Carefree Battle God/C7 I Gave the Wrong Gift
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Carefree Battle God/C7 I Gave the Wrong Gift
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C7 I Gave the Wrong Gift

Facing Su Qiangwei's provocation, Su Mingyue could only mock herself as she shook her head.

She had hit it right. It was indeed a mix of joy and sorrow.

Today, not only had Su Qiangwei received the contract with Tianma Group, she had also received a great gift from someone as noble as Young Master Shen family.

Looking back at himself, not only had he lost his hard-earned projects, but he had also married a man who had just come out of prison, making it so that his parents would not be able to hold their heads up in front of their relatives.

Even though she was a strong enough girl, she couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"Floating Life, let's go back."

She sighed and turned to Chen Fusheng.

However, Chen Fusheng, who was standing behind him, was nowhere to be seen?

Actually, Chen Fusheng had already quietly followed the middle-aged man when he left.

Today's matter was too strange. He wanted to ask, what are those people up to?

That's right, he used to be someone from the Shen family, but …

"Qian Lin, was it that person's intention to send you a gift today?"

Chen Fusheng frowned and asked as he looked at the middle-aged man in front of him.

Qian Lin hurriedly said with a worried expression, "Young master, master is your father. After you went missing, master's hair turned white overnight and his heart is more sad than anyone else."

"Alright, stop saying such useless things."

Chen Fusheng looked straight at Qian Lin and sneered, "What night? Do you take me for a three year old? If he really cared about me, why didn't he look for me afterwards? "Don't tell me you can't find anything, only a fool would believe such a crappy lie!"

"Sigh, Young Master, since Old Master is in that position, he naturally has his own difficulties too."

Qian Lin sighed and said, "The reason I didn't dare to bring you back is because I was afraid that someone would harm you. But now …"

"And now?" Chen Fusheng asked coldly.

"Master has met with a big problem right now. There was a problem with the flow of the funds, so I hope Young Master can be generous." Qian Lin's voice got smaller and smaller, and finally, he felt embarrassed to continue.

"Seeing that I'm so outstanding now, that's why I thought of having such a son?" Chen Fusheng's eyes were cold and filled with ridicule.

"This …" Qian Lin said embarrassedly, "You also know that your uncle has always had a wicked heart. Old master has no other choice …"


Chen Fusheng waved his hand and interrupted him, "Although he was a bastard and almost made me die on the street, but he still made me die and I met her."

He also understood that his uncle had always wanted to kill him in secret, which was why he chose to conceal his identity. This matter couldn't be blamed all on that person.

Qian Lin quickly flattered her, "That's right, that's right. Master is very satisfied with Young Mistress. He has always praised you for your good eyesight, ability, and good looks."

"Stop." Chen Fusheng quickly said, "Just tell me, how much are you prepared to take?"

Qian Lin restrained his smile and asked tentatively, "30 billion?"

Chen Fusheng was expressionless. To him, 30 billion was just a number.

He took out the bank card from his pocket and threw it directly to Qian Lin.

"There's enough money in here for you. Remember to return it to me after you've passed the test." Chen Fusheng said lightly.

In fact, most of his assets were stocks of well-known companies and a lot of real estate.

The bank card in his hand was just pocket money. He wasn't too sure about the exact amount, it was definitely more than 30 billion.

Qian Lin quickly took the bank card and said with a sigh, "Young master, the lord will be very happy to know that you are willing to help."

Chen Fusheng slightly nodded his head and declined to comment.

Qian Lin was no longer polite. He turned around and left with the money in his hand.


Chen Fusheng suddenly remembered something and was about to open his mouth to remind him, but Qian Lin had already run away.

Seriously, the news was so inaccurate that it could even send the wrong gift.

How could such a precious gift, a gold digger like Su Qiangwei be worthy of it?

After Chen Fusheng finished his business, he returned to the Overlord Hall. Just as he walked to the door, he heard Su Qiangwei's mocking voice.

"Su Mingyue, look at that useless husband of yours. He was scared away a long time ago, haha!"

Chen Fusheng frowned. This Su Qiangwei was such a petty person.

He pushed open the door and walked in.

"You, where did you go just now?" Su Mingyue asked.

"I went to the bathroom." Chen Fusheng casually said.

"Hur hur, to the washroom?" Su Qiangwei suddenly sneered coldly and said with venom in her voice, "I think you must have been scared away?"

"This is probably the first time in your life that you've seen such a formation. Look at Young Master Shen, then look at you, what face do you have to live on in this world?"

"A poor loser like you should find a piece of tofu and kill yourself. It's such a failure for you!"

Su Qiangwei had a vengeful personality. She had already held a grudge when she was at home today, having her face rejected by the two of them.

Now was the right time to scold them.

Chen Fusheng smirked and asked meaningfully, "Su Qiangwei, why do you think these gifts must be for you?"

"You're not going to be scared deaf, are you?"

"They've already mentioned their names and invited Miss Su Qiangwei to join them. Could it be that there's a second Su Qiangwei here?"

"I think you're just so jealous that you don't dare to face reality. You're such a coward!"

Su Qiangwei's words were arrogant, her attitude was harsh, and her expression was filled with contempt. She looked at Chen Fusheng as if she was looking at trash.

"In the past, even though you were poor, I still felt that you were a potential stock. Now, it would seem that I was truly ridiculously wrong back then."

"You only failed to woo me, but you still hold a grudge within your heart. You're not even considered a man!"

"Pursuit you?" Everyone present asked, puzzled.

"This Chen Fusheng, he was my dog lapping before. I don't like him anymore, that's why it's Su Mingyue's turn." Su Qiangwei said in disdain.

Hearing this, the people from Su family immediately burst into laughter.

"Aiyo, there's still such a scene?!"

"Brightmoon is too immoral. How can she take her spare tire?"

"Chen Fusheng is Rose's spare tire, and Mingyue is Chen Fusheng's spare tire. Isn't this too funny?"

"It seems that in our generation, our Su family still needs Rose to lead them! Outsiders are outsiders, they can't be counted on at all! "

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