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(This book has been signed, and the editor is going to upload it again.) Everyone, do not worry about collecting them. Wait until they are fattened up before slowly looking at them.)

At the outskirts of the county, there was a villa. An 80 year old old man was sitting in the hall. He was one of the Four Great Elders of the Nangong family, Nangong Tian. Behind him stood a seventeen or eighteen year old youth.

Nangong Tian turned around to the youth and asked, "Yunfei, are you sure he is stronger than you? You are a once in a hundred year genius of our Nangong Family.

After reaching the fifth stage, it wouldn't be too much to say that you are the number one expert amongst the younger generation. He's stronger than you? "You must be seeing things." Nangong Yunfei solemnly said, "Grandfather, I won't misjudge you." Today, Li Bing asked me to go to school with him. Originally, I thought it was a party or a movie, but I didn't expect him to steal a woman from someone else. I need to use three levels of strength to block the aura coming from that brat. If we were to fight, I wouldn't have thought that we would be defeated in three hundred moves. "I just don't know which family he came from." Nangong Tian knit his brows and said, "You can't even make it to three hundred moves? That's not the same as <

He had reached the sixth level. Right, today you and Shuiyue go and try out his skills and kung fu skills. Let's see if he is an enemy or a friend. As long as he isn't an enemy, we will think of a way to bring him to our side. "Even if he doesn't want to, don't hurt him. After all, it won't do us any good to have another enemy." Nangong Yun Fei said: Alright, Grandfather, I'll go try him out tonight. "But didn't my sister go to America?" Nangong Tian said, "Shuiyue came back this morning." Chen Tian was very annoyed by this. In the morning, she had been unable to control her emotions, causing the school's leader to be seriously injured. At noon, Li Bing had also brought people to cause trouble for her and Xiao Yu had said that she was his girlfriend. And that young man who came with Li Bing, who was he? Why did he have such a higher level of skill compared to her? Why was Li Bing's family so rich, and why was she so respectful to him?

He had only been in school for less than a day and he had already gotten himself into a lot of trouble. From the looks of the current situation, there would definitely be a lot of trouble in the future.

After the evening self-study, Chen Tian was about to quickly leave the classroom. Xiao Yu stopped him and wanted to go have supper with him, but no matter what method Xiao Yu had, Chen Tian always said that he wasn't hungry and would like to return to his room early to sleep. What a joke, I got myself into a lot of trouble during lunch. Do you think I'm an idiot when I was eating with you the last time I tried to learn to be a good girl?

After returning to his room, Chen Tian did not even wash his feet before going to bed to cultivate. After circulating his True Qi for three cycles in his body, the fatigue in his body was completely gone. He was extremely energetic. There was a breeze outside, which ordinary people would not be able to feel. However, Chen Tian was not an ordinary person, he was a martial arts expert. He opened his eyes abruptly. It was not a normal wind outside, but the vibration of the air caused by the martial arts expert's Qing Gong. The wind was originally a flow of air, but as it flowed, the air began to resonate. However, there was no man-made reason.

Chen Tian stood up and put on his boots. All his movements were done in one go, without any hesitation at all. He opened the window and jumped down. He then did a free fall in the air, crazily falling down. Chen Tian was scared to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat, but he could not do anything while he was in the air. At first, he thought he would glide through the air like an eagle and land gracefully, because that was how it was played on television. However, when he jumped down, he realized that he didn't have any qinggong, so there was no need to mention that feeling of regret. He could just close his eyes and wait to die.

Chen Tian fell to the ground, but her feet were half a foot deep in the hard concrete. His feet were numb from the shock, and he couldn't feel any pain. He might have already lost consciousness. He pulled out his feet. Luckily, the bones weren't broken, but if it wasn't for his profound strength, both of his legs would have been crippled. Looking up, the eighth floor actually jumped down from the eighth floor. Chen Tian sighed. "Jumping down from a height of more than twenty meters and not dying is a miracle." Not far away in the dark, a girl whispered, "That guy is an idiot. Just roll twice on the ground and you'll be fine. That's the principle of buffering." "You don't even know this, brother. You still say that he's very powerful, but I don't think so." The man in black beside the girl said, "Little sister, you can't say such words." "He's a bit of a fool, but don't you see his feet are all right after they hit the concrete?" Although their voices were soft, it still reached Chen Tian Zhen's ears. After all, his spiritual sense had not been trained in vain over the past few months.

