Carefree Journey In Another World/C14 Disappearance of Katyusa
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Carefree Journey In Another World/C14 Disappearance of Katyusa
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C14 Disappearance of Katyusa

"What?" Kaqiusha had disappeared? How is that possible? "

Loong Xiaotian was stunned, thinking, could it be that it happened yesterday? He then asked, "When did you discover it?"

"He didn't come to class in the morning. We thought she was too sleepy, but when we looked in his room, he found that she wasn't there. It seems like she hasn't been back for the whole night."

Loong Xiaotian was stunned after hearing that. He really didn't expect things to turn out like this, so he quickly stood up. As he ran out, he said, "I'm going to look for her. Help me get a leave of absence."

Loong Xiaotian quickly ran out of the academy. As soon as he walked out of the school gate, he felt a little numb in his heart. He was unfamiliar with the place, so he really didn't know where to start. Loong Xiaotian could only sit at the door and think.

Loong Xiaotian was a cultivator. If his mental state was not enough, it would be difficult for him to cultivate anything.

Thinking of this, Loong Xiaotian suddenly realized that this girl couldn't have run home. Loong Xiaotian still remembered the entrance to the city from before, so he ran outside eagerly.

Seeing the forest in front of him, Loong Xiaotian was ready to go back to the village. If this silly girl really went back and encountered some danger on the way, then he would never be able to have peace for the rest of his life. Therefore, Loong Xiaotian directly entered the forest without looking back. On the way, he met a few wild beasts, but for Loong Xiaotian, dealing with them was not difficult at all. It was not much harder than eating.

After entering the forest, they were about half a day's journey away from Kaqiusha's village. Loong Xiaotian walked a little faster, but it still took about four hours. On the way, Loong Xiaotian found a lot of herbs. Even on Earth, it was considered a heavenly treasure. If it was refined into a pill, it would be very practical for Loong Xiaotian. However, Loong Xiaotian was not in the mood to care about these things right now. "There was no helping it, they were the first ones to find him. They ran forward without any hesitation.

Last night, when Loong Xiaotian said Kaqiusha, Kaqiusha felt wronged. However, she didn't know who to cry with. The teacher wasn't at home, so it was boring after training tonight. He was prepared to take Loong Xiaotian out for a long walk because he had lived in the village since he was young. He was very curious about Loong Xiaotian, who had suddenly entered his life and was a little handsome. He sincerely wanted to be his friend, so he went to Loong Xiaotian's room to wait for him. However, even after waiting for a long time, he still didn't appear. However, Kaqiusha didn't give up. After waiting for a long time, she almost fell asleep on the spot. Loong Xiaotian only just came back with a few friends, but Kaqiusha wasn't angry. She wanted to ask Loong Xiaotian where he went, but she felt wronged by Loong Xiaotian's sarcastic remarks. However, the teacher is not home, Kaqiusha is a very face to the child, she felt wronged and didn't want to go back to the bedroom to face those friends. That was why he made the bold decision to go home and tell his parents that he had been wronged.

Kaqiusha set off before dawn. Kaqiusha was, after all, an Elementary Warrior. The wild beasts in the woods posed no threat to her. Uncle John had been hunting in the woods all year round, and he only focused on the business to maintain his life. However, when Kaqiusha was about halfway there, she suddenly felt a little cold. Then he saw a big white rabbit the size of a cow. That's right! Just a big rabbit.

The rabbit was only blocking Kaqiusha's way, but Kaqiusha could clearly feel the dangerous aura it emitted. If it didn't feel good to come out, then it wouldn't be a warrior. However, Kaqiusha was still a girl after all. She had no resistance towards such cute things. At first, she was still fully on guard, but soon after, she became confused and actually reached out her hand to grab it. He even said to the rabbit, "Good rabbit, let me touch, touch. Don't be afraid." As he spoke, he grabbed the rabbit.

B.Rabbit wasn't depressed at all. He blew Little Kaqiusha away in one breath and even caught up with Lightning. Lightning element rank 1 spell: Lightning Lightning. Although the rabbit didn't want to kill Kaqiusha and didn't use much strength, Kaqiusha was just a beginner level warrior. However, she was still a child and fainted on the spot.

Because of the paralyzing effect of the Lightning element spell, poor little Kaqiusha could not control her bladder, but she was completely unaware of it. He didn't know how long he'd been unconscious and how long he'd woken up, only to find that the rabbit was nowhere to be found. However, there were several bears in front of him, baring their fangs at him. Kaqiusha, who was already terrified, immediately panicked. If not for the slight bit of battle qi on her body which made the bear feel danger, she would have already torn Kaqiusha to shreds. Kaqiusha, in a trance, could only cry, crying loudly.

Loong Xiaotian had been running for about two hours when he suddenly stopped. He felt someone was crying and immediately started releasing the Divine Sense. Although Loong Xiaotian's cultivation was destroyed, he still retained the powerful Divine Sense at the Immortal Realm. It was just a trauma, but in the four years he had been in this world, he had somewhat recovered. Very quickly, they found Kaqiusha. The little girl was crying as she was surrounded by a group of bears. Loong Xiaotian could only bitterly smile. A dignified beginner warrior was forced into this state by a group of bears. Even though he thought that, Loong Xiaotian still instantly used a rank 1 fire magic, Fireball Technique. Because all the wild beasts were afraid of fire, a bear was instantly burnt black. The others also hurriedly ran away.

