Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C2 The Word Peugeot Is Insulted
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Carefree Prince In Tang Dynasty/C2 The Word Peugeot Is Insulted
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C2 The Word Peugeot Is Insulted

Most parents definitely wished for their daughter to marry a good person. But from the memories that Li Xin had inherited, no matter how one looked at it, he, or the original Li Xin, did not seem like a "good person".

There was no need to talk about the disgraceful things like flying eagles and dogs, or how many people were fighting and causing trouble. It was because of these things that the King of Chu, Li Xin, was a synonym for fear of anyone in the capital.

He believed that any girl's parents would reject the marriage after hearing about Li Xin's vile deeds in the past, right?

But the Chinese calligraphy order Chen Yin actually agreed to this marriage.

Although this was the emperor's will and theoretically speaking, it was not something that could be refused, but Li Xin absolutely did not believe that the emperor had not asked Chen Yin for his opinion on this marriage before issuing the imperial edict. After all, Chen Yin was one of the leaders with the greatest authority in the court. If not for Chen Yin's agreement to this marriage, the Emperor definitely would not have given the imperial edict to grant the marriage so openly.

Based on these facts, Li Xin came to a conclusion — what f * cking double talent is this? If it really was a girl with double talents and looks like a flower, would her parents be willing to marry a useless playboy like me?

That's not right! That's not right! There must be something wrong! He definitely wouldn't be able to get married. In the end, he decided to marry me. After all, I'm still an imperial relative! It could be said that they were well-matched.

All night long, Li Xin was immersed in this kind of wild fantasy, his heart was filled with fear of the impending marriage. Although he was only a seventeen year old boy, he had lived a solid twenty-three years in his previous life. In these forty years of glory, he hadn't even been in a relationship for a few times and had always been his first brother. Who would have thought that he would be married once he crossed the border?

Finally, on the morning of the second day, Wang Gui obtained the news and returned to the Mansion to serve Li Xin with a refreshed expression. Li Xin did not need his help. He immediately waved his hand and said, "Let's talk about the important matters first. Have you investigated the matter that you wanted to know about? What exactly does that Chen family's wife look like? "

Wang Gui had yet to speak, but his face already revealed a look of joy, as if he was quite satisfied. Looking at his expression, Li Xin's heart relaxed. He guessed that this Chen family's little girl shouldn't look too bad.

Unexpectedly, Wang Gui said, "Your Highness, don't worry. This third wife of the Chen family is born with a broad waist and is said to be …" His buttocks were extremely big, and he was a very well-bred child! Once they passed through the gates, they would definitely be able to give birth to the young children of the young noblemen and help the Duke open up his doors! "If the Old Marquis knew, he would definitely …"

What would he know? He would definitely be angered to the point of coming back to life and dying again!

His mind was filled with the words "big and burly" rotating back and forth. How could he still listen to Wang Gui's rambling about how he wanted to pick up a woman, and how that woman with a waist thicker than a bucket had given him two sons in a row in the past three years?

"So, Your Highness is just peacefully waiting …" Wang Gui was about to finish his sentence when Li Xin suddenly grabbed his shoulder in excitement. He could only forcefully swallow the word "married" back down.

Li Xin stared with his eyes wide open. His face was full of excitement, and even his lips were trembling.

"Even if I heard that the Chen family's little wife was born in such a beautiful way, the prince would not be this excited …" Wang Gui could vaguely feel that his prince's emotions seemed to be unstable as he tried to pacify him.

"Excited? I am very excited... Who the hell would not be excited to hear that their future wife's waist is thicker than a bucket, and her face is as ugly as a flower! " Li Xin's entire body trembled as he roared, making people almost suspect that he was having an attack of epilepsy.

"I, I, I, I …" I didn't say that the Chen family's girl's waist is thicker than a bucket … Who was Ru Hua? Is it ugly? " Wang Gui tremblingly asked.

You don't even know what flowers are like? Li Xin suddenly felt the generation gap between himself and the Tang Dynasty people. Whether it was recognition or beauty, it was an insurmountable gap.

Li Xin forced himself to calm down and asked, "Let me ask you, where did you get this information from? "Is that reliable?" This was the most crucial question at the moment – what if he was a big shot and his back was bullied by the outsiders? Maybe this Chen family's little girl was actually very lively?

It didn't matter if the probability was high or not. As long as it wasn't zero, Li Xin still had a sliver of hope.

However, Wang Gui's reply heartlessly broke Li Xin's fantasy: "I've found a friend in the market and met with the woman in charge of purchasing ingredients at the Chen Mansion. "It was that old woman who told me this. She said that their young mistress was born with a beautiful figure, with a thick waist and fat buttocks …"

"Enough." Li Xin could not bear to continue listening to this.

"Are these human words?" Since when can waist thick and buttocks fat be put together with "Peugeot" to describe the same person? This is probably the biggest insult to the word "Peugeot" since it was coined.

Li Xin suddenly felt a splitting headache. He could only extend his hand to support his forehead.

He knew Wang Gui's personality very well. Although he was a little cunning, he was absolutely loyal to the Duke's Mansion, especially to Li Xin. He would never lie about such things. Hence, since he said that the news came from the servants of the Chen Residence, then it must have come from the servants of the Chen Residence.

The servants of the Chen residence also talked about how their young mistress was so 'bulky' … When he thought of these four words, Li Xin's headache seemed to worsen. Right now, he was somewhat allergic to this word. All in all, the words of the servants of the Chen Residence also had a high degree of credibility.

Li Xin silently came to his conclusion: this fiancée of his that he had never met must be a floral level, a shockingly ugly dinosaur girl! If his daughter wasn't too ugly and couldn't be married off, how could Chen Yin agree to marry his daughter off to a famous playboy like Li Xin, who only knew how to eat and wait for his death?

The emperor must have just casually mentioned it and agreed to it! This old fool! He actually tricked me! For the sake of marrying my ugly daughter, I will not hesitate to sacrifice my happiness! What! Am I not human? Am I not worthy of a name?

The more Li Jun thought about it, the angrier she got. Finally, she stood up and said to Wang Gui, who had been standing by her side, "Help me change. I want to enter the palace."

Wang Gui still didn't know why Li Xin suddenly entered the palace. However, he knew that he shouldn't ask too much about his master's matters. Thus, he answered and took out Li Xin's luxurious clothes to help him change.

"Don't you usually dislike entering the palace? "Why did you suddenly …" In the end, Wang Gui still shrunk his neck and asked.

Li Xin held his head high and stuck out his chest, tightening his belt, and said: "Of course it's … Go beg the Emperor to cancel this marriage! Do you really want me to marry a dinosaur? What kind of international joke is this! "

Before Wang Gui could even react to what was called an "international joke", Li Xin had already strode out of his bedroom and headed for the front door.

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