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C16 Get the Star in

Nie Cheng was starring in an ancient costume drama. He acted as a businessman who rolled around in the market and was eventually conferred the title of Imperial Merchant.

When Mu Han and Sun Hu arrived, they happened to be filming the fight over the dock. Several businessmen who owned the dock found Nie Cheng. When the director heard that the investors were coming, he could only leave it to the assistant director and receive them himself.

The director's name was Xu Wei, and he had filmed a lot of grand historical dramas. He was an old friend of Sun Hu's. When he heard that he was going to enter the entertainment industry and invest in a television series, he immediately showed his script to Sun Hu and took down the biggest investor.

Hsu Min came out to welcome him with a smile and patted Sun Hu on the shoulder. "Why are you free to come today?"

"I happened to pass by, so I came over to take a look." Sun Hu said as he introduced Mu Han to him, "This is Director Mu from the T Group."

Hsu Min had heard of the reputation of the T Group before, but this was the first time he had seen Mu Han. He immediately went over to shake his hand and invited both of them in.

As soon as Mu Han entered, he saw Nie Cheng filming. He was dressed in an ancient costume and wore a jade crown on his head. The man was already handsome, and his appearance made it even more difficult for people to take their eyes off him.

Nie Cheng was saying his lines: "The matter of the dock is related to our shipping. I will discuss it with the state as soon as possible and resolve this matter."

This person was decisive and decisive, but he was gentle when dealing with matters. Although his words were faint, no one could ignore his fierceness.

As soon as Nie Cheng finished speaking, he felt a gentle gaze fall on him. When he raised his head, he met Mu Han's gaze. He was stunned. Mu Han looked away and said something to Sun Hu.

The director invited two people to stand aside and talk, and when the scene was over no one went on. They all looked around.

Yu Yang saw that the director was very polite to both of them. He had seen Sun Hu once before, an investor, but Mu Han did not know him. He could not help but ask, "Who is the person beside Boss Sun?"

He stood beside Nie Cheng and asked the same question, but Nie Cheng didn't respond.

Yu Yang raised his head in confusion. Aside from the violence he had displayed in bed, Nie Cheng had always maintained an elegant demeanor. He would answer any questions he asked, but this was the first time he had remained silent.

Feeling that something was wrong, he pushed Nie Cheng away and joked, "I'm stunned. Could it be that you're interested in the person beside Boss Sun?"

That person's looks were not bad. Yu Yang immediately thought of that. "That person is also one of Boss Sun's people."

Nie Cheng sneered. If he dared to say these words in front of Mu Han, he would immediately lose the entertainment industry.

Sun Hu and Hsu Min talked for a while. Seeing that the filming had stopped, he said, "I'm sorry to bother you."

Hsu Min laughed out loud and said, "What are you talking about? It's rare for you to come here. I'll treat you guys to dinner tonight."

Speaking of this, Sun Hu said, "It just so happens that I haven't seen the main character this time."

Hsu Min understood the meaning of his words. He inadvertently glanced at Mu Han and nodded. "Alright, I'll arrange it. Call the main actor."

Sun Hu did not know what Mu Han was thinking, but his thoughts were similar to Hsu Min's. People like Mu Han, who were young, would always be able to play a little more.

There was no shooting for the afternoon, and the director and assistant director told him to call for help if he wanted to come.

Nie Cheng was drinking water when he received the notice. His assistant, He Tu, more or less knew the relationship between Nie Cheng and Mu Han. After saying that, he paid attention to Nie Cheng's expression. He threw the empty bottle of mineral water to the side and didn't say anything.

"I'll let you know if you don't want to go, and the director won't make things difficult for you."

"Why not?" Nie Cheng narrowed his eyes. "How can I refuse the director?"

As he spoke, he walked towards the dressing room to remove his makeup.

As he passed by Yu Yang's dressing room, he heard voices coming from inside, and his footsteps slowed a little.

"Then let's go." When his assistant Xiao Meng came over to inform him, Yu Yang was asking the makeup artist to remove his makeup for him. "Just treat it as a meal."

Xiao Meng heard some news, "That person who came with Boss Sun has a great background. I heard that even Boss Sun called him Director Mu."

Yu Yang was trimming his nails when he heard this. He paused for a moment and raised his head, "Director Mu."

Xiao Meng nodded. "Whoever is chosen tonight will be hugging a big tree."

When these words came out, Nie Cheng stared at the closed door of the dressing room. He didn't notice that his face was very gloomy.

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