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C9 Big Liar

Chen Fusheng didn't care. In their eyes, he was just a jobless homeless person that just got out of prison. It would be weird if he could show them some respect.

"Hurry up and eat, stop playing with your phone. Why are you so much older than me?"

Seeing that Su Zhongping was still playing with his phone, Mother Su said unhappily.

After breakfast, Chen Fusheng put away his chopsticks and went into the kitchen to wash up. Su Mingyue wanted to help, but her mother pulled her back.

"Mingyue, did you guys do that last night?" she asked in a low voice.

"Which one?" Su Mingyue was confused.

"Newlywed couple, bridal ceremony, who else could it be?" Mother Su pouted and asked.

"Mom, why are you asking this?"

Su Mingyue couldn't help but feel embarrassed. She was still a girl, but after being asked such a private question by her mother, her pretty face immediately turned red.

"I'm telling you, your dad and I listened at the door for half the night last night, but there was no sound from inside."

Mother Su seriously said, "The son-in-law you've found for me, could it be that he can't do it in that aspect?"

"You can't ignore this question. Otherwise, you will regret it in the future. Your mom will suffer this loss for her entire life."

Chen Fusheng's hand, which was washing the dishes, suddenly twitched. Although his mother's voice was soft, he could still hear her clearly with his hearing.

He immediately turned around and looked at his father-in-law who was smoking on the balcony with a strange expression. In his heart, he couldn't help but feel sympathy for him.

"Mom, I'm not talking to you anymore. I'm going to work at the company."

Su Mingyue quickly stood up, her face still red. As a mother, her words were really sloppy.

Now that Chen Fusheng had finished washing the dishes, he quickly wiped his hands and said to Su Mingyue, "Wifey, wait for me for a bit. I'll go out with you."

Chen Fusheng didn't know how to get along with his father-in-law, so he decided to just slip away.

After Su Zhongping finished smoking, he returned and saw that Mother Su was the only one left in the room. He asked curiously, "Mingyue and the others have all left?"

"All gone."

Mother Su was currently upset. It was one thing if her husband was that ill, but why couldn't she find a son-in-law?

Is there a problem with the Feng Shui of the old Su family?


Su Zhongping replied with an "oh". Then, he saw Ge You lying on the sofa, still checking his phone.

When his mother saw him like this, she became angry and scolded him, "Look at you. You only know how to play on your phone. Can't you talk to me for a bit?"

"Wife, after the Tianma Group was purchased, it was changed to Chen's Group." Su Zhongping suddenly said, "Tell me, our new son-in-law's surname is also Chen, could it be …"

"Go and dream like a spring and autumn dream like a spring and take a look in the mirror. Does your old Su family have such good fortune?" Mother Su said in disdain, "There are so many with the surname Chen in the world. Don't tell me they are all your son-in-law?"

"That may not be so," Su Zhongping said stubbornly, even though he knew it was impossible.

"Stop blabbering here. It gives me a headache when I see you." Su Li's mother scolded and went straight to her room to rest.

Su Zhongping was confused. What's wrong with his wife today? Where did she get this much anger from?

Although Su Mingyue's house was a little off, it was very convenient to go to the company with the subway. The morning rush hour was the most crowded and the subway was crowded. Chen Fusheng looked at Su Mingyue who was submerged in the crowd and could not help but feel sorry for her.

He wanted to ask her if he wanted to buy a car, but he was afraid that she would refuse.

"I'm already here. Go back to your work."

Su Mingyue stopped walking and looked at Chen Fusheng. "You should find a job soon. After you leave the prison, you must live a good life. After half a year, we will be divorced. You can support yourself as well.

After saying that, Su Mingyue pressed the button for the elevator and left Chen Fusheng alone downstairs.

Chen Fusheng smiled and was about to turn back when he suddenly met a familiar figure.

"Aiyo, isn't this Chen Diaoyi?"

An Audi car stopped beside Chen Fusheng. Su Qiangwei walked out and looked at him playfully.

Today, Su Qiangwei dressed very lightly. She was wearing a simple dress that covered her white thighs and high heels.

