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C13 Enjoying Benefits

Seeing that Loong Xiaotian had lost his dinner, some of them were a little angry. Qiongsi was more mature, and his family situation was the worst, so he was immediately set on fire. He stood up and asked: "Shangguan Fei, are you crazy? I didn't offend you, right? What are you doing!? We spent a copper coin, why don't you think about how easy it is for the parents? How could you do that? "

Qiongsi's words stunned Loong Xiaotian for a moment and made him feel a little unsatisfied. However, they really couldn't stand the food in front of them, so they deeply bowed to the three of them. He said, "I'm sorry, but we will be friends in the future. "I have money, so don't be afraid to spend it. I want everyone to eat better."

Loong Xiaotian thought for a while and said, "Everyone wants to cultivate well and become even faster. Of course, they need to eat better. Only when their bodies are better will they have the spirit and the ability to train well. He had to suffer. If he didn't have a good body, how could he succeed? Even if we succeed, we won't be stronger than others. "

Hearing what Wu Tie said, the three little fellows thought for a moment and felt that Loong Xiaotian was right. She immediately felt that she misunderstood Loong Xiaotian. She immediately said to Loong Xiaotian, "Shangguan Fei, I'm sorry. We misunderstood you. Please don't be angry, we apologize to you."

The other two also showed a flustered expression. Seeing the three little ghosts act like this, Loong Xiaotian knew he couldn't pursue the matter too much. He was secretly happy in his heart. Children were really easy to trick. However, he immediately forgave everyone, so Loong Xiaotian took out his private money and prepared to take everyone to the best restaurant outside the school to have a good meal.

Of course, these things were hidden from Kaqiusha. After discussing with the three of them, Loong Xiaotian arranged for them to be under the guard, Master Zhang, and the other two to be together. Thus, Loong Xiaotian walked out of the school by himself. This was because the smallest gold coins in Loong Xiaotian's purse were all gold coins. It was even more impossible for such a thing to happen to a kid in this small city. Loong Xiaotian walked until he reached a small bank. After walking for about 5 minutes, Loong Xiaotian stopped in front of a building. There was a very obvious symbol on it. It was a decorative device that was like the gold coin in his hand. Loong Xiaotian walked into it with his diameter.

When the waiter saw that it was a kid, he hurriedly said, "Stop, this isn't a place that a child like you should be at. Quickly go home."

As he said this, he pushed Xiaotian out of the door. Seeing this, Loong Xiaotian hurriedly said, "Brother Er, Daddy told me to come here and ruin the money." He then took out 3 gold coins from his pocket.

The waiter saw this and understood that they were not here to play. He directly explained the rules of the exchange to Loong Xiaotian. Loong Xiaotian thought for a second and said to the waiter, "Brother, dad told me to change this one into silver coins and to change these two into copper coins."

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's request, the waiter immediately ran into the inner room and took out the money. Loong Xiaotian didn't even order them. He just took out three bronze coins and passed it to the waiter. Then, he walked out of the restaurant in large strides. It wasn't that Loong Xiaotian didn't care about the money, nor that he forgot to check. Actually, Loong Xiaotian had already checked the money with his Divine Sense and there was nothing wrong with it. Loong Xiaotian had just left and quickly returned to the Kania level. He then found three friends from the guard, Elder Zhang.

The three of them started to complain. After all, they were still hungry. Thus, under Loong Xiaotian's lead, the four of them quickly arrived on the street. Loong Xiaotian didn't understand this city. Because he had lived in the Azure Dragon City since young, and also lived in Kaqiusha's home when he was in trouble, he had never been to this small city. He had only lived here for three days and had never come out for a stroll.

"He then turned around and asked the three of them." Do any of you know which restaurant in the city is the most delicious? "

Silk was the first to answer, "It's delicious from Grandpa Zhang's house in the west of the city, especially his steamed bun …"

Hearing this, Loong Xiaotian could only smile wryly, it seemed like he was talking about a breakfast shop … "Then he asked Johne." Do you know the largest building in the city? "There's a lot of people!"

Johne thought for a while and answered happily. Of course I know. Of course it's our Kania early stage Magic Martial Arts Academy. "

Hearing Johne's reply, a black line appeared on Loong Xiaotian's head. He thought to himself, Ai! It was a waste of time. He didn't know what to ask. At this time, he heard Qiongsi say, "There really is a pretty good restaurant in the city called Arende. There are a lot of people there. "However, it seems that it's not something we can afford. I heard that a table of food costs more than two silver coins.

Hearing what Qiongsi said, he suddenly felt the excitement of meeting a rich person. He finally had a goal. So he said to the three of them, "Okay, let's go eat at this Arende. "Let's go!"

After saying that, Loong Xiaotian walked in front, but the three of them didn't move. Loong Xiaotian turned around and saw the three of them looking at each other, not moving at all. She whispered, "Shangguan Fei, that is not a place we can eat. Let's go back to school."

Hearing this, Loong Xiaotian said: "Stop talking, just come with me." But seeing that the three of them still didn't react, Loong Xiaotian took out a bag of silver coins and showed it to everyone.

"Shock immediately appeared in the eyes of the three little fellows. It's still Qiongsi who is more mature." Shangguan Fei! Where did you get this money? "

Qiongsi asked. Loong Xiaotian could only reply: "Dad gave it to you. Let's go, you must be hungry." Loong Xiaotian's words were obviously a perfunctory one, but the three children felt hungry, so they didn't think too much and just followed Loong Xiaotian. After running for a few minutes, Loong Xiaotian saw a magnificent building. The grandeur is relative, relative to the other buildings in this city.) On the big sign was written: Art Blue Dining Hall.

