Carefree Battle God/C8 The Mysterious Rich Man
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Carefree Battle God/C8 The Mysterious Rich Man
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C8 The Mysterious Rich Man

After a moment of silence, Su Mingyue tightly clenched her fist in the face of the ridicule from the Su family people.

After a while, he said to Chen Fusheng faintly, "Let's go back."

Chen Fusheng looked around at everyone with a cold gaze. His heart was filled with chill as he followed behind Su Mingyue.

"Mingyue, don't be angry. Those clowns aren't worth your anger."

After the two of them left the hotel, Chen Fusheng hurriedly comforted Su Mingyue as he saw her in low spirits.

"It's fine, I'm already used to it." Su Mingyue shook her head.

She kept her head down all the way, as if she was thinking about something else. She didn't pay any attention to Chen Fusheng when he talked to her.

When the two of them arrived at the entrance of the house, before Su Mingyue could open the door, they heard a burst of mournful wails coming from inside.

Su Mingyue bit her full red lips before pushing the door open and entering.

In the living room, her parents were sitting on the sofa, hugging each other and crying.

"It's all my fault. I trusted my judgement too much, so this situation happened. Wife, I'm useless. I didn't manage to let you live a good life. "

"Let's not talk about it anymore. Our lives are in danger, no one can blame us for this." "The hope that I've been waiting for so long has finally disappeared. What's the point in living like this?"

Su Mingyue looked at her adoptive parents crying bitterly. Although she knew they were pretending, her eyes were still moist.

"Dad, mom, don't worry." Su Mingyue walked over and whispered, "I still have a job to do. Although the salary is not much, but I will work hard and definitely let you live a good life."


Su Zhongping suddenly reacted and quickly said, "Yeah, haven't you signed a big order recently? "What's the situation now?"

"Since you've already accepted the certificate, Zhang Pangzi definitely won't have any hope. The project in your hands right now is our only hope to make a comeback. Just the commission is enough for us to eat for a few years. "

Upon hearing her parents mention the project, Su Mingyue could not help but feel a pang of bitterness in her heart, and said: "The contract I signed has already been taken away by Grandma. Su Qiangwei will be in charge of all the Tianma Group projects in the future."

"Why? Isn't this bullying?"

His mother gnashed her teeth in anger. "How can an old lady be so biased? Our family is in such a difficult situation. It's fine if she doesn't help, but she's trying to extort everything from the bottom of her heart!"

"Sigh …"

Su Zhongping sighed. Now their lives were hopeless.

After Chen Fusheng saw their situation, he quietly walked into a room. Since his mother-in-law was in trouble, he had no reason to stand by and watch.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Shadow's number.

"Shadow, there's a Tianma Group in the Qingzhou, do you know?"

"I've heard of it, but isn't that just a small company?" The silhouette was puzzled and asked, "Dragon King, what do you want to know about them?"

"Don't ask so much, buy it." Chen Fusheng said in a deep voice.

"Alright, I'll do it now." The shadow said.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Fusheng stood in his room and thought for a long time. Buying a Tianma Group was a piece of cake for him.

But how to explain it to his wife?

Su Mingyue was one of those girls with a strong sense of self-esteem. If he gave it to her directly, she definitely wouldn't accept it.

They could only use their Tianma Group to snatch the item away so that she wouldn't be bullied by the rest of the family.

"Chen Fusheng, what are you doing here?"

Right at that moment, the door to the room was suddenly opened. Su Mingyue stood dumbly in the doorway, looking at him in shock.

Behind her, the old couple were also flabbergasted. However, when they recovered from their shock, their eyes were immediately filled with anger.

"I'm just looking for a quiet place to call." Chen Fusheng said awkwardly.

"Call the balcony, why are you sneaking into our room?" Mother Su frowned and spoke in a displeased tone.

Damn, this was their room. No wonder his parents were glaring at him.

Early the next morning, Chen Fusheng stretched his muscles after he got up.

This was a habit he had developed long ago. Every morning, he would use a thousand pushups to draw his body upwards. However, the current conditions did not allow it. It could only be changed to frog hopping.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?"

Very soon, Su Mingyue opened her eyes in dissatisfaction.

This was the first time she slept with a man. Although Chen Fusheng was lying on the floor, she was still a bit nervous. So last night, she had been tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

It wasn't until three or four in the morning that she finally managed to fall asleep. However, Chen Fusheng was jumping around here early in the morning and woke her up.

"Enough, stop skipping."

Su Mingyue rubbed her eyes and said, "Hurry up and put away these things on the ground. Don't let Mom and Dad see it."

Chen Fusheng smiled and cleanly put away the bed before gently asking, "Wifey, are you hungry? Do you need me to buy you breakfast?"

"No need, my mom will do it."

Only then did Su Mingyue get out of bed and stretch her body gracefully. "Don't call me my wife when we're together in the future. I don't like it."

Chen Fusheng nodded slightly. Then, he followed behind Su Mingyue and started to line up to wash up.

At the dining table, his mother had already prepared some plain porridge and side dishes, as well as the steamed buns that he made at home.

Chen Fusheng hadn't had such a simple breakfast in a long time. It was light and refreshing, but there was a special kind of enjoyment to it.

Su Zhongping obviously didn't think the same way. Looking at the third brother on the table, he didn't even have the interest to move his chopsticks. He just kept brushing his phone on the side.

Very quickly, a piece of news appeared.

"It's learned that at one in the morning today, Tianma Group was purchased by a mysterious rich man for fifty billion!"

Su Zhongping immediately showed his phone to the others and said with emotion, "50 billion, how much money would that be? It's a pity that my daughter was unable to marry such a rich person. "

Chen Fusheng stopped his chopsticks and thought to himself, Shadow's speed sure is fast, buying Tianma Group overnight.

"What are you daydreaming about? 50 billion, your son-in-law probably can't even take out 500." Mother Su said in disdain.

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