Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C19 Teasing Chen Xilan
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Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C19 Teasing Chen Xilan
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C19 Teasing Chen Xilan

"My lord, there is a person outside who claims to be the fourth young master of the Chen family seeking an audience. Does the prince want to see him? " Wang Gui suddenly came outside the kitchen and respectfully said this to Li Xin inside.

Hearing this, Li Xin's eyes lit up: Chen family's fourth young master? Wasn't that Chen Xiaolan? Why did she come here personally?

He quickly said: "We will meet each other. Tell him to wait outside for a moment and I'll come over after I change."

Qin Huaiyu saw Li Xin's reaction and joked, "What happened to you? A few days ago, didn't you think that the Chen family's third wife was ugly and dissatisfied with His Majesty's arranged marriage? Why has his personality changed today and is now so concerned about his future brother-in-law? "

"Is the Chen family's third wife ugly? Have you seen it? "

Qin Huaiyu smiled and told him the reason. Cheng Baoming looked at Li Xin with a look of schadenfreude, and said, "Brother sure is fortunate to be able to marry such a woman! As long as you do not slack off after you get married, and work hard, you will definitely be able to get a big fat kid as early as you can, and open up a new branch for your Chu line! "

After he finished speaking, Qin Huaiyu and Cheng Jaime burst into laughter together.

Li Xin curled his lips. He was already used to seeing the two bad friends in front of him acting so unscrupulously. In his heart, he silently said, "Motherf * cker, laugh, laugh. Look at you laughing happily now. When you see Chen Xiaolan's true appearance, you might be jealous of my luck!"

After thinking about it, Li Xin waved his hand and said, "Go, go. You can go by yourselves. I'll be right back." After he finished speaking, he left Qin Huaiyu and Cheng Pimu in the kitchen and went back to change with Wang Gui. After all, he was still wearing his pajamas.

After changing into a brocade robe, Li Xin went to the front hall to meet Chen Xiaolan and her maidservant. She was wearing a light green scholar's gown with a jade pendant hanging from her waist. Her black hair was tied into a man's bun, revealing her fair and refined forehead. Her eyes were staring at a painting on the wall as she whispered to her servant girl.

The last time they met, Li Xin didn't care too much about it. This time, he paid a little attention and easily saw through the loose long gown that the slim figure of Chen Xiaolan could not be concealed.

Li Xin suddenly realized that his behavior wasn't that of a righteous man, he hurriedly coughed twice, and said, "Brother Zixian?"

Only now did the master and servant notice Li Xin's arrival. The maidservant hurriedly bowed and greeted, while Chen Xiaolan also turned her head to bow and said, "Greetings, Lord Chu …" However, she didn't finish her sentence because Li Xin quickly waved his hand and said, "Exempt from formalities." Thus, Chen Yulan stood up once more.

"Yesterday, King Chu specifically sent a bottle of wine to the mansion. After drinking it, my father praised it endlessly, saying that this is the wine that my men of Tang Dynasty should drink." While speaking, Chen Xiaolan observed Li Xin's expression, "I wonder where the Prince got this wine from?" Anything else? If it's convenient, can you allow me to bring a few more bottles back … "

Li Xin smiled and said, "Oh, you mean that wine? I did it. However, a few more bottles were sent out just now, so there weren't any left. If Master Chen likes it, I'll definitely send him a few bottles the next time I make one. "

Chen Yulan was slightly surprised. "I didn't expect that your highness, the King Chu, could make wine."

Li Xin said with a smile, "Why not?"

Chen Yulan nodded. "In this case, my father's guess is correct. He said that Lord Chu must have obtained the secret recipe of this wine and wanted to invite him to do business with them before sending the wine over to the Residence. "

Alright, being despicable is actually a form of prejudice. Under the vast majority of circumstances, those who hold a high position wouldn't be so careless. Otherwise, they would have been kicked off long ago. For the powerful Chen Yin to be able to gain the respect of this wise monarch Li Shimin, he naturally had to be extremely intelligent to be able to see through Li Xin's intentions with a single glance.

Li Xin shook his head and said, "Not really. I still felt that Master Chen would definitely like this wine, so I sent a bottle over for him to have a taste. Of course, there is a meaning behind this cooperation. "

To most people, doing business was a kind of cheap business, especially in the Tang Dynasty. However, every single clan in Changan City had a hidden property within them. This was a public secret amongst the other clans. As the daughter of the Chen family, Chen Xiaolan should also have some understanding about this. Therefore, Li Xin didn't need to hide this fact from her. "But it's a little more tactful to say it.

"My father sent me to ask Lord Chu, he intends to buy into His Highness' winery with 100 shares. May I ask how many shares Lord Chu is willing to give?" Seeing Li Xin's straightforward answer, Chen Xiaolan calmly asked.

Li Xin couldn't help but want to laugh when he heard Chen Xiaolan's lies. As the three women of the Chen family, how could Chen Yin send her to discuss such a business matter? Clearly, he only needed to send a butler out to discuss the matter. Presumably, Chen Xiaolan had stolen the job from the butler and ran out to join in on the fun.

It was fortunate that the Tang Dynasty at this moment, the Song and Ming Dynasties that had tormented Chinese women for thousands of years, had yet to appear. Although men and women were not equal, the status of women was still much higher than that of previous generations. It was not uncommon for women to go out dressed as men, and men and women were not as strict as the later generations. That was why Chen Yulan was able to come to Li Xin's residence in person.

Seeing the serious expression on Chen Yulan's face, Li Xin couldn't help but think of a tease and smiled, "To be honest, the Qin and Cheng families are also involved in this deal. They each paid a hundred points, and I gave them twenty percent each. "If Master Chen Yin also wants to buy shares with 100 slots …"

Hearing this, Chen Xiaolan thought Li Xin was hinting at him that he and the Chen family would be married in the future, so he would give them a few percent of the shares for this reason. Unexpectedly, the last thing Li Xin said was:

"Then I will give Master Chen Yin 15% of the shares."

"What?" Hearing that, Chen Yulan frowned and asked angrily, "Both of them have 100 slots, why is my home half a percentage less than the Bie family?" Could it be that Lord Chu is looking down on our Chen Clan? " How could she have expected that her disguise had already been seen through. Li Xin was actually just teasing her?

Li Xin forced a smile and said with a wave of his hand, "If you can persuade His Majesty to cancel the marriage, I will give you another fifty percent! "Although your elder sister has read many poetry books, I still like to look good!" As he said this, he thought to himself silently, "I told you, little girl, to lie to me. What bullying? You scared me so much that I couldn't sleep well. See how I'll disgust you!"

She wanted to point at Li Xin's nose and curse at him, asking him what was wrong with Chen Xiaolan, but she couldn't. The fact that Chen Xiaolan was born ugly was her own fault, so wasn't her rebuttal the same as slapping her in the face? Furthermore, Li Xin might not be willing to believe it.

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