Under Loong Xiaotian's lead, the three of them were about to enter. Just as they were about to enter, two guards at the door blocked their path. From the clothes that the four of them were wearing, it was obvious that they were civilians from a wealthy family. After all, all four of them had patches on their bodies.

The steward of the restaurant walked over and said to Loong Xiaotian and the others, "Leave quickly, this is not a place you should be." The butler didn't even look at them, Loong Xiaotian didn't say anything, and the three kids wanted to go back to school.

But what could Loong Xiaotian do? Thus, he casually grabbed a handful of silver coins from his purse and threw it on the butler's face. The three little fellows behind him were all stunned, and the butler was even more confused as to what had happened.

However, since Loong Xiaotian didn't exert himself, the butler got up immediately. Looking at his body covered in silver coins, his face was full of smiles. The unrelenting expression on Qian Cai's face was also completely gone.

He rushed to the side of Loong Xiaotian and the others and called them 'old man' and 'old man'. Loong Xiaotian and the others felt goosebumps all over their bodies. Therefore, Loong Xiaotian directly said, "Fine, fine, fine. If there's anything good to eat, hurry up and prepare it for us. We're all hungry, so stop smiling at me. "

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, the butler immediately replied: "Yes! Yes! Yes! "Everyone, please come in."

As he said that, he led Loong Xiaotian and the other two into the house. In this small city, they basically didn't need to spend any gold coins, so when they saw Loong Xiaotian throw a bunch of them around, they immediately frightened the butler. He thought the young master of that family was fine and had come out to pretend to be a poor man and smash him. If he had offended the young master, it would be bad for him to bring trouble upon himself, which was why he acted so cowardly.

At least he was Middle Level Warrior. The butler led Loong Xiaotian and the others into the room, ordered all the best dishes in the restaurant, and then left. Everyone sat down. When Loong Xiaotian raised his head, he found that all three of them were looking at him, so he stood up.

"Students, no matter what happens, we will always be friends, best friends. Hopefully, our friendship will not change because of anything …" Before he could finish, the food was served.

When the dishes were all served, there was only a big table full of food. Loong Xiaotian was looking at the three of them and noticed that their minds were already on the dishes. They were all drooling while staring at the dishes on the table.

However, the three of them didn't move at all. Loong Xiaotian hurriedly said: "Hurry up and eat, you must have been hungry for a long time. You still have to go back to school after eating. Don't just stand there. As long as there's food for me to eat, there's food for all of you, haha. " He then tore off a chicken leg and handed it over to her.

The three of them were so hungry that they started to eat. They looked a little more refined than the three of them. However, he was not gentle at all. "Seeing the three of them eating like this, Loong Xiaotian was very happy and thought of his friends on Earth." How are you two doing? " The three of them were eating so eagerly, Loong Xiaotian said, "Don't worry, it's all ours, haha!" The three imps could eat a lot, and they only stopped after two hours. However, the dishes on the table were still not eaten yet. Loong Xiaotian had called the butler to pay the bill, but it was only 5 silver coins. Loong Xiaotian didn't care about the money and said to the other three: "Brothers, let's go back to the shower and sleep!" After Loong Xiaotian finished, the three of them were still looking at the items on the table.

Loong Xiaotian continued, "Haha, look at your beastly appearance. We will be eating here every day from now on. I'll treat you. "Haha."

"Long live Shangguan Fei." Speak first.

"Long live, long live, haha." Qiongsi and Johne immediately followed suit.

Of course, they were very happy. After all, their poor family wasn't as good as Ben, but their current relationship wasn't something that could be measured with money.

The three of them followed Loong Xiaotian out of the Arende Hotel. On the way, the three of them chatted and laughed and were about to arrive at the academy. Loong Xiaotian called out to three people. Don't let the school know about what happened today. Also, don't let Little Kaqiusha know that we have money. Otherwise, we'll have a lot of things to do, so everyone can keep it a secret. "

Loong Xiaotian said mysteriously. A child was still a child, and hearing Loong Xiaotian's tone, they treated it as a secret. He didn't even dare to speak loudly anymore. That was what Loong Xiaotian wanted, to go back to his room.

Kaqiusha had been sitting in their bedroom for a long time and had seen Loong Xiaotian enter. He directly said: "Shangguan Fei." He pulled for a long time.

"Loong Xiaotian was so angry that he went soft." What have you been doing all night? I've been waiting for you for a long time. "

How could Loong Xiaotian lose to this kid? He immediately said: "Me, I went out with my friends to find a quiet place to meditate. You should know that the mages don't want their meditations to be disturbed. Heh heh, and Miss Kaqiusha. Didn't you say that you wouldn't disturb me? You don't mean what you say. "

"Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, Kaqiusha immediately jumped up." "Damn Shangguan Fei, I'm going to ignore you." With that, he ran out.

Loong Xiaotian only wanted to tease this girl, but he forgot that he and the people around him were only 5 years old.

Seeing Kaqiusha running out, the three of them came over to Loong Xiaotian and said, "Shangguan Fei, how can you talk to a girl like that?"

After saying that, he also went back to his bed. Only now did Loong Xiaotian realize that he was no longer Shangguan Fei, he was Loong Xiaotian, I was only 4 years old …

Thus, Loong Xiaotian started his daily cultivation. Soon, an entire night passed. When he opened his eyes, there was no one left in the room. They should be going to class now.

At this time, a teacher ran over and said to Loong Xiaotian, "Shangguan Fei, your sister Kaqiusha has gone missing!"

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