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C1 Leave

X. 2011, the most ordinary high school in China's L Province B city XX high school, as in previous years, vacation back to school (Xiao Fei is not a good high school for students to roam around in...)! The students of Class 8 entered the classroom in groups of twos and threes, as usual. The class monitor, Huang Lei, smiled as each student walked to her seat. Behind the smile was the devil's face! Every student knew that something big was going to happen if they saw her like this.

(Where's the protagonist?) Why hasn't he come out yet! On the other side. "Ah!" "I slept so comfortably, it's really good to have a holiday!"

Shangguan Fei yawned and stretched his body. He touched his chubby face and woke up with a blissful expression.

Shangguan Fei, who just got up, scratched his head in confusion. As if something had happened. What is it? " As he thought of this, his eyes suddenly opened wide! He rushed out of the bedroom!

He picked up his clothes and ran out of the house. After running for ten minutes, they finally arrived at the school gates.

"Unlucky!" "Wrong day." Ye Zichen ate the youtiao he had just bought, while feeling a bit scared in his heart. I hope we don't bump into each other! "

"My sight returned to the classroom." Feng Zi! What about Shangguan Fei? What time is it? " Huang Lei jokingly scolded Shangguan Fei's best friend, Liu Feng!

"Boss is requesting for leave, right!" Right! I'm on leave! Come back later! " "As he spoke, he muttered in his heart." Damn it! The boss dragged me down. Liu Feng, the school's famous handsome guy, had always been a topic for girls after class!

"Leave of absence? Why didn't I know? If you dare lie to me! "Hehehe …" Liu Feng felt a chill behind his back.

At this moment, Shangguan Fei, who was eating fried dough sticks, came to the door of the classroom. Suddenly, he saw the reprimanded Liu Feng and Huang Lei stealthily walking in the door with their backs facing him.

"Halt!" The big sis, who opened her eyes behind Shangguan Fei's back, stopped his actions.

"Hehe!" Big Sis, good morning! " Ye Zichen looked at the class monitor with a happy expression, while Liu Feng blinked forcefully behind him.

"Fei Zi!" What did you do so early in the morning? Do you know what time it is? "

"Big sister!" Don't laugh! I can't stand it! "Too charming!"

"Don't talk to me like that! Liu Feng said you applied for leave? "

"Ah!" Right! "Yes!" Shangguan Fei and Liu Feng's hearts were already set at ease!

"Fine, I'll believe you this once. Don't let me catch you." Huang Lei glared at Shangguan Fei and returned to her seat.

"Boss!" "You're finally here!" The one who spoke was one of Shangguan Fei's best buddies, Fatty Zhang Qiang. Beside him was the only top student among the four of them, Chen Qing! He was wearing his eyes, but he looked like he was about to go crazy. Smart mind! He could be considered a strategist for the four of them. As the four of them sat together, they each had their own unique characteristics. It was a very strange combination.

The four of them had been together since primary school and were inseparable from each other ever since. It was even more intimate than a sister! Xiao Fei: We are absolutely pure!)

Zhang Qiang was the most talkative, but elder sister was right in front of him. He was still rather low-key.

The English class was always so irritable. Finally, class was over. Look at these four students! The handsome guy Liu Feng paid more attention to his image as he leaned against the chair and slept soundly. Looking at the fat Zhang Qiang, with his nose full of snot bubbles and saliva dripping from his mouth, he was crawling on the table. It seemed that the perfect English book was no longer usable. Shangguan Fei actually climbed on top of the table, and snores could be heard from a long time ago. Towards this kind of situation, the teacher had already turned a blind eye to it. "Military Advisor Chen Qing, the man who will never sleep in class, pushed his glasses and looked at the three of them." Brother, quickly get up! Otherwise, you'll be in big trouble! Don't blame me for not reminding you! "

"Stop bothering me!" Be careful that I don't hit you! " Shangguan Fei changed his position! Lying on the table!

Boom! The three of them fell to the ground!

Chen Qing looked at the three people lying on the ground gloatingly. I told you! I don't believe it! "Serves you right!"

