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Captive Bonds/C10 What's Wrong with You
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C10 What's Wrong with You

Nie Cheng put on Mu Han's hat and covered him up before going out. Firstly, it was cold outside, and secondly, he was afraid that someone would take a picture of him.

"Where are we going?" Mu Han couldn't help but ask. He thought he could drive, but he ended up walking.

Nie Cheng brought him onto the bus. There were two empty seats in the back seat, so they went over and sat down.

"Where are we going?" This was the first time in his life that Mu Han had taken a bus.

Nie Cheng was still very familiar with this. "To the East Lake."

Mu Han had been to many famous scenic spots, but rarely visited those that weren't too famous. He really didn't know what kind of place the East Lake was.

"I went to East Lake for a shoot once. The night view there is very beautiful," Nie Cheng said. If he wasn't filming, he wouldn't have known about this place.

Outside the car window, the neon lights flew past. Mu Han looked out at the scenery outside. There were two or three people walking by on the street. Everything seemed beautiful.

"Why do you want to go to the East Lake?" Mu Han suddenly asked.

The fact that he could manage the company showed that he was smart. Nie Cheng smiled and said, "Then where else can I go? I just thought that maybe you didn't go to this place."

Mu Han looked at Nie Cheng's reflection in the car window and lowered his eyes slightly. Nie Cheng was lying, but he didn't point it out. All of this was actually very beautiful, and he didn't want to ruin it.

When they got off at the station, they could not make out the faces of the people around them in the dim yellow light of the streetlamps.

Nie Cheng went to buy water and tickets before taking Mu Han to the East Lake.

Although there was a lake in the name, it was very big inside. There was a bridge over the East Lake. Neon lights flashed, and many people came to play at night.

After crossing the bridge, the scenery was even more beautiful. It was unknown if it was because of the night or because they were dressed simply, but no one noticed them.

Nie Cheng took Mu Han for a tour, and finally took a boat to sail on the lake. The lights on both sides of the river were bright, and they could hear the sounds of activity.

He didn't tell Mu Han that this was where he had met Shen Yanlu, which was why he wanted to stay in this place. Nie Cheng looked at the water and suddenly said, "After this scene, I want to turn around."

"Have you made up your mind?" Mu Han didn't ask for the reason. He would support whatever Nie Cheng wanted to do. This person had been standing at the top of the school ever since he met him. He had always been the center of attention. The reason why he had kept Nie Cheng as his mistress was because he had reached out to help him when he was at his lowest point. After that, he had to work hard to reach the top of the industry. His title of Best Actor was not undeserved.

Nie Cheng held the mineral water bottle in both hands and nodded. "I know how to open a studio."


Mu Han's response was very simple. There were some things that he would not tell this person face to face, but he would always extend his hand to help him.

Nie Cheng was very puzzled. "Aren't you going to ask me why?"

"No need."

Did he not care about him or did he trust him too much? Nie Cheng's mood suddenly became very bad. He didn't know what the problem was. Mu Han had become different. In the past, he would still ask a few questions, but now, he didn't ask much about him.

He said unwillingly, "I'll make a plan. When the time comes, help me take a look."

Mu Han nodded, "Alright." His expression was not very clear in the darkness.

When the boat was about to reach the shore, it suddenly started to rain. The two of them went ashore and ran towards a pavilion not far away. There were a lot of people taking shelter from the rain. They probably didn't expect it to suddenly rain on such a fine day.

Seeing that the rain was getting heavier, someone cursed and ran into the rain with his coat covering his head. As long as he reached the bus stop, everything would be fine.

Nie Cheng took off his coat and covered Mu Han's head. He also pulled his men into the rain and ran.

When the rain started to fall, Mu Han pulled on his coat and shouted, "Aren't you afraid of catching a cold if you don't wear it?"

Nie Cheng's pace was a little fast. Mu Han exercised every week, so he had to speed up his pace. When they arrived at the bus stop, there were indeed a lot of people waiting for the bus. The rain came unexpectedly, and all the people who came to play ran over here.

Nie Cheng saw that it was impossible to get a taxi here, and the taxi on the other side was also stopped. He looked around and found a hotel, so he brought Mu Han over.

When they arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Mu Han returned his coat to Nie Cheng and went to get a room. Nie Cheng had more exposure than him. He handed over two ID cards. More people knew him than he did.

Mu Han got a room and took the room card, then went up with Nie Cheng. When they entered the elevator, Mu Han took out the room card and said, "Don't give me your coat in the future."

Nie Cheng had already put on his coat. When he heard this, he glanced at Mu Han. For some reason, he suddenly became angry.

Mu Han's words sounded kind and caring to anyone who heard them, but to Nie Cheng, it changed. He immediately twisted the meaning into 'I don't need your coat'.

Nie Cheng didn't reply. Mu Han raised his head and glanced at him. Mu Han had always been very sensitive to Nie Cheng's emotions. The other party's face was dark and he didn't say anything. Mu Han knew that he was angry, but he didn't understand what Nie Cheng was angry about.

After finding his room, Mu Han used his room card to open the door and enter. He wasn't completely drenched, but Nie Cheng was. Just as he was about to tell him to take a bath, Nie Cheng leaned over from behind, grabbed his hand, and dragged him to the bed.

"Nie Cheng, what's wrong with you?" Mu Han wanted to break free from Nie Cheng. He didn't like this kind of method.

Nie Cheng narrowed his eyes at the man under him. "Don't you like it when I do this to you?" In the past, Mu Han wouldn't have called him crazy, but today, he actually scolded him.

He was already a head taller than Mu Han, and he was also a size bigger than him. He had been out filming for a long time, so he was much stronger than Mu Han, who was sitting in his office handling documents. He quickly took off his clothes and kissed him.

After a long time, Nie Cheng finally led his men to the bathroom to take a bath. He wiped him dry and carried him to bed. He wasn't sure if it was because he was satisfied, but at this time, he wasn't sleepy at all.

There was a light on at the head of the bed, and Mu Han was fast asleep under the blanket. Nie Cheng lit a cigarette and stood by the window, smoking. He looked at the lights outside, and his eyes were very deep. No one knew what he was thinking. He looked at the person on the bed from the reflection in the window, frowning. He knew that there was something different today, but he couldn't think of what it was. The person was still the same person, and he still treated Mu Han like this, but there were always some things that felt different, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

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