Carefree Journey In Another World/C11 Primary Magic Academy
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Carefree Journey In Another World/C11 Primary Magic Academy
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C11 Primary Magic Academy

Loong Xiaotian made a huge decision, which was to give up his identity as Loong Family. At least, he would have to temporarily give up his identity as a Loong Family cultivator, and return home when he had the strength.

Otherwise, even if he went back, he would still be used by others. At that time, not only would other empires use him as a hostage to threaten his father, but they would also use him as their family.

Therefore, Loong Xiaotian made this huge decision to temporarily go back to Shangguan Fei. They would at least become someone who could only return to the Loong Family when the strength of the continent was ranked at the top of the pyramid. To be honest, Loong Xiaotian was a little worried about his sister, Loong Siyu! After all, his two elder brothers were still in school, so the other forces didn't dare to make a move on them. However, it was clear that Loong Siyu did not have the ability to protect herself right now!

He had been captured at home. If he had the ability, he could have run out. However, Loong Siyu could not do so. After all, she was still a child and did not have much strength to begin with.

Actually, Loong Xiaotian was overthinking things. When Loong Xiaotian was robbed and disappeared, the one with the most protection from the Loong Family was this little girl Loong Siyu. Because Long Hu could definitely imagine that it was his enemies that kidnapped Loong Xiaotian in order to threaten his family! Therefore, Loong Siyu's safety became the family's mission. Long Hu and Loong Xiaotian's father Long Zhan had long since arranged for a large number of subordinates to protect their daughter Loong Siyu.

At this moment, Loong Xiaotian was very excited. After all, he had lived in such a small village for a few months. The village was not big, and women usually lived on all sorts of land and cooked. All the men in the house went out to hunt, so their lives could be considered to have been pretty good.

Ever since they learned that Loong Xiaotian could cultivate magic, the whole village started to donate money to let Loong Xiaotian study at the college. After all, the Wu family wasn't very wealthy, and there was a precious woman learning warrior power on campus. Therefore, for the Wu family, if they could produce a decent warrior, they would live a good life. However, a mage was different. If a mage appeared in a village, it would sooner or later become a very rich village. If this mage had become above Advanced Magician, this village could have become a small city.

Every villager liked their own life to be better, and they all hoped that their descendants would have a better living environment. So when everyone learned that Liu Tie's little Shangguan Fei could become a mage, the entire village boiled over. Although Loong Xiaotian is still young, but one day, their dream will come true. Seeing that everyone was paying a few copper coins and paying their respects to John, Uncle John and Aunt Liu Tie all had happy and excited expressions on their faces.

So, very soon, spring's recruitment period would begin. In the early morning, Loong Xiaotian had already called out to Aunt Liu Tie, because this village was six hours away from the city, and they still had to pass through the forest. Although this was just a small forest, which couldn't be compared with the big forest when Shangguan Fei came to this world, there were still many wild beasts. Although they didn't pose much of a threat to Loong Xiaotian, Uncle John didn't know about Loong Xiaotian's strength, so he could only get up early. Taking advantage of the time when it was day, he arrived at Kania City in the morning, so Uncle John hurried back as well.

Loong Xiaotian was exceptionally excited. One must know that before Loong Xiaotian ascended, he was a student. Naturally, he liked the life in the academy. Also, Loong Xiaotian especially liked to make friends with people. However, due to his family, he had never had any friends. Therefore, now that he used Shangguan Fei's identity, he was naturally very excited. On the way, they basically did not encounter any beasts, and smoothly arrived at Kania City.

Kania City was a small city located at the border of Profound Martial Empire and normally did not have a lot of traffic. However, there were still many merchants in the past, because passing through a forest that was neither too big nor too small in Kania City would allow one to reach the Azure Dragon Empire. Thus, this city's business was rather developed, after all, it was quite similar to a middle transition city.

Loong Xiaotian had just entered the city with Uncle John when he saw Little Kaqiusha, who had been waiting at the door for a long time. When she saw Loong Xiaotian and his dad enter the city, she immediately trotted over.

"We heard it before the person arrived." Daddy! Daddy! I've been waiting for you guys for a long time, you guys are really slow. " Uncle John, who was running away from Kaqiusha, started acting like a spoiled child in his arms.

Loong Xiaotian was feeling rather awkward by the side, so just as he was about to leave, Kaqiusha ran out from John's uncle's arms. "Little Shangguan Fei, why aren't you saying anything when you see your sister."

Hearing that, Loong Xiaotian immediately retorted, "Little girl, you, want to be my sister? "Little brat!" Hearing Loong Xiaotian call her a little kid, Kaqiusha was obviously unhappy and wanted to take action immediately.

Seeing that it was getting late, Uncle John stopped Kaqiusha and said, "Little darling, it's getting late. If you don't go home now, it will be dark. The forest at night is not a fun place. I'll leave Shangguan Fei to you, this is his tuition. If you don't have much money, then don't spend it recklessly, and don't compete with others. "When all of you are promising, everything will be good. Study hard, don't give any trouble to the teachers in the school …!"

"Upon hearing Uncle John's rambling speech, Kaqiusha was displeased and directly pushed her father away." Dad, you should hurry back. It's getting late. "I'll go and help Shangguan Fei register. You should go back earlier. Goodbye."

Hearing Kaqiusha's words, Uncle John could only bitterly smile and said, "Be careful when you go home during the holidays. Goodbye."