"You guys are sleeping again, see if I kick you to death!"

"Big sister, there's no need to do this, I was wrong!" Liu Feng begged for mercy!

"Aiyo, it hurts so much. I say, Huang Lei, are you free? I've pissed you off. "You...!"

Liu Feng hurriedly covered Fatty's mouth. Big Sis, don't listen to his nonsense, hehe! "What a joke, what a joke!"

Zhang Qiang fell the most miserably. He rubbed the back of his head and looked at Huang Lei with a wronged expression. Shangguan Fei stood up as if nothing had happened.

"How depressing, I can't sleep well anymore." What nobody noticed was that when Huang Lei kicked the table, Shangguan Fei did something small! The moment the table collapsed. Shangguan Fei's body reflexively emitted a trace of energy. This trace of energy proved that this boy was not ordinary!

"I say, big sister, can we be more ladylike and gentle next time?" Shangguan Fei also complained!

"You're not giving me any face at all. You're coming to school, right?"

"Stop stop stop, Big Sis!" I'll ask you one last question. " Shangguan Fei asked mysteriously!


"Are you a woman?"

As soon as he finished his words, Shangguan Fei and the other three ran away. Huang Lei was at a loss for words. Shangguan Fei ran happily, but his heart was a bit down. He had something he didn't want to say. Goodbye, my friend! "

"Boss, are you saying that we'll just run away like that?! Are you alright? " The fatty, Zhang Qiang said it with a guilty conscience!

"It should be fine. Big Sis is actually pretty good as well." Liu Feng said it with a guilty conscience!

"Feng Zi, did you fall for Huang Lei?"

"Defamation is against the law, don't spout nonsense!"

"Haha, listen to me!" Feng Zi, if you like it, then go and chase it! Our Feng Zi Zhang is so handsome, isn't it easy to take care of her? "

"Brother Fei, stop teasing me. I can't do it. You can, you go!"

"Aiya! "I'm not kidding." Shangguan Fei suddenly became serious!

"Come to my house tonight, I have something to tell you."

"Boss!" What's wrong with you? " Zhang Qiang said without thinking!

"Shut your stinky mouth, boss is in good health!" Chen Qing helped to say it!

"As for the specifics, come over tonight and I'll tell you." Shangguan Fei left on his own without even turning back.

"Boss might have something on. Let's go home early, 8 PM!" "Everyone gather." Military Advisor Chen Qing said in a serious tone, but no matter how you looked at it, it was still boring.

"Alright! I'll see you tonight. " Everyone went their separate ways. Each of them went home to eat dinner. Shangguan Fei came home alone and poured himself a cup of cola! He fell into deep thought.

"Remembering what happened 13 years ago, when Shangguan Fei, a 5-year-old, ate a ice cream and walked down the alley, an old man dressed in rags!" Little friend, your bones are unique and you have the best talent for cultivation. Do you want to become an Immortal? Do you want to fly? Do you want to live forever? For ten dollars, this book will allow you to achieve all of this. "

"No, you're lying!" Little Shangguan Fei directly refused!

"The old man will not give up." Be a friend, 8 yuan, it's your home price! "

At this moment, Lil 'Shangguan Fei stretched out his entire hand! " "5 dollars, no ink!" Little Shangguan Fei is really smart! He knew how to bargain at the age of five! F * * k one!)


Little Shangguan Fei went home and bought all his pocket money for this book. It was also at this moment that Shangguan Fei began his cultivation career. Life was always beautiful, at least Shangguan Fei had always thought so.

With his amazing physique, he was naturally a good material for cultivation. The secret scripture was entirely crafted, and even the young Shangguan Fei could completely read it.

Cultivation stages were divided into ten levels: Foundation Establishment, Enlightenment, Embryonic Breath, Fasting, Aurous Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Division, Body Fusion, Dacha, and Tribulation. The tribulation successfully ascended to the level of Immortal, and Shangguan Fei broke through the Embryonic Breath at the age of six. Becoming a Jindan at the age of 8 and breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage at the age of 10 were something that no one had ever done before and would never be able to do again. He was 12 years old, 14 years old, and had achieved grand completion at 16 years old. Now that he was 18 years old, he gradually felt the impending calamity. Due to one's training speed being too fast, it caused one's mental state to be insufficient. When transcending tribulation, inner demons would easily be born, resulting in one's failure to transcend tribulation.

