Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C11 Inequality of Road
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Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C11 Inequality of Road
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C11 Inequality of Road

Since Li Xin had seen through Chen Zixian's identity as a woman, then her so-called identity as the "Chen family's fourth young master" would be destroyed without a fight. It was obvious that this identity was just something she had made up to make it easier for her to pass off as a man and act as one. So, this invented Chen Zixian must be fond of sightseeing and not be at home all year round, otherwise he would be easily exposed.

Chen Zixian indeed came from the official's house, this point there was no doubt. Furthermore, she was able to bring the maidservant out, and also order the servants of the mansion to help her lie and cover her up. This meant that she was definitely the main family, and was also a relative of Chen Yin. Considering her age and behavior, as well as having read a book … She might very well be one of Chen Yin's three daughters.

Li Xin recalled what Chen Zixian had said just now and everything that he had done. He recalled every expression on her face and finally came to a bold conclusion — this Chen Zixian was most likely the Chen family's little wife, Chen Xiaolan, who was about to marry him!

It was precisely because Chen Zixian was Chen Xiaolan that she had that kind of enmity and contempt when she saw Li Xin, which was why she had a disappointed expression when she heard that the emperor had refused to take back his order.

This little detail pieced together the correct answer in Li Xin's mind.

Li Xin was so happy that he wanted to flip a few times in the restaurant. Ever since he had heard that his fiancée was a burly, burly woman, he had been depressed to the point of not being able to eat or sleep well. He did not expect that he would coincidentally run into Chen Youlan on his way out with Qin Huaiyu. Could it be that this Qin Huaiyu was a mascot?

"Qin Huaiyu!" Li Xin suddenly called Qin Huaiyu seriously.

Qin Huaiyu looked at Li Xin in a daze and asked dumbly, "What's wrong?"

Li Xin said in a serious tone, "You are really my parents! In the future, as long as you, Young Master Qin, say the word, I, Li Xin, will not hesitate to come and go.

Qin Huaiyu laughed and scolded, "Is this the tone you should have when talking to Rebirth's parents? What was this all about? It can't be that you're possessed, right? "

How could he know Li Xin's mood?

Li Xin just smiled without saying a word. Judging from the appearance and body of this Chen Zixian just now, he was not only unable to compete with the phrase "big and sturdy", but he even had the meaning of a little girl. He was very much like the most beautiful female classmate that Li Xin had ever been infatuated with.

The information that Wang Gui had gathered was obviously not true. If it wasn't for the old woman he found praising fat as a beauty and praising her young miss with all her might, he probably would have been tricked by Chen Zixian. Oh, no, Chen Yulan's trap — she knew that Li Xin was a good, lecherous, and ignorant playboy, so she deliberately let out the wind that made her fat and ugly, hoping to borrow Li Xin's strength to fight against the marriage decree.

Li Xin nodded with satisfaction and thought to himself, "From this point of view, my fiancee is quite smart. Not bad, not bad!" In short, His Highness Lord Chu was in a great mood, as he proudly walked out of the Laughing Pavilion with Qin Huaiyu. The Qin Clan and the Chu Clan were both situated in the same direction.

It was the end of summer and autumn was approaching. The weather was not considered hot, and the cool and refreshing wind was blowing freely. Li Xin felt as if he was about to float. From beginning to end, his goal in life had merely been to have a little bit of money, marry a better wife, and lead a life full of pleasure. Whether it was in his previous life or this life, this had never changed.

The goal now seems very close to being achieved.

Li Xin casually hummed a tune, which caused Qin Huaiyu to roll her eyes. He scolded with a smile, "Where did you hear all this nonsense? I've never heard it before. It's simply vulgar!"

"What do you know? You're a country bumpkin who doesn't know how to appreciate things!" Li Xin rolled his eyes in annoyance. How stupid Tang Dynasty people can appreciate how beautiful Hair of Snow is!

When the Marquis of Martials saw these two extraordinarily dressed fellows strolling down the street, he wanted to urge them on but didn't dare to be rude. Chen Yulan was at home all year round, so he naturally did not know Lord Chu's looks. As the Marquis of the City Hall, how could he not know the appearance of Lord Chu, Li Xin, who was shaking his head when he heard his name?

The Martial Marquis tremblingly stepped forward and said: "Two sirs, it's getting late, we should return quickly. We will be playing the Pure Ring Drum for the third time soon!"

Li Xin and Qin Huaiyu rolled their eyes, waved their hands, and said, "Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!" What a joke, one of them was King Chu of the Sacred Family while the other was the biological son of the Duke of Yi, Qin Qiong. Even if they were caught by the Marquis in the middle of the night, who would dare to hit them?

Another obviously older Marquis walked over, and with an obsequious smile, he pulled away the young man with a silly face from before. He turned his head towards the young man and scolded him in a low voice, "You came on your first day? Don't know Lord Chu in person? "You actually dare to talk to me like this? If I catch you, I'll break your leg, but you won't be able to argue with me. Hurry up and hide, don't be meddlesome!"

Li Xin watched as the two Martial Lords walked away. He smiled as he shook his head. He suddenly understood the importance of the word "influential and powerful". It seemed that he had underestimated the degree to which he could live blissfully in the future.

He and Qin Qiong continued to walk forward. Just as they were about to exit the eastern market, they suddenly heard a curse coming from a nearby stall.

"The Lord did not buy you for a clean meal or work! You even broke my vase, you know, that vase spent a whole lot of money on me, you still have ten left, you know? Today, I will beat you to death, you bitch! "

The voice was coarse and loud. Looking around, he discovered that it came from a man with a goatee. He was raising a wooden stick high in the air. It looked like he was about to swing it down.

Li Xin could not contain his anger. Even though he was not a good person, he was definitely not the kind of evil person who would leave death in the dust. How could such a young girl withstand such a vicious beating? If she were to be hit by such a thick wooden stick, even if she didn't die, she would at least lose half her life!

"Stop! What are you guys doing! " Li Xin shouted and stopped the man's actions. Finally, the stick in his hand stopped in midair and didn't land on the little girl's body.

Qin Huaiyu originally did not want to care about this matter, but seeing that Li Xin had left, she followed him without a word. They were all brothers after all. No matter what they did, how could they not be like him?

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