"What, you came here today to apply?" Seeing that Chen Fusheng was silent, Su Qiangwei said harshly, "It's alright, don't be embarrassed. Our company just so happens to lack a toilet. I think you are very suitable."

Su Qiangwei thought resentfully. How interesting would it be if Chen Fusheng could stay here and clean the toilet!

Looking at Su Mingyue, did she still dare to be arrogant in front of her?

Chen Fusheng didn't even bat an eyelid. He didn't even have the interest to talk about this gold lady.

"What kind of attitude is this? Do you believe that I won't do it!?"

Before Su Qiangwei could finish her sentence, she was hit by a man in a hurry. Her body shook twice and she almost fell down.

"You blind thing, you're in a hurry to be reborn!" Su Qiangwei scolded angrily.

The figure stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Su Qiangwei. He said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I'm not …"

"So it's you!"

When Su Qiangwei saw the man's face, she interrupted him and shouted in pleasant surprise, "Baoshan, are you here to see me?"

Shen Baoshan was stunned for a moment, then recovered from the shock. He smiled and said, "Rose, so it's you!"

"Damn, you clearly came to see me on purpose, why are you pretending that you don't know anything?"

Su Qiangwei walked over and pulled his arm, saying coquettishly, "I really like the gift you gave me yesterday, and my family is also very satisfied."


Shen Baoshan stuttered. Looking at Su Qiangwei's white thighs, his eyes showed a greedy look. "Ah, the present from yesterday. As long as you like it, I didn't pick it for you."

"Originally, I wanted to pretend that I didn't know you and give you a surprise, but who would've thought that your eyes were so good that you would recognize me!"

Chen Fusheng originally wanted to leave, but after hearing Shen Baoshan's words, his steps immediately stopped.

Who is this guy?

You don't even know how to make a rough draft of the story?

What did yesterday's gift have to do with him? It was as though he could climb the stairs at any time.

However, he did not expose him directly. Instead, he secretly took a picture of Shen Baoshan and sent a shadow to ask him to check the background of this person.

Very quickly, the shadow replied to the message.

Good boy, so this bro was a swindler. He was arrested a few years ago and released just half a month ago.

However, Su Qiangwei naturally didn't know about all of this, so when she heard Shen Baoshan admit to it, she immediately grabbed his arm and acted like a small bird that could fall in love with its owner.

"If I'm not mistaken, the mysterious rich person who bought the Tianma Group this morning should be you." Su Qiangwei said in a sweet and tender voice, "After all, other than you, Young Master Shen family, who else would be so generous?"

At this time, Shen Baoshan finally realised that this Su Qiangwei actually thought of him as someone from the Shen family of the capital. However, this was also good. She remembered that her family used to have quite a lot of money, so she was a good prey.

He didn't expect to encounter such a good thing the moment he stepped out of the trap. Shen Baoshan was overjoyed in his heart.

However, there was an enigmatic expression on his face as he said blandly, "Don't tell anyone about this. It's still a secret. I will do something big next."

At this moment, Chen Fusheng's face was full of black lines.

Big movement?

Bro, do you think Su Qiangwei is fishing like a key?

"What big move? Can you tell me?" Su Qiangwei blinked, her face full of admiration.

"Ahem, you'll know when the time comes." Shen Baoshan said mysteriously.

"Alright then."

Su Qiangwei pouted and pretended to be pure. "Baoshan, when are you free? My family has always wanted to see you."

"Tonight then." Shen Baoshan said with a smile, "I just happen to be free."

"Damn, I'm not ready yet." Su Qiangwei said shyly, "You are the first boy I brought home, you can't go empty-handed."

Chen Fusheng was almost going to puke when he heard this. This dog and dog pair really had a perfect match!

But what had he done to deserve this sort of punishment? No, he had to find a place to wash his ears, or else he would be disgusted to death.

"Alright then."

Shen Baoshan gritted his teeth and said, "Let's go buy a present for uncle and aunt now."

He couldn't bear to part with his child, so he gave it his all!

"Alright, we'll leave now."

The two walked together towards the shopping mall.

Chen Fusheng let out a heavy sigh. These two guys finally left. He should hurry and find a place to wash his ears.

However, just as he took a few steps, he met an old acquaintance.

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