With that, Uncle John walked out of the city.

Seeing John leave, Loong Xiaotian looked at Kaqiusha and said, "Kaqiusha! Take me for a walk! The first time I went into the city! "I'm not too familiar with it!"

However, because she had offended Kaqiusha in the beginning, she heard that Loong Xiaotian had something to ask of her and immediately refused Loong Xiaotian's request. The reason was that she had to report to the school first.

Loong Xiaotian could only smile bitterly. Who would have thought that he would meet such a big sister again. Looking at Kaqiusha's appearance, he couldn't help but think of the beauty class teacher on Earth, Huang Lei. However, since they had come to this world, it was impossible for them to return. After giving it some thought, he shook his head and followed behind Kaqiusha.

Very quickly, they arrived at the primary magic martial skill school in Kania City. Back then, at Azure Dragon City, Loong Xiaotian also saw that there was a difference of heaven and earth between a primary magic school and a school in a small city like Kania. But there was no other way. In Loong Xiaotian's eyes, it was the same no matter which school he went to. After all, his talent was here.

To be honest, Loong Xiaotian didn't like dealing with the children of nobles. In Loong Xiaotian's eyes, the so-called nobles in this world were more hypocritical than the ones before. Their children were just like those brainless idiots of the fuerdai on Earth, each one of them had no ability, but they were still very powerful. Loong Xiaotian felt annoyed just by looking at them.

Thus, when he thought about his current identity, Loong Xiaotian was truly happy from the bottom of his heart. A life like this was only suitable for Loong Xiaotian, but after all, there was still the blood of Loong Family. Therefore, he had to protect the Loong Family.

In front of the school were two guards, both of whom were beginner level soldiers. After all, this was a basic academy in a small city, so it was very likely that they were students from this school. Seeing that the two children were about to go in, the two guards stepped forward and stopped Loong Xiaotian and the other two. They asked: "May I ask what you need? "If you are a student, please show your proof!"

Hearing the two guards' words, Kaqiusha took out a small badge from her warrior uniform. This badge represented the proof of an Elementary Magic Martial Skill School, which was similar to a student's card.

"I am the first year warrior of Kania, Kaqiusha. Dean Ni'er is my teacher."

Hearing Kaqiusha's introduction, the two guards took a step back and said while looking at Kaqiusha's badge. "Come in!" Thus, he put the two little fellows in!

Kaqiusha led Loong Xiaotian through the academy in a grand manner. Even though this was just a primary school in a small city, it took up a lot of space. Loong Xiaotian estimated that even the north and south of Qinghua was not as big as this beginner school. However, Kaqiusha was already familiar with the procedures for entering the academy, so she quickly brought Loong Xiaotian to the registration site.

The two of them walked to the front of the building and saw that the three words' registration office 'was clearly written on it. However, there was a very long line of people. It seemed that no matter where or what world it was, he would be able to master the proverb "hoping to become a dragon".

Each child was accompanied by an adult, some even by two adults. However, there were also some small nobles among them. However, compared to the large cities, these nobles were much poorer. However, in poverty, they were also nobles, and were one level higher than commoners. But in school, everyone was equal, because maybe one student would become a pillar of the country. Take Kaqiusha for example. Don't look at her as a student from a small village. But no one in the school could underestimate him, because she was the principal's disciple. To be able to become a disciple of the principal was already an honor. At the very least, it meant that this little girl had a special talent in martial arts.

Loong Xiaotian was the only one in the long line who was led by a child. It felt like he stood out among the flock of chickens.

After about four hours, it was finally Loong Xiaotian's turn. "Sighing, Loong Xiaotian began to introduce himself." My name is Shangguan Fei, and I come from Kero Village. Back then, I passed the Magician's test and came to register. "

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's self-introduction, the old man from the registration office stood up. For small academies like theirs, it was usually impossible to recruit mage students. After all, mages were simply too rare compared to warriors.

The old man thought for a moment, then said to Loong Xiaotian, "Your master didn't come, right? Little fellow, welcome to Kania primary level Magic Martial Arts Academy. Although you have read cultivation in the wrong place, this is the place where Warriors register! … " The old man pointed at the clock beside the counter.

It was clearly written on it, "The Warrior Registration Office". Loong Xiaotian felt extremely humiliated. Glancing at Kaqiusha beside him, he saw that her face was as red as if it had been cooked. However, the people behind didn't laugh at the two of them. After all, one of them was a future Mage. No one wanted to offend a very developed person.

Loong Xiaotian and Kaqiusha quickly left the Warrior Registration Office. After asking the slightly older senior, they finally found the Mage Registration Office. However, other than an old man who was about to fall asleep, there was no one else in front of him. Compared to the prosperity of the warriors, this place was obviously much lonelier. Seeing that the old man had fallen asleep, Loong Xiaotian still couldn't wake the old man up.

However, Kaqiusha, who was standing beside him, had a head on it. She put her mouth close to the old man's ear, gathered her energy, and shouted. Old... "Master...!"

It turned out that this old man was the academy's Headmaster Neat. The Headmaster Neat, who had been frightened out of his wits, immediately jumped up.

The one who saw the prank was Kaqiusha, his beloved disciple. Loong Xiaotian no longer had the anger he had just now. He could tell how good he treated Kaqiusha from the eyes of Principal Ni'er.

Niall pretended to be serious and asked, "Kaqiusha! What are you looking for me for? Have you finished your training today? "

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