tian has offended you, so why did you find trouble with him?" "Don't think that your family is amazing just because you have some smelly money. This is a school, aren't you afraid of being punished?" This little woman clearly knew that Li Jun wasn't going to be nice today, but she still wanted to argue with him.

When Li Bing saw Xiao Yu stand up for Chen Tian, his heart became even more angry. He stared at Xiao Yu and said: "I've done so much for you this year, but why do you keep not accept me?" Which part of Chen Tian is better than me? Talent, result, or family background? "Hmm, I will teach him a lesson today, but as long as you agree to be his girlfriend, I will consider letting him go." Xiao Yu coldly said, "Just give up. I'm already Chen Tian Zhen's girlfriend." Chen Tian did not care about the others, but one of the youths caught his attention. The young man's clothes were different from the others'. They were the clothes worn by martial artists. There was also a very powerful energy in his body. His internal energy was obviously much higher than normal, which was the equivalent of < < Previous Chapter

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On the fourth floor. The youth had also noticed Chen Tian from the moment he had entered the room. It was obvious that he had also felt the strong true energy within Chen Tian's body. The young man's face was solemn as he thought in his heart: When did such an expert appear in the several great martial arts families? Looks like I have to go back and tell grandpa.

"Cripple this man for me. If anything happens, I'll take the blame." Li Jun pointed at Chen Tian and said to the people around.

"Slow down, let them go." The youth hurriedly stopped him.

Li Jun looked at the young man in confusion. "Why?" "Elder Brother Nan Gong, could it be that we're still afraid of him?" The teenager glared at Li Bing and said, "Let them go." Chen Tian pulled Xiao Yu out of the cafeteria. When Li Jun saw them leave, she stomped her feet in anger. The teenager looked at Li Jun and said coldly, "You can't afford to provoke him. If you don't want to die, stay away from him." Li Bing did not believe the young man's words and asked, "Big Brother Nangong, do you mean to say that he is very powerful?" The boy nodded and said with certainty, "Very good, at least better than I am now." Although the youth said it seriously, Li Jun did not think much of it. He did not believe that Chen Tian was that powerful. He swore to himself that he would bring Xiao Yu over no matter the cost.

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