"Who is it?" Chen Tian shouted, "You're not sleeping at home in the middle of the night, and you actually came out for a stroll. Are you trying to steal something?" Do you all still have the discipline and discipline of a school in your eyes? "Hurry up and come out." Not good, I've been discovered. "Run, sister." The girl in black immediately ran away.

Want to run? Chen Tian did not care about his numb legs as he gave chase with all his might. When he chased her to the garden, he was nowhere to be seen. In a flash, a person stood in front of him and a person stood behind him, holding him in the middle. Both of them were only ten meters away from him. It seemed that they would have to lie down first if they were to leave this place today.

"Why are you chasing us?" the man in black asked.

Chen Tian was confused. That's right, why should I chase him? He had never thought about this issue before. Ever since he had acquired a set of skills and martial arts, he had always been bold and courageous. He had always regarded himself as a righteous hero, and knew that there was no reason for him to not chase after him.

"But why did you run?" Chen Tian had nothing to say, he could only ask this idiotic question.

He was a thief, yet he didn't run away when he was discovered. He was just waiting for death!

"Bro, what are you talking about?" "Go!" Even though the young girl's voice was very nice, she was definitely a wild and wild girlfriend, and she was prone to violence.

The two simultaneously attacked Chen Tian with movements as fast as lightning. Chen Tian did not expect them to fight as they pleased, he had known that they knew martial arts, but he did not expect them to conceal their strength so that they could act like pigs and eat the tiger. "I really don't know where this kind of expert came from." After a moment of distraction, Chen Tian Zhen took a heavy punch to his chest. "Fortunately, he was protected by his true qi, so he wasn't hurt too much. However, it still made his blood boil." "Ah." Chen Tian roared and attacked the young girl fiercely. He decided to finish off one of them first. Fighting with two people was too arduous, but he knew that he would have to pay a heavy price. The young girl was startled when she saw him desperately attacking. She thought to herself: "How is this the demeanor of a martial arts expert? This is simply a method to deal with a ruffian with no regard for his life." Although Chen Tian was a street ruffian's fighting style, every punch and kick was filled with explosive power. Towards Chen Tian's ferocious attacks, the girl could only resist. The black clothed man saw the young girl being beaten until she was forced to retreat continuously. Worried that she would be injured, he also channeled 10 levels of power to join the battle.

Chen Tian ignored the black clothed man's attack and continued attacking the young girl.

"Humph!" Chen Tian and the girl let out muffled groans at the same time. Chen Tian had been hit in the back and suffered some serious internal injuries. After being struck in the chest, the young girl was both embarrassed and angry. Her small face was flushed red.

The teenager swore at Chen Zhen. Is there a fight like this? "Today, I will kill you, you pervert." Chen Tian wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and laughed, "Haha, as long as you can hit him, I don't care which part you are in." "Is there a rule in Chinese law not to attack a woman's chest in a fight?" The young girl was stunned for a moment. She didn't think that this shameless fellow would be so unreasonable as to take advantage of her. Thus, she charged forward in a fit of anger. The man in black grabbed her and said, "Never mind, sister." Didn't you see that his injuries were worse than yours? Have you forgotten what grandpa said? " "But," said the girl, "it's him." "No, I must kill him today." Chen Tian was also awakened by the earlier punch. Taiji was his own forte, why not use it? " "Hmph, even if you want to leave now, you won't be able to." After saying that, he began to execute Taiji Fist's first move.

"Taiji Fist!" The man in black and the girl cried out in unison.

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