Therefore, Shangguan Fei decided to leave the mundane world and cultivate his heart. Recalling the events of the past few years, Shangguan Fei still couldn't bear to part from the bottom of his heart. However, his life was the most important!

Shangguan Fei opened his eyes and waited for his brother to come.

"It's 8 o'clock, why aren't you here yet?" Shangguan Fei closed his eyes and suddenly opened them as he rushed out the door.

"Little boys, I heard that you guys are very arrogant in school. Our brothers have been spending money recently, so I want to borrow some from you guys!" A youth from the entire society surrounded three people, and the man in the lead shouted loudly.

"It seems like you are the Sun Hao from nearby!"

"Ha!" If this brat knows me, then things will be much easier! "

"Hehe, that's right! I don't care if people call you Brother Hao or Brother Sun, I just call you Sun "Zi". "Haha." The three of them burst out laughing!

"Little ones, go, cripple them for me!"

"Freeze!" The dozen or so people froze on the spot at the same time. Who is it, bullying my brother! " Shangguan Fei arrived in time!

"Boss, haha!" "You didn't disappoint us after all." Chen Qing said excitedly!

"Of course, who asked me to be your boss?" "Haha!"

"Boss, your current Soaring Point is too amazing. You have time to teach your little brother." Zhang Qiang asked excitedly!

"That's not something you can learn, it's not that I don't want to teach you." Shangguan Fei thought to himself, "What point tap in the air? It's just a small Body Securing Technique."

"What's that Sun Hao? If you want to cause trouble with us again, I won't give you another chance. I'm not in the mood to deal with you today, scram!" "Release." The dozen or so people resumed their actions and ran off gloomily.

"Let's go home." I'll tell you guys something! " Shangguan Fei walked at the front and the three of them followed closely behind him. When they arrived at Shangguan Fei's house, Shangguan Fei poured everyone a cup of cola. The three of them sat down and waited for Shangguan Fei to speak.

"First, let me tell you guys something. I'm leaving." Shangguan Fei said this silently!

"What?" Brother! Since when did you not tell us about it? You say you can leave just like that? " Zhang Qiang said loudly!

"Shut your stinky mouth, Brother Fei is not talking to you about the same thing!" Chen Qing complained!

"Listen to me first. I'm a cultivator, a cultivator. I originally belonged to a different world from you. However, I don't have a master, so I've been cultivating outside the entire time. Have you ever suspected me?"

Shangguan Fei asked seriously. Chen Qing considered it for a moment. He answered Shangguan Fei, "Truth be told, Boss, you are sometimes really strange. Every time we encounter danger, you can always rush over immediately! There are so many martial arts that we don't understand. Is this cultivation? "

"That's right!" But why leave? Are we not happy together? " Liu Feng was silent!

"Sooner or later, we will have to separate. This time, I am not the one who wants to leave! The main thing is that I have to go through a calamity, and I have to leave.

"Die?" This time, the three of them were silent!

"I might leave tomorrow. I hope you don't worry too much when the time comes. If there is a chance, I will definitely return. After I leave, there will be no one to protect you. You must protect yourselves."


"Big brother!"

"Brother Fei!"

The three of them shouted at the same time!

Separating was always painful. A good brother who had been together for more than ten years was very short for a cultivator, but for Shangguan Fei who was only 18 years old, it was basically equivalent to half of his life.

"You guys can leave now. Take care of yourselves."

"Big brother, you will always be our big brother. No matter what happens, we welcome you!" With that, the three of them reluctantly left Shangguan Fei's house. The house was still quiet.

After tomorrow, there would be no Shangguan Fei. He would leave his hometown, cultivate the mind of an immortal, and begin his legendary life!

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