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Captive Bonds/C5 You're Going to Sneak up on Me
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C5 You're Going to Sneak up on Me

Perhaps it was because he didn't have a good first impression of him. Even though Mu Han had lowered his stance, Nie Cheng still didn't like him.

That person's second sentence was, "Do you want to become the best actor and stand at the top?"

Although Nie Cheng was not successful, he had been in the entertainment industry for more than a year, so he knew how deep the water was. When Mu Han said this, Nie Cheng knew that this person had taken a fancy to him. At that time, he had some pride. When he was asked this question, he immediately revealed a look of disgust. "You plan to sneak up on me."

He was so frank and sure. The man on the other side was surprised and then said, "It is fine if you don't agree. I can make sure you won't be able to survive in any place. In the end, you can only rely on me."

The man sounded so annoying. Six years ago, Nie Cheng was also a second-generation official. He was outstanding in school. He was born with a good family background, and he was from a high school. His personality was full of arrogance, unlike now when he could greet people tactfully and hide his edge. But even if his parents fell, he had no choice but to enter the entertainment industry. After rolling around for more than a year, he still had pride in his body. When he heard Mu Han ask him this, he frowned and said with disgust, "You're threatening me."

"Nie Cheng." When the manager heard that he was not tactful enough, he loudly reminded him.

Mu Han did not get angry and openly admitted it, "Yes." After a pause, he turned around and said to the manager, "You go out first."

The agent was worried about Nie Cheng, but he didn't dare disobey Mu Han. When he walked out to Nie Cheng's side, he warned him in a low voice, "Be sensible."

Only when the door closed behind him did Nie Cheng raise his head to look at the man on the sofa. The lines of his face were soft, and his features were sharp. However, his eyelashes were long, and there was a red mole under the left corner of his eye. Wearing a well-tailored white suit made him look even more refined and elegant. This man looked a year or two younger than him, but his status was much higher than his own. Although Nie Cheng didn't know who Mu Han was, he could tell from the manager's attitude that he wasn't simple.

He was studying the man when he heard the man across from him raise his chin slightly and say, "I don't mind if you stay with me."

He raised his head, but the way he raised his chin made it obvious that he was in a very high position. He didn't even feel that there was anything wrong with being the one below.

Nie Cheng was stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses and sneered, "How much do you owe others?"

If anyone else had heard these words, they would have splashed red wine on his face and laughed at him for being 'nothing.' However, Mu Han didn't. For some reason, Nie Cheng saw him pursing his lips and said, "That's my condition. If you stay with me, I can make you an actor."

Nie Cheng sneered: "Don't interfere with my personal freedom?"

"No, but you have to be with me."

"Alright, it's all your fault anyway." Nie Cheng agreed. He wasn't the one who was taken advantage of, not to mention that Mu Han had said before that if he didn't agree, he wouldn't be able to survive. In the end, he would have to rely on this person. So why did he have to struggle so hard to believe it? However, he agreed too quickly, causing Mu Han, who thought that he would reject him, to be stunned.

In fact, Nie Cheng didn't think it would be that simple at all. Furthermore, this person had everything. Why would he come to him? Or even want to be the subordinate? Aside from owing someone a favor, Nie Cheng couldn't think of any other reason. He had seen many rich people who either liked to play with others or liked to be played with. Nie Cheng had already categorized Mu Han into this category.

But now... Nie Cheng looked at the traffic in front of him and came back to his senses. He was also the same kind of person. After becoming the King of the Silver Screen, he had kept a few new people without any scruples. He knew how to play better than Mu Han. At least until now, Mu Han had only kept him and he had already kept a few.

Nie Cheng couldn't think of a reason why he was like this. Perhaps it was because he didn't like Mu Han, didn't like being suppressed by his status, and he had learned from him to go out and keep a few people to laugh at him.

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