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C17 Let's Play Another Game

The director was treating them to a meal at the Biyuan Hotel. Before Mu Han could arrive, Nie Cheng had already arrived. When he entered the private room, he saw that many people had arrived. Even the female supporting roles had come uninvited.

When Nie Cheng walked in, they were surprised. Nie Cheng had never shown up for a meal like this before. This was the first time they had seen him at such an occasion.

There were still a few empty seats left. Nie Cheng walked over and pulled out a chair to sit beside the female lead, Liu Qianqian. On his right were two empty seats, followed by the director. These two seats were reserved for Sun Hu and Mu Han.

If Nie Cheng didn't sit down, then it would be Liu Qianqian sitting next to Sun Hu or Mu Han. At first, there were still some people who weren't happy that Liu Qianqian had taken a good seat, but when they saw Nie Cheng sitting next to her, they laughed and said, "As expected, the male lead still cares about the female lead. He even wants to sit next to her."

Liu Qianqian was a popular star. Before acting, she was a model. Her appearance and figure were outstanding, so she changed her profession and became famous after acting in only two plays.

She still knew how to seize the opportunity to hype things up. When someone said this, she took Nie Cheng's arm and laughed, "I already said he's the male lead. If you don't sit together, where are you going to sit?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the door to the private room was opened. The waiter led Sun Hu and Mu Han over.

There were quite a few people in the room, but when Mu Han entered, he still saw Nie Cheng at first glance. Then, his gaze fell on Liu Qianqian's hand, which was holding Nie Cheng's arm, and quietly looked away.

Hsu Min stood up to welcome him. Sun Hu said, "I was late when I was talking to Director Mu."

Hsu Min patted his shoulder and said, "It's fine, it's fine. Hurry up and take a seat."

The waiter pulled out a chair for Mu Han, which was right next to Nie Cheng.

Hsu Min ordered some dishes and waited for the waiter to go down. He did not say any more polite words to Sun Hu and directly introduced the actor this time. From time to time, his eyes would observe Mu Han and see who he was interested in. However, after introducing him, the person's eyes were calm. He only looked at Mu Han when he said his name. It was not interesting at all.

Hsu Min was an experienced person, so he could not be anxious at this time. He first filled his glass with wine, and after drinking it, everything would be fine.

The actors took turns to toast, and everyone wanted to drink with Mu Han. In the end, Nie Cheng also picked up his wine and looked at the person beside him, whose eyes were still clear. "Director Mu, I toast you."

"Alright." Mu Han raised his glass and drank some.

The director seized the opportunity. "Director Mu only said one word when Nie Cheng toasted."

Previously, when those people said that they wanted to toast Mu Han, they only drank a little. They didn't say anything and just raised their wine glasses and drank.

Mu Han kept a smile on his face and said, "I'm also his fan."

When he said this, everyone thought it was a joke. Even Sun Hu had to call him 'Director Mu', but he actually knew how to chase stars? No one believed him when he said this, but no one pointed it out at this time. They just joked with Nie Cheng.

"Nie Cheng, how did you get a fan like Director Mu?"

"Director Mu is your fan. This information is really big."

Nie Cheng raised his head and looked at Mu Han. His tone was very calm, without the slightest bit of flattery. "Thank you, Director Mu, for your love."

Others might not understand these words, but only they themselves understood them.

Liu Qianqian took the opportunity to talk to Mu Han: "Then Director Mu, which TV series did you watch that Nie Cheng became a fan of him?"

"Dark Surge."

Nie Cheng had always been an extra when he first started his career. The real part of the show was Dark Surge, where he played the role of a man who had come out with his brother. After losing all his money in the casino, he took his brother's money and ran away, but later on, he became a gang leader. When his brother was arrested, he took his men to save him and cover his escape. In the end, he was killed.

With this play, Nie Cheng gradually became popular, but few people knew that this role was added later. With just a few words, Mu Han tailor-made a role for Nie Cheng.

However, the others didn't know. They were just surprised that Mu Han had become Nie Cheng's fan so early.

Liu Qianqian asked tentatively, "Has Director Mu seen the TV series I acted in?"

"I'm not sure." Mu Han wasn't polite just because she was a woman. His status meant that he didn't have to be polite to others. Others served him with fear, but he gave Nie Cheng everything.

Liu Qianqian's expression changed. She thought that such a person would at least take care of women a little, but she didn't expect him to not give her any face at all. Liu Qianqian glanced at the other actresses on the table and saw the ridicule in their eyes.

She snorted, thinking that she didn't care. Liu Qianqian no longer spoke to Mu Han.

After the meal, the director invited everyone to the KTV. Only then could they be at ease in this place.

A few of the actresses knew how to sing, and this was a good opportunity for them to show off. They took turns singing, and eventually, Nie Cheng was pushed forward to sing.

He went up openly, and they casually ordered a song. Mu Han was talking to Sun Hu and Hsu Min, but when Nie Cheng's voice sounded, he stopped.

This person casually stood on the stage. He didn't need to deliberately make a gesture to attract people's attention. Nie Cheng's voice was low. When he sang, he gave people the illusion that he was lingering, but Mu Han knew very well that this person was very heartless when he didn't like it.

Mu Han looked at him, but Nie Cheng didn't look at him. It was unknown where his gaze landed.

While he was listening to the song, someone squeezed in front of him. Yu Yang smiled and said, "Director Mu, do you want to play together?"

Mu Han raised his eyebrows. Yu Yang held a pair of dice in his hand and pointed to the people on the other side. "We're playing dice over there."

Mu Han had never touched such a thing in his life. He wanted to refuse, but Yu Yang did not give him the chance to refuse.

Hsu Min scolded, "This Yu Yang really doesn't know how to judge people."

Since Mu Han had never played it before, Yu Yang let him watch it once and taught him hand by hand. Mu Han was smart. He knew how to play after watching them play once. He had never lost a few games.

Yu Yang was humiliated, and said unhappily: "Director Mu, are you kidding me? You clearly played so well."

He saw that Mu Han was young and did not put on any airs, so he spoke as if he was familiar with him.

Mu Han slightly narrowed his eyes and shook his head: "Your IQ is not high enough."

"No, let's do it again."

Yu Yang was not convinced. After losing a few more times, the money entered Mu Han's pocket. Finally, he was convinced and began to ask for guidance.

The dice game attracted a few people who were singing. Hsu Min and Sun Hu also played two rounds.

When Nie Cheng was singing, he noticed that Yu Yang had pulled him away. The gaze that was originally fixed on him disappeared. When he came down, he saw Yu Yang holding his hand, and the two of them were very close.

For some reason, Nie Cheng felt very unhappy. He didn't even notice that the way he looked at Yu Yang was so dark that it could kill someone. In the end, he couldn't help but follow Hsu Min.

Sitting opposite Mu Han, Nie Cheng said, "Director Mu, let's change the game."

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