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C4 Tai Chi Palace

To be honest, Tai Chi Palace looked quite impressive from the outside. However, after entering, one could clearly feel the darkness within. The furnishings inside the hall were quite simple and plain. Perhaps some things were even older than Li Xin. It was completely unlike the royal grandeur that Li Xin had imagined.

Li Xin secretly nodded. This was, after all, the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the beginning of the world, people living in poverty, Li Shimin chose to set an example, doing his best to reduce unnecessary expenses, so as to allow the people to rest. From this point of view, Li Xin believed that His Majesty Li Er would most likely become an enlightened monarch of history in this parallel world.

Although it was broad daylight, several candles were still burning. The bright candlelight illuminated the table in the center of the hall, as well as the man behind the table who did not seem to have anything special. He was wearing a light yellow round collar suit and was currently kneeling in front of a pile of memorials that was enough to form a small mountain. His brows were slightly furrowed, as if he was seriously considering something.

Was this the Li Shimin Emperor who had made an everlasting contribution to the mighty Tang Empire? He looked no different from the uncle next door.

Li Xin was in a trance and lacked the sense of reality. He quickly got rid of the unnecessary thoughts in his mind.

It didn't matter to Li Xin at the moment what kind of person Li Shimin was, or whether or not he could create a chastity rule. All he could hope for was that in a while, he would be able to successfully resolve this engagement on his person. As long as this Comrade Li Er could agree to this presumptuous request, in Li Jun's heart, he was a good comrade that was above vulgar interest.

Li Xin stepped forward, knelt and said, "This subject, Li Xin, pays his respect to Your Majesty."

"Get up." Li Shimin glanced at Li Xin, casually pointed to a seat beside him and said, "Come, sit here."

This was also a common practice. As long as there was no one else around, Li Shimin would let Li Xin sit beside him. Li Xin acknowledged and did not refuse. He obediently walked to Li Shimin's side and sat down on his knees. He lowered his head in a pleasing manner, appearing to be very sincere.

"Xin'er has come to find me today for a request, I'm afraid?" Li Shimin said with a smile, his tone very amiable. Ever since Li Xuantao passed away due to illness, he had always treated Li Xin as his own son.

"Your Majesty is wise." Li Xin slightly flattered him, not denying Li Shimin's guess.

Li Shimin said straightforwardly, "Tell me about it."

Li Xin hesitated for a moment. He wanted to say some words, but a face that was like a flower suddenly appeared in his mind and he immediately said, "I want to …" Your Majesty, please withdraw your bestowal. "

Li Shimin paused for a moment before asking, "Why?"

"This official's character has not been set in stone yet, and he has been tainted with bad deeds. Your Majesty doted on me and often protected me because of my father. I know all of this. " Li Xin changed into a pained expression and said, "Actually, I also deeply feel that I was extremely mischievous in the past, so I made up my mind to change it." Before I become a junior capable of making your majesty proud, I do not plan to make a family, and I hope that your majesty can grant me that wish. "

Li Shimin's expression looked as if he had been moved. He stared fixedly at Li Xin's face, his eyes filled with love.

Li Xin's face remained calm and collected, as if he was still immersed in his regret for the past. In fact, his heart was already blooming with happiness. He thought triumphantly: "Well? "In the face of my true love attacks, if I were to spare your life, I'm afraid I would have fallen prey to some sort of ancient emperor."

However, after Li Shimin was' moved 'for a moment, he shook his head with a smile, "Enough, stop acting with me." Don't tell me that I don't know what kind of virtue and character you have? Speak the human tongue, don't talk about such useless things. "

Li Xin was stunned and said, "No, everything I just said is from the bottom of my heart …"

"You still say that?" Li Shimin stared at Li Xin and said, "Are you trying to beat the crap out of me?"

After hearing the two words "being slapped," Li Xin immediately became obedient like a deflated balloon. His little trick had long since been exposed by Second Emperor Li. He was just playing along with the play and teasing him.

Alright, since you are the emperor, whatever you say is what you want. Since you don't want me to say it, then I will just shut up.

Li Xin slightly curled his lips.

"Tell me, why exactly do you not want to get married? Did someone tell you something? " At this point, Li Shimin's eyes lit up, looking very sharp.

Li Xin did not notice the change in Li Shimin's expression, he only said in surprise, "His Majesty is really too godly, how did you know?"

"Oh? Looks like someone really did say something to you. " Li Shimin sneered and asked, "Who is it?" What did you say? "

"It's my mansion's housekeeper, Wang Gui." Since Li Shimin didn't want to beat around the bush, Li Xin directly told him everything.

Hearing this answer, Li Shimin was clearly surprised. After being stunned for a moment, he curiously asked, "What did this Wang Gui say?"

Thus, Li Xin told him how he had asked Wang Gui to find out about the third daughter of the Chen family, how Wang Gui had described them, and so on. Hearing this, Li Shimin was stunned, his expression gradually relaxing, even becoming somewhat at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

"I really don't know where you heard about all this nonsense. Who told you that the daughter of the Chen family was a big spender?" Li Shimin laughed and said, "I have seen that girl, Guan Yin. She personally told me that the woman looks very good and is very pretty, which is why I made the decision for you to marry her. Instead of thanking me properly, you actually asked me to withdraw my order after hearing a few words of gossip. What kind of logic is that? "

Guan Yin was the nickname of the present empress, Mrs. Sun. Li Shimin liked to call her this way.

Li Xin is also a little allergic to the word "Peugeot". Who knows what your definition of "Peugeot" was? What if the bigger and better bred you are, the more beautiful you feel? Wasn't it rumored that the Tang Dynasty took fatness as beauty in the future? It can't be groundless, can it?

The more Li Xin thought about it, the more he felt that the so-called "beautiful" was in fact as unreliable as the word "talented and beautiful". Just like the words on the imperial edict that praised him on how "refined and refined", it was all a lie. He took a deep breath and decided to open his mouth once more to try to eliminate the possibility of the engagement being cancelled. However, Li Shimin waved his hand, not giving him the chance to speak again.

"Don't say anymore. Jun Wu Yi didn't joke around. The imperial edict had already been passed down, so how could he take it back? Furthermore, you have no reason to convince me. " Li Shimin looked at Li Jie, "Don't worry, that Chen family's daughter is by no means an ugly woman, much less as broad and broad as you said. Just go home and wait for your wedding day. "

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