Seeing that the bear had run away, Kaqiusha hurriedly looked for the powerful mage. One must know that instantaneous magic required at least a high-level mage to do it. But how prestigious a mage was in this world! Kaqiusha, who grew up in a small village, naturally hoped to encounter such a mage. However, after looking around, she was stunned. "Because I saw Loong Xiaotian, I cried out loud in less than a second. Then I stood up and charged at Loong Xiaotian." Shangguan Fei! 5555... " Crying in Loong Xiaotian's arms.

Loong Xiaotian didn't know what to do, so he could only learn to be an adult as he patted Kaqiusha's head and said, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Don't cry." But Kaqiusha cried even harder. There was no helping it, it shouldn't be that Shangguan Fei was just an emotional idiot. He was the one who advised his brother, but the girl. Loong Xiaotian was an idiot after all.

Just when Loong Xiaotian couldn't think of anything, Kaqiusha, who was in his arms, moved. Maybe Kaqiusha felt what the big rabbit did to her and suddenly felt that her pants were so wet. Everyone, don't misunderstand! What was that all about!?) His face immediately flushed red. Loong Xiaotian's sense of smell was very sensitive. Needless to say, Loong Xiaotian knew what happened, but he couldn't say it out loud.

Kaqiusha left Loong Xiaotian and her emotions were much more stable than before. Therefore, she told Loong Xiaotian to find a river nearby. At this time, she had already forgotten about the Advanced Magician, so Loong Xiaotian didn't bother her to think of it.

Not long later, Loong Xiaotian found a small river. Although it wasn't too big, it was enough for Kaqiusha. It took less than a quarter of an hour to get Kaqiusha to the creek.

Kaqiusha walked to the riverside and turned around to Loong Xiaotian, "Shangguan Fei, go away. I told you to come back, you're not allowed to peek." As she spoke, her face turned red.

However, Loong Xiaotian replied straightforwardly: "With that body of yours, you don't even need to look at the money!"

Just as he finished his sentence, he heard the sound of "Ah!" A loud sound was heard. Loong Xiaotian had asked Kaqiusha to throw a stone at him.

However, Loong Xiaotian didn't say anything and even took off his pants. Kaqiusha, who hadn't entered the water yet, screamed and said to Loong Xiaotian: "What are you trying to do? "Don't think about doing bad things." As he spoke, he waved his fist towards Loong Xiaotian.

Loong Xiaotian thought, what kind of world is this? How can it be so early?

Ye Zichen shook his head helplessly, then chucked his pants onto the ground before walking away. Kaqiusha understood that Loong Xiaotian wanted to wear her pants for herself, not something that he wanted to break, but she wouldn't admit her mistakes to Loong Xiaotian because she was stubborn. Loong Xiaotian wouldn't argue with a little kid because of him, this little guy ran out and even encountered such an awkward situation. Loong Xiaotian didn't blame him for that.

Loong Xiaotian walked to a distance and sat down, then he started to cultivate. After all, strength was the most important thing. After finding Kaqiusha, Loong Xiaotian was relieved. Women usually took a long time to bathe. The women on Earth did not change at all in this world.

After some time, Loong Xiaotian heard Kaqiusha call him over. Loong Xiaotian had a lot of questions he wanted to ask Kaqiusha. After all, a beginner warrior shouldn't be able to trap a few bears there. Furthermore, a bear shouldn't be able to scare a soldier to the point of incontinence. Soon, Loong Xiaotian arrived beside Kaqiusha. At this moment, Kaqiusha had already washed up and put on Loong Xiaotian's pants. The four-year-old children were all around the same height, so Kaqiusha didn't look that big when she put on Loong Xiaotian's pants. She didn't know where the pants went. Maybe it was because it was destroyed by Little Kaqiusha, so Loong Xiaotian directly asked: "What exactly did you encounter? It can't be that just because of a few bears you are trapped with a beginner warrior, and it's also … " Loong Xiaotian couldn't say the last sentence.

But how could the clever Kaqiusha not understand? She immediately said to Loong Xiaotian, "I saw a cute big rabbit. Just when I wanted to touch it, he pushed me down. And then I was electrocuted, and then I didn't know anything. When I woke up, I saw the bear. Then a powerful mage beat the bear away, and I saw you. He is my prince. He came to my rescue when I was in danger. Should I marry him? Where is he? "Why can't I see it?" Then, he looked at Loong Xiaotian in confusion.

When Loong Xiaotian heard this, he knew that it was going to break. So he just changed the subject: "You mean you got a rabbit to push you down? And then he used lightning to hit you? I electrocuted you! And then they got surrounded by a group of bears? "

"Yes, rabbit. "What a big rabbit. It's as big as an ox." Kaqiusha thought that Loong Xiaotian didn't believe her, so she immediately explained.

However, Loong Xiaotian immediately understood the reason. Loong Xiaotian, who had studied in his grandfather's study since he was young, basically knew all the Devil Beast in the world. Even Loong Xiaotian, who had been extinct for a long time, knew the Devil Beast. Hearing Kaqiusha's description, Loong Xiaotian knew that Kaqiusha was lucky to be alive. He met Devil Beast that had already become extinct ten thousand years ago, Devil Beast that had already become extinct ten thousand years ago. This was a Devil Beast that was almost at the top, he did not expect to be here.

"Because of what?"

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