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"Taiji Fist!" The man in black and the girl cried out in unison. Taiji Fist?! He's from the Chen family? But when did the Chen Clan produce such an expert? Chen Tian's Taiji Fist stance was the same as Chen's Taiji Fist stance, but it was slowly changing. The more it changed, the larger it became, giving off a somewhat incongruous feeling. Chen Tian Zhen's movements were very slow. Just from looking at his movements, each and every one of them seemed soft without a single trace of power. However, from the perspective of the whole, his movements were very consistent, just like the flowing clouds and flowing water. The surrounding air started to move closer to Chen Tian, as it flowed faster and faster, finally forming a strong air current, forming a thin transparent barrier around his body.

The black-clothed man and the young girl were initially shocked, thinking that Chen Tian was only a member of the Chen family. It would be extremely common for people from the Chen family to be like Chen Tian. But slowly, their shock turned into shock, and finally, when Chen Tianzhen appeared from the outside, it turned into fear. Is this still Taiji? He never thought that Taiji Fist could unleash such an aura.

There were people that could form astral winds and shields outside of his body, and he had seen many girls in black clothing. For example, the Chen family's head, Chen Haoyun, his grandfather, was a monster who was almost 100 years old. With his deep cultivation, it wasn't strange for him to be able to accomplish such a feat. But how old was Chen Tian? At most, he would not be 20 years old, even if he started training inside his mother's womb. In fact, they had overestimated Chen Tian Zhen, although Chen Tian Zhen's cultivation was high, it was not as terrifying as they had imagined. Moreover, his Taiji Fist technique was also different from Chen's Taiji Fist, Zhang Sanfeng's entire body was already in that small booklet, it was not something Chen's Taiji Fist could compare with. Taiji Fist focused on "borrowing" the power of the surrounding and enemies. Chen Tian had also borrowed the power of nature to release such a strong aura.

The black clothed man trembled as he asked, "You. "You are a member of the Chen family?"

As Chen Tian practiced his Taichi Fist, he casually replied, "That's right, I'm from the Chen family!"

Receiving an affirmative answer, the black clothed man said to the young girl, "Sister, we already know that he is a member of the Chen family. Let's go home and let grandpa be a nativist, we are no match for him. Furthermore, we only came here to test his skills, so we don't have to fight to the death with him. " The young girl already had the intention of retreating. Hearing the black-clothed man's words, she hurriedly said, "Brother is right. Let grandpa decide." After that, the two of them performed their Qing Gong and disappeared into the night.

Chen Tian was already lost in the mystery of Taiji Fist. He did not know about the two's departure. Only after Taiji Fist was over did he wake up and said, "You two can fight together!" However, no one replied him. Only now did he know that the two had already left. He sighed from his seat and said, "It's fine if they leave, but if they really attack, I really don't know how to defend myself. "Damn, it seems like my cultivation is still not high enough. I never would have thought that I would almost collapse from practicing Taiji."

After returning to his room, Chen Tian immediately started cultivating to heal his injuries. This time, his injuries were very serious, but it wasn't because of the girls in the black suit, but because he had forcefully channeled his zhen qi to execute the Taichi Fist, causing him to suffer heavy internal injuries. There was not a single ounce of true qi in his body, even his dantian was empty. Because Chen Tian was heavily injured, he was unable to find any true qi for a while, so he fell asleep on his bed.

In a villa in the outskirts of the county.

The girl and the man changed into night clothes and headed to the hall. It turned out that these two people were the young Nangong Yunfei that Chen Tian had met in the school cafeteria and his sister Nangong Shuiyue who had just returned from America.

Nangong Tian had already been waiting in the hall for a while. When he saw Nangong Yunfei and Nangong Shuiyue come back, he quickly went up and asked, "How was it, did you see through his martial path? Yi, Shuiyue, you seem to be injured! "

Nangong Shuiyue said, "Thank you for your concern, grandpa. I'm only slightly injured, so I won't be in your way. That person's martial path has been investigated. In the beginning, when he fought against me and my brother, he was unruly and unruly, just like a hoodlum on the streets. The hoodlum probably wanted to hide his martial path and identity. "

Nangong Tian hurriedly asked, "What happened next?"

Nangong Yun Fei looked at his little sister and said, "Then he was beaten up by me until he vomited blood."

Nangong Tian stared at Nangong Yunfei and impatiently said, "I'm asking him what martial arts he used afterwards."

Nangong Yunfei and Nangong Shuiyue said at the same time, "It's Taiji Fist!"

"Someone from the Chen family?" Nangong Tian was also very surprised. He had a good relationship with the Chen family's Patriarch, Chen Haoyun. In the beginning, he had never heard of the Chen family having such an expert. How many moves did he lose against you? "

Nangong Shuiyue lowered her head in shame. "After he used his Taichi Fist, we didn't fight again. But from the looks of it, Big Brother and I couldn't even last ten moves against him."

Nangong Tian looked at the two of them in disbelief and cried out, "Impossible! Even with my cultivation, the two of you can even take ten moves. Could it be that he is stronger than me? No, I have to call Old Man Chen and ask him what's going on. "Also, I will have to personally meet with that little fellow some other time. However, you all don't have to worry, since he is a member of the Chen Clan, then it means that he is an ally and not an enemy."

"Grandfather, Big Brother and I want to go into closed door cultivation." Nangong Yun Fei and Nangong Shuiyue said at the same time.

Nangong Tian nodded and said, "That's fine too. Originally, I had thought that your skills would be very extraordinary among the younger generation. Sigh, it's my eyes that are too short-sighted. However, don't force yourself too much when you're cultivating. "

After Nangong Yunfei and Nangong Shuiyue left, Nangong Tian called the Chen family.

Ever since Chen Tian was injured, he felt that he was lacking, even though it was his first battle. He worked harder than before, practicing every day except for class. However, Xiao Yu was puzzled. Ever since the incident in the cafeteria, Chen Tian had been avoiding her, talking to him nonchalantly. Was she that scary?

He was cold to everything and thought that nothing could interest him. The students had a big opinion of him, saying that he was acting cool, and that he was attracting the attention of the female students. Chen Tian did not care about these rumors at all, but Xiao Yu defended him, saying that if he did not even care about her school beauty, would he still try to act cool to attract the attention of his female classmates?

Every time Xiao Yu and Chen Tian were together, she would blush, even in class. She felt very comfortable with his temperament.

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