Carefree Battle God/C1 How dare You
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Carefree Battle God/C1 How dare You
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C1 How dare You

In the vast Pacific Ocean, on an unknown island, the usually quiet and peaceful place had become bustling with noise and excitement.

The private jets were constantly landing at the airport of the small island. Big figures that normally maintained a dignified appearance were constantly coming out of the aircraft, their faces filled with anxiety and fanaticism that did not match their status.

If there was anyone who knew about this, they would be shocked. Every single one of them was a famous big shot in the world.

It was either the nobles of various countries, or the alligator who was ranked in the top 50 or the leader of mercenaries …

The reason they were gathered here today was because a man was about to announce his return.

That man was the ruler of the entire underground world, and his name was the Dark Night Dragon King.

At this moment, within the only stone building on the small island, a series of miserable wails could be heard.

A royal descendant of a certain country was being tied up and thrown into the spacious hall. His face was covered in a beard, and now it was covered in blood.

"Dragon King, please let me go! I know my wrongs!" The big bearded man begged for mercy, "I was just making a slip of the tongue. I'm willing to use all my wealth in exchange for your forgiveness!"

At the top of the entire hall, a young man was sitting straight with a cast mask on his face. He was the absolute star of today, the Dark Night Dragon King, Chen Fusheng, who was about to go into seclusion.

Beside the Dark Night Dragon King stood a man shrouded in a black robe. He looked like a shadow of the Dragon King.

"Shadow, send him away." The Dragon King said lightly.

"Yes." The silhouette answered and then slowly walked towards the bearded man.

"No no no!" Big Beard was so scared that his entire body was trembling as he looked at Shadow coming over. He begged, "Dragon King, I have several billion oil fields and a five star hotel. I will give you everything as long as you spare my life."

Seated at the top seat, the Dragon King faintly smiled and teased, "Do you think I lack money?"

Big Beard was stunned. Indeed, as the leader who unified the underground world, would the Dragon King lack money?

At that moment, all the big bosses who had just gotten off the plane came rushing in. They were all holding thick documents in their hands.

"Dragon King, this is an oil field that has just been surveyed, its size is over 50 billion US dollars. It's a small request, please accept it."

"Dragon King, this is the only seven-star hotel in the world. Please take a look at this."

"Dragon King, these are the ownership certificates for the ten brick-stone mines. The amount of bricks here is equivalent to ten years of the world's consumption!"

Those powerful figures were constantly talking about the gifts they had given to the Dragon King. Every time the bearded man heard them, his face would turn paler.

However, these priceless items could only be exchanged for the Dragon King's lazy words, "Shadow, accept it."

After he finished speaking, he slowly walked down and said to the bearded man, "Do you really think that your small amount of money can enter my eyes?"

Over the past ten years of continuous warfare, he had long accumulated an incalculable amount of wealth. Right now, money was just a number to him.

The silhouette waved its hand, and several figures immediately rushed over from the shadows, bringing away the completely bloodless bearded man.

Last night, when he had drunk too much and publicly insulted the Dragon King, he would only end up dying.

The Dragon King slowly walked towards the door. Those powerful nobles all lowered their heads, not daring to meet his gaze.

After arriving at the entrance, he took off his mask, revealing a slightly pale face.

After the silhouette saw off the nobles, it gently walked to the Dragon King's side and respectfully asked, "Dragon King, are you really going to return to seclusion?"

The shadow had followed the Dragon King for seven years, and the Dragon King was his backbone. Now that he was suddenly going to hide, the shadow was at a loss.

"I am no longer interested in everything here. I just want to find her and live a happy life with her."

The Dragon King revealed a faint smile as he looked at the vast sea before him. Memories slowly returned to that summer.

At that time, he was set up by someone, and after being separated from his family, he ended up staying on the streets of Qingzhou. The boy was hungry and thirsty. He almost died from the heat.

However, at this moment, a girl appeared beside him and gently handed him a green bean ice bar.

The boy struggled to open his eyes, only to feel that the little girl before him was like an angel.

If it weren't for that ice lance, perhaps the boy would have died that summer. Naturally, there wouldn't have been another story …

"At that time, I relied on that rod of ice to survive and worked hard to survive the Qingzhou." The Dragon King took out the rod of ice from his bosom and sighed emotionally, "In the end, in the vast sea of people, I met her once again …"

They entered the same university together, and because of the boy's constant pursuit, they ended up together.

The boy's name was Chen Fusheng.

The girl's name was Su Qiangwei.

However, during one of his excursions, a group of hooligans suddenly came over to harass him. In order to protect the girl, the boy ended up suffering grievous injuries. He was eventually sentenced to eight years in prison.

The girl was crying and said she would wait for him to come back.

Later, in prison, the boy met an opportunity to get out of prison and make a meritorious contribution.

Over the course of eight years, hundreds of battles of various sizes, and finally, the Dark Night Dragon King emerged.

It was time to go back. She must have been waiting for a long time. Giving her everything was a boy's greatest dream.

"But us brothers …" the silhouette asked hesitantly.

"I still have you, didn't I?" The Dragon King smiled, "From now on, you will be in charge of them."

In his left hand he held a gift box, which held the world's biggest pink diamond, called "Illusory Life". In his right hand, he held a bunch of ordinary candied fruits, which were Su Qiangwei's favorite snacks.

"I want to eat the purest candied fruits, not these fake ones with the fruits." On that day, Su Qiangwei's discontented words were still around Lin Fu's ears.

However, just as he was about to step into the Su family gate, he saw from the corner of his eyes that two figures were slowly walking over.

It was Su Qiangwei's aunt and sister-in-law. Each of them had a smile on their faces, as if they had met with some happy occasion.

"Aunt, Aunt."

Chen Fusheng stopped and greeted them.

The two middle-aged women's eyes revealed confusion. They were unable to recognize Lin Fu Sheng's identity, and after reacting, their faces suddenly became complicated.

First Aunt forced a smile and said, "Are you out of prison?"

"That's right, is Rose home?" Chen Fusheng nodded with a smile.

Eight years had passed since they parted, and he couldn't wait to see his angel.

However, the aunt's expression changed. She suddenly said, "It's not convenient today. Why don't you come back another day?"

Chen Fusheng frowned. It was not convenient, could something have happened to his family?

He didn't have any doubts for long before the nun opened her mouth and said, "Sister Liu, why are you wasting your breath on him? Just tell him the truth."

Her aunt, Su Hong, had been dissatisfied with Lin Fusheng since eight years ago, when Chen Fusheng and Su Qiangwei had just started dating.

How could a poor, parentless boy be worthy of his beautiful niece?

"I won't hide it from you, this is the first time Rose's boyfriend has come to our house, you're a labor molester who just got out of prison, it's better not to join in on the fun." Su Hong said disdainfully, "Hurry up and leave. To use a candied fruits as a gift after not seeing them for eight years, do you really have the nerve to do so?"


Chen Fusheng was shocked, the candied flakes in his hands quietly fell to the ground.

"Floating Life, it's really a bit inconvenient today. You should go back first."

First Aunt Liu Qinxin was a little better. Thinking about the reason of Chen Fusheng's imprisonment, her heart was full of sympathy for him.

However, she, an outsider, would not be able to evaluate the matter of Su family.

As for Su Hong, she spoke a lot more straightforwardly and directly said in disdain, "If you're still reminiscing about old friendship, then the further away from Rose the better. She doesn't want to see you right now."

After saying so, he even cursed in a low voice, "On a day of great celebration, it's really unlucky to see a labor molester here!"

However, no matter what they said, Ye Fusheng wouldn't listen to them at this moment. He strode towards the Su family, wanting to personally ask Su Qiangwei about it.

Why did he suddenly change his mind when he said he would wait for his return?

However, before he could enter, he was stopped by a bodyguard.

"My young master is inside, outsiders are not allowed to enter!"

Chen Fusheng stopped walking and looked coldly at the bodyguard: "Tell Su Qiangwei that Chen Fusheng is here."

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