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Captive Bonds/C2 Legend Had It That He Was a Legend
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C2 Legend Had It That He Was a Legend

Nie Cheng was woken up by the sound of his phone ringing. When he picked up the phone from the bedside table and picked it up, his manager, Cao Xuan, said, "Your movie is finished, and it's going to be promoted in the next few days. When are you coming to the company? There are a couple of other programs you'll be a guest on, and by the way, there's a charity in Paris next Friday, and you've donated a million and a half, and they've sent you an invitation, so it's up to you whether you want to go or not. '"

Nie Cheng sat up and glanced at the seat beside him. He didn't know when Mu Han woke up. A wave of porridge fragrance wafted over, and Nie Cheng said, "I'll be there at three o'clock in the afternoon. The charity event has been postponed. I have something to do on Friday, so I won't be going."

The other side replied. The two of them had worked together for many years, and they were always decisive. Nie Cheng hung up the phone and got up from the bed. He put on his pants and went out. The heater in the room was fully turned on, so he didn't feel cold at all.

When he arrived at the kitchen, he saw Mu Han cooking porridge. As if noticing him coming over, he turned around and said with a smile, "You're awake. Go brush your teeth and wash your face first." Nie Cheng hadn't eaten anything since last night, so he specially cooked porridge for him to nourish his stomach.

Nie Cheng went back to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. When he came out, Mu Han had already brought the porridge to the table. Nie Cheng pulled out a chair and sat down. Mu Han went to get another bowl and sat next to him. "I'll go to the company in the afternoon to take care of some matters. Is there anything you need?"

"I'll go back to the company too." Nie Cheng drank his porridge. His tone had always been cold, without any extra gentleness.

Some people just didn't like it. It was even a luxury to ask them to pretend to be nice to him. Mu Han stirred the porridge with a spoon and said, "Are you coming back for dinner tonight or going out for dinner together?"

"If you're not busy, let's talk about it later."

After finishing the porridge, Mu Han went to his room to change into a suit. When he came out, Nie Cheng was still sitting at the table. He walked over and kissed him on the lips before going to the company.

Hearing the door close, Nie Cheng frowned and carried the empty bowl to the kitchen. Looking at the bowls in the sink, he washed the bowls.

Mu Han drove to the T Group, a large multinational corporation that focused on developing, investing, and managing infrastructure in the interior, Australia, Sweden, the United States, and even the world.

Mu Han was the president of the T Group at a young age and had been in the famous Financial Current Events magazine. Everything about him was a legend.

He was smart since he was young and was chosen to be the successor. He was nurtured since he was young. He was even more outstanding in school and had a double PhD. The magazine dug up his gossip and wrote about him. The more they wrote about him, the more legendary he became. It was unknown how much of it was true and how much was fake.

Now, this legendary figure had parked his car in his own place in the underground garage, from the special elevator to the 18th floor. From the moment he came out, the secretary and assistant saw the young president. The assistant came over with the itinerary and immediately reported on the day's journey to him. When he said he was going to a dinner party in the evening, Mu Han said, "No."

The assistant was stunned. "This dinner was arranged by the chairman. Are you really going to refuse?"

"Yes, I'll talk to him myself." Mu Han walked towards his office. The assistant quickly opened the door for him and replied, "Alright, I'll make the call right away."

As soon as Mu Han sat down, the secretary brought over some documents for him to take a look at. "President, these are the documents that you haven't looked at in the past three days. I'm a little anxious to see you sign."

Three days ago, Mu Han suddenly did not come to the company. This was the first time that the president, who was never late or early, did not come to work without saying anything. Although Lily was very puzzled, the chairman ordered her to go on a business trip. As a secretary, she did not dare to ask too much. She only brought the documents over when he came back today.

After signing the documents, he met with a few managers and discussed some projects. After a meeting, Mu Han finally had some free time. Just as he was about to ask his secretary to make him a cup of coffee, he saw Chen Sentang, who he had not seen today, push open the office door.

The other party seemed to be in a hurry and was still panting, but when he saw Mu Han in his seat, he could not believe it.

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