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C4 Who Is He

Seeing Chen Fusheng's narcissistic look, Su Mingyue rolled her eyes at him again.

To fall in love with you, dream on!

What Su Mingyue liked was a peerless hero, preferably the type like the Dark Night Dragon King. Only a gentle and weak man like Chen Fusheng was someone she would look down upon …

"Oh yeah, I'll return your pink diamond."

Su Mingyue emphasized the word "pink diamond". It was obvious that even she did not believe that this diamond was real.

Chen Fusheng was a little puzzled and asked in a hurry, "What's wrong, do you think this pink diamond is too high profile?"

"Yes, it's really too high-profile." Su Mingyue snappily said, "With such a big glass bead around her neck, how can she not have a high profile?"

As she spoke, she took off the necklace and forced it into Chen Fusheng's hands.

Chen Fusheng could only put the powder diamond away. Then, the two of them found a printing shop, typed out the agreement, and signed it separately. Finally, he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get his certificate.

When the wedding photo was taken, Chen Fusheng had a solemn expression on his face, which made Su Mingyue a little unsure of whether she should laugh or cry.

Brother, we are only faking our marriage, do you have to?

In the evening, Su Mingyue received a call.

The old lady of Su family wanted to invite Zhao Feng for a banquet. In order to show her importance, any disciple of Su family must attend.

Su Mingyue frowned. She originally did not want to go. She was extremely disgusted by this kind of family gathering.

Because she was an adopted daughter, every time she saw her nominal family members, she would be mocked and ridiculed in all sorts of ways. Especially that old lady, she held him in even more contempt.

Even though Su Mingyue was the most outstanding among the Su family's younger generation, she had recently signed a large contract. However, in the old lady's eyes, she was still not someone from the Su family. From time to time, she would suppress her to prevent herself from being too famous.

However, since the old lady had spoken, even if she didn't want to, she had no choice.

The banquet was held at the King's Landing Hotel, and in order to show her respect for Zhao family, the old lady had specially reserved an Emperor's Hall.

At this time, many people from Su family had already arrived, including Su Mingyue's parents.

"Her uncle, I'll tell you. Recently, that Zhang Pangzi has also contracted a huge battlefield. The amount of water flowing in a month is around a million. Every year, it's worth more than 10 million!"

"With such a son-in-law, the hardships of my life have finally come to an end!"

Su Mingyue's foster father, Su Zhongping, was beaming with joy as he spoke to the other Su family cultivators.

In his entire life, he could be said to be living a miserable life. No matter if it was his older or younger brother, they were both doing better than him. Even the younger generation of Su family did not normally have a lot of respect for him.

There was no helping it, everyone was living in a mansion. Furthermore, their family was still crowded in an old house in the village. Who else would be able to look up to them?

But now, Su Zhongping finally had a leg to lean on and he was finally proud of his entire life.

"Ol 'Two, that's fine. Although you don't look like you have any future prospects, you have a good eye for discernment. Taking a daughter like Su Mingyue as your foster daughter, you've really struck gold this time."

His big brother, Su Zhen, said with a smile.

"That's right, this competition of people is really infuriating. Right now, my family's little brat is only getting a death salary." How can you compare to your daughter? You can make a windfall. " The eldest sister-in-law said.

However, there was a hint of mockery in the tone of the couple. They sounded like they were congratulating him, but in reality, they were just mocking him for making a fortune selling his daughter.

"And I also heard that Zhang Pangzi is an exceptional person. He looks both old and ugly." Another person from Su family spoke up, "The price of the money you've made is truly not small!"

"So what if a man looks old and ugly? As long as he has money, isn't that fine?" Su Mingyue's mother suddenly said, "Some people would like to have a son-in-law like him, but they don't have that kind of ability."

Once she said that, the other Su family people could only shut their mouths.

Indeed, in this society, money was everything. Don't look at how ugly and old Zhang Pangzi is, he doesn't lack women as long as he has money.

And just at this moment, another person walked in from outside the Overlord Hall. It was Su family Old Third, Su Zhongyi.

When he saw Su Zhongping, his eyes immediately turned playful. He pretended to be surprised and said: "Second Brother, why are you still as steady as Mt. Tai! "I heard that your daughter secretly married someone today, and the target was a poor young lady who just got out of prison!"

"What?!" Su Zhongping's and his wife's expressions immediately changed drastically.

"Third Bro, you can't joke about this sort of thing." Su Zhongping said in a deep voice.

"That's right. No matter what, you are still an elder. How can you say something like that?" Su Mingyue's mother reprimanded.

"Second brother, I'm not making this up for you guys. You'll know soon enough." Su Zhongyi said with a smile.

After he finished speaking, the faces of those people from the Su family immediately became ambiguous.

"Number two, I can understand how you feel about getting rich, but it seems like that niece of mine doesn't listen to you very much." Su family Elder laughed as he spoke.

"Aiyo, don't say it like that. Right now, we are both emphasizing on the freedom of marriage, and our daughter is unwilling to marry. As a parent, you can't force her!" His sister-in-law's tone was one of contempt.

Su Zhongping's expression changed. His hand, which was placed under the table, clenched into a fist.

He made up his mind to ask Su Mingyue about this when she came over. He did not believe that his normally well-behaved daughter would do such a thing.

Not long after, two figures appeared at the entrance of the hall. It was Su Mingyue and Chen Fusheng.

When Su Zhongyi saw it, his eyes were filled with dense ridicule. He mocked, "Big Brother, look what I'm saying. Didn't the main character come over?"

Saying that, he pointed at Chen Fusheng.

Su Zhongping's face turned ashen the moment he saw Chen Fusheng, who was standing beside his daughter. His eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

He angrily walked beside Su Mingyue, pointed at Chen Fusheng and asked, "Who is he?!"

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