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C15 Section 1

Although Loong Xiaotian had a lot of questions, he couldn't express them in front of Kaqiusha. So he said to Kaqiusha, "Kaqiusha, have you had enough