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C10 Big Star

"Chen Ergou, I actually bumped into you here?"

A young man in a suit walked over and looked at Chen Fusheng in surprise.

Chen Fusheng was also surprised. The man in the suit in front of him was called Sun Chengming, a high school classmate of his.

He didn't expect that after so many years, his sudden outburst still hadn't changed. But looking at his current clothes, he should be doing quite well at Qingzhou.

"Damn, this is big news." Sun Chengming smiled and said, "Ever since you were arrested in university, we've been betting whether we can still see you leave prison in this life. After all, you were a fuerdai at that time!"

Eight years ago, the leader of those hooligans was the young master with famous Qingzhou. After Ye Feng was stabbed by him, the people who knew him would think that he was dead for sure, and would certainly be killed by the wicked young master's family in prison.

But who knew that within a few years, that wicked young master's family would go bankrupt. Chen Fusheng was also forgotten by the crowd. Only now did Sun Chengming remember that he had this old classmate of his.

"Sun Chengming, I didn't expect to see you either." Chen Fusheng sighed and said.

Although this Sun Chengming was a loudspeaker, sometimes, his words were unpleasant to hear. However, in his student days, he was still good to Chen Fusheng and would often lend him money to eat.

"Bro, you just happened to make it in time. We just happened to have a reunion at noon today, so why don't you come with me?" Sun Chengming said with a smile.

"I'm not going. I still have things to do today." Chen Fusheng shook his head and refused.

In those years when he was in the outside world, he had suffered much contempt and humiliation. None of his former classmates treated him as a friend, so there was no meaning in him going over there.

"Don't, you finally got out of the station, you should be celebrating." Sun Chengming said, "You still don't know, but Lee Jingjing will be here today as well. At that time, the relationship between you and her was extremely ambiguous! "What, you don't want to continue your fates?"

Chen Fusheng shook his head with a wry smile. It was obviously Lee Jingjing who had a one-sided relationship with him. At that time, Chen Fusheng only had Su Qiangwei in his heart, so he refused her.

Now that I think about it, it's actually pretty stupid …

However, since Lee Jingjing would also go, Chen Fusheng should attend today's gathering.

However, it was not for any reason other than the reunion of their previous fates. It was because Lee Jingjing had chosen the right path and became the lead singer of a certain female group. As for his wife, Su Mingyue, she seemed to like her very much.

Yesterday, when she was listening to a song before going to bed, Chen Fusheng glanced at her phone, it was full of the female group's single.

It would be Valentine's Day in a few days. Chen Fusheng wanted to give Su Mingyue a surprise, so he contacted Lee Jingjing. If he could get her to come, the results would be good.

"Alright then, where is the address? I'll come over again at noon." Chen Fusheng nodded and said.

"What address? You can come with me right now." Sun Chengming looked at his Rolex and said, "It's already past 9. When we go over to take a seat, everyone should be here by now."

Saying that, Sun Chengming pulled Chen Fusheng to the side of a Porsche Cayenne.

"Sure, old classmate. Are you having a card dinner already?" Chen Fusheng said with a smile.

"Aiyo, I didn't expect you to know Ka Fang?" Sun Chengming opened the car door and said, "Hurry up and get in, I'll let you have a good look. If it weren't for me, I'm afraid you would never have been able to afford such an expensive car."

Chen Fusheng smiled but did not deny it.

Soon, the two of them arrived at a private club.

Sun Chengming walked in front with big strides. After pushing open the door, he spoke with his loud voice and exaggeratedly said, "Students, I've brought an old acquaintance today. Who do you think he is?"

Now, the room was filled with people. After hearing Sun Chengming's words, they all smiled and said, "Could it be that you've brought Big Star Li here?"

"Have you all guessed wrongly?" Sun Chengming smiled and said, "The old acquaintances I brought today are even more rare than Great Star Li."

At this moment, Chen Fusheng finally walked in. When everyone saw him, they were silent for two seconds and then burst into laughter.

"So it's Chen Ergou. Indeed, he is a rare guest!"

"When did you get out of the station and tell everyone that you died in prison?"

Chen Ergou was Chen Fusheng's nickname in high school. At that time, there were two rich second generations in class, and they often took money to ask Chen Fusheng to run errands for them. It was precisely because of this that Chen Fusheng had the money to eat.

However, after graduation, the two rich second generations both went abroad and their contact was cut off.

The reason he called him Ergou was to humiliate him and make him a lackey of the rich second generation. However, Chen Fusheng didn't care. In that situation, the most important thing was to survive.

After everyone sat down, a pretty girl sat beside Chen Fusheng and asked with a smile, "Chen Fusheng, after eight years in prison, can you still keep up with society?"

"It's fine, I'm extremely adaptable." Chen Fusheng said lightly.

Zhou Ling smiled and said matter-of-factly, "That's true. You probably won't get a good job now. Moving bricks in the construction site is really easy to adapt to."

Zhou Ling used to be Chen Fusheng's tablemate. Although her words were a bit harsh, she didn't have any evil intentions, so Chen Fusheng was too lazy to bother with her.

"That's enough, beautiful Zhou, let him go." A classmate said with a smile, "If you keep talking like this, you'll probably scare him away."

"That's right, we're all old classmates. It's great that we're reminiscing about old times today. It's boring to talk about work!"

Sun Chengming shook his arm, revealing the Rolex on it. He even placed the car keys on the table.

"Sure, Sun Chengming. You're doing pretty well!" Zhou Ling's eyes lit up as she said, "Opening a Porsche Carnival with a Rolex, what a successful person!"

"Nothing, nothing."

Sun Chengming waved his hand and said, "The better we muddle through, the greater the pressure. It's just a two to three million yuan car. Compared to a real successful person, it's nothing."

"Have you heard? In the early hours of this morning, the Tianma Group was purchased by a mysterious young rich man. The price of the Tianma Group alone is 50 billion.

Saying this, Sun Chengming's face revealed an expression of yearning.

However, Zhou Ling sighed and said, "How can a proud son of heaven like him be comparable to a common commoner in the city?"

Chen Fusheng suddenly felt bored. The reunion between classmates was not about reminiscing about old times. It had clearly become a beneficial event.

It was meaningless for those who had money to come and act tough and those who had no money to come and fawn on him.

At this moment, the door to the private room was pushed open again. A young woman wearing a mask and sunglasses slowly walked in.

"Aiyo, Big Star Li, you sure made everyone wait." Sun Chengming quickly stood up and said.

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