Captive Bonds/C11 Something Happened to the Project
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Captive Bonds/C11 Something Happened to the Project
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C11 Something Happened to the Project

Two days later, Nie Cheng and his assistant manager went to H City. Cao Xuan sent someone to pick up Nie Cheng. When he went out, Mu Han thought he would say something, but he didn't. He just left without taking anything or listening to him.

Mu Han stood in front of the French window of his office, looking down at the ant-like traffic below. After a long while, the secretary knocked on the door and placed a document on his desk.

"President, this is a mining project in H City."

Mu Han went over and opened the document. After reading it carefully, he asked, "Who is in charge?"

"Director Chen, Manager Sun from the technical department will go with you."

His hand, which was flipping through the document, paused for a moment before turning to another page. Only then did Mu Han say, "Why is Director Chen going over?"

At this point, the secretary's voice became softer, "Something happened in the mine over there, so the project can't be carried out. Someone must go over and take a look to solve this matter."

Hearing this, Mu Han raised his head, and his eyes became sharper: "No one informed me about this matter."

The secretary had followed Mu Han for two years, so she more or less knew his temper and knew his expression. At this moment, she knew that he was angry. She quickly explained, "I wanted to inform you, but CEO Chen said that he would deal with this matter and tell you."

Why would Chen Sentang take the initiative to go over for such a serious matter?

Deal with it? He said that if his secretary hadn't mentioned it, he wouldn't have known at all. Mu Han narrowed his eyes slightly. "I remember correctly that Chen Sentang was the one who got this project."

The secretary nodded: "That's right."

Mu Han did not sign, but closed the document and put it on the other side: "Manager Sun and I will go over."

It was very convenient for her to suddenly change the secretary. She asked, "Do you want to inform the branch office in H City?"

Mu Han did not answer and directly asked another question, "Who is in charge of this project in the branch office?"

"Vice President Zhang Ge."

"Alright, give me a copy of Zhang Ge's information."

The secretary didn't understand why Mu Han would do this, but she still went out to do it.

Mu Han looked at the document again carefully. There were only two things that could happen in the mine: man-made and collapsed accidents.

He didn't believe Chen Sentang at all. Ever since Mu Xue and Chen Sentang married, he didn't believe this person at all. Since he was in charge of this project, this time he would personally go and see what was going on.

The secretary quickly brought up Zhang Ge's information and asked, "Director Mu, do you need to inform the branch office?"

Mu Han took the information and looked through it: "I will arrange for my own contact when I get there. You don't need to inform them. You can go down first."

After the secretary left, Mu Han finished reading Zhang Ge's information and put it aside.

The news of the substitution in H City was quickly notified to Chen Sentang. In the afternoon, Mu Han came over as soon as he returned to his office from a meeting.

The man's eyes were sinister, and his expression was not good either. "How are you going to deal with this matter?"

"I wasn't more sincere in handling it than you were in the past." Mu Han leaned back in his chair and looked at Chen Sentang, his tone cold.

"What about the company?" Chen Sentang did not expect Mu Han to take the initiative to propose going to H City. Although Mu Han had targeted him before, it was not obvious. Chen Sentang didn't know if Mu Han had found something. If the project funds were found out, he would definitely be finished.

"You don't have to worry about that. Just do your own thing."

Chen Sentang still tried to convince Mu Han, "You are the CEO. If you don't know how dangerous it is over there, why did you go?"

Mu Han sneered and crossed his hands, "I'm not even afraid of you, what are you afraid of?" He did not allow Chen Sentang to say anything else and said, "This matter is decided. If you have nothing else to do, go back and do your own thing."

His words did not allow Chen Sentang to refute him at all. Hearing this, Chen Sentang gritted his teeth and left the office. No matter how he thought about it, he felt that Mu Han knew something. He could only immediately call Zhang Ge to tell him to be careful.

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