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C9 Odd Questions

Li Xin smiled and said, "It seems that you're not that smart, so I'll give you a kindergarten level question."

Although he didn't know what "kindergarten" meant, Chen Zixian still understood the word "child". Li Xin was probably saying that if he wanted to ask some questions, even a three year old child would be able to answer them.

Chen Zixian grunted, and said, "Whatever problem you want to come up with will naturally be up to you, but after losing, don't go back on your words."

"Don't worry." I've always kept my word, but when the time comes, you shouldn't go back on your word. " Li Xin said with a face full of smiles, "Listen up, my question is, what kind of cloth in the world can't be cut?"

What Li Xin said was definitely not false. In the twenty-first century, this would be a small question that even kindergarten children would be able to answer — what kind of cloth could it be, a waterfall?

But, upon hearing this question, Chen Zixian was completely dumbfounded. Qin Huaiyu was also petrified.

"What kind of strange question are you asking? "So vulgar!" Chen Zixian said unhappily.

Li Xin retorted, "Have I set the scope of the problem? "As long as the other party is unable to answer my questions, I can ask anything I want."

Chen Zixie snorted, he gritted his teeth and thought for a moment, then said: "Are the scissors sharp? It can't be a scissors so blunt it can't cut anything right? "

Li Xin laughed involuntarily and said, "Of course not. It's a brand-new pair of scissors, blowing on the hair and cutting it off.

Hearing that, Chen Zixian fell into deep thought. He had never heard of such a strange question and did not know how to proceed.

Not to mention Qin Huaiyu, even her "blank mind" was written clearly on her face.

Seeing the two's reaction, Li Xin leisurely raised his cup and drank a mouthful of wine. He felt extremely handsome. However, in the next second, he almost spat out the wine he had drunk without any grace. It was as light as water, and even a little sour. This is the wine of the Tang Dynasty?

Qin Huaiyu saw Li Xin frown and thought that he would not get used to drinking this wine, so she laughed: "How about it? The wine here is quite mellow, so it's normal that you aren't used to it. "

Li Xin rolled his eyes and said, "Is this considered mellow?" To be honest, even the beers of future generations would be better than this.

"One Laughter House's Drunken Spring Flower is already a famous wine in Chang'an. Aren't you satisfied with this?" Qin Huaiyu said helplessly.

What? This kind of sour and astringent wine was already considered as Chang'an Wine? Then if I were to make some Erguotou, wouldn't it be the Tang Dynasty's Wine King? To be honest, as an engineering student, it wasn't difficult to create a set of alcohol distillation equipment out of thin air, and it was even easier to get some technical Erguotou out.

One had to know that Erguotou's alcohol precision was at least 30-40 degrees. It was definitely not the same as the wine in front of him whose alcohol precision was not even 10 degrees!

Li Xin put down his wine cup, determined not to touch it anymore, and said: "That's because you are too ignorant. "I'll be in a good mood in a few days and make some really good wine for you to taste, so that you won't have to shout about good wine while hugging it. If word of this spreads, you won't be afraid to embarrass me."

Qin Huaiyu rolled her eyes in disbelief. He had never heard of his brother having the skills to brew wine.

Li Xin shrugged and did not force Qin Huaiyu to believe him. In any case, once he drank it himself, he would naturally understand what rubbish he was drinking.

"How is it, Chen Xiao Lang? Have you thought of the answer? I've given you a lot of time. " Li Xin turned to look at Chen Zixian who was still deep in thought, his face full of smiles.

Of course, this smile was extremely repulsive in Chen Zixian's eyes.

"Does this question really have an answer?" Are you lying to me? How can there be such a thing as a piece of cloth that can't be cut? " Chen Zixian said angrily, his eyes staring straight at Li Xin.

Li Xin got goosebumps from Chen Zixian's stare, unexpectedly he also had some thoughts about this handsome youth in front of him. He quickly looked away and thought, "What happened?" I, Old Li, am a straight steel man that has been here for over 20 years. How is this possible? This isn't scientific! Could it be a side effect of rebirth? "

"Hey, say something!" Seeing that Li Xin did not answer, Chen Zixian called out again.

Li Xin coughed lightly to clear his mind of the awkward mood. Forcefully changing to a disdainful tone, he said, "If you can't guess it yourself, then feel that I am lying to you. It is because there is no answer to this question. Who exactly gave you that confidence? "

"You!" Chen Zixian wanted to retort, but he was somewhat stumped, he could only snort coldly, and said unhappily: "Then tell me what the answer is! "Let me broaden my horizons, I have never seen a cloth that can't be cut in my entire life."

Li Xin laughed loudly and said, "That's not difficult at all." "Listen!"

Chen Zixian and Qin Huaiyu pricked up their ears, seriously looking at Li Xin, unwilling to let go of every word that came out of his mouth.

"A cloth that cannot be cut, isn't that … Waterfall? " Li Xin revealed the answer with a smile after showing off for a short while.

Chen Zixian was startled, his eyes were wide open, his small mouth slightly opened, obviously surprised by Li Xin's answer. Qin Huaiyu also had the same expression as she covered her forehead and muttered, "Also … You can do this? "

"That's not right!" What was a waterfall? "You are trying to force the truth!" Chen Zixian shouted, "What kind of a question is this!"

Li Xin's smile was pulled down and replaced with a sneer, saying, "What? Now that he lost, he wanted to go back on his words? Why wasn't the waterfall covered? Did I say what cloth it was? "

Chen Zixian bit his lower lip and did not speak.

"Since I didn't say it before, then naturally, any 'cloth' that can't be cut is fine. Do you dare to say 'waterfall' isn't the correct answer?" Li Xin snorted and said, "But it's alright. "Even if you want to go back on your word, it doesn't matter. It's just a joke at a banquet, I definitely won't look down on you because of this."

Chen Zixian was agitated as expected, and said: Who said you were going to act shamelessly? A waterfall was a waterfall! I was wrong, the fight isn't over yet! Listen up, I'm going to have a second question. "

Thus, he told her another riddle. This mystery is much more difficult than the last one.

However, it was useless. This was because Li Xin had seen this question before. Moreover, he had some impression of it, so he answered it with almost no effort at all.

With that, Chen Zixian's face turned ugly. He never would have thought that the problem that had been difficult for him for two days would be solved by Li Xin without thinking. Could it be that Li Xin was not as weak as the rumors say, but he was actually quite smart?

Li Xin obviously did not know the shock in Chen Zixian's heart, he only smiled evilly and said his second question, "There is one word that everyone will mispronounce, even the most knowledgeable person in the world is not an exception, may I ask, what word is that?"

It's even better than real gold. I'm not bullying you at all. Li Xin thought to himself as he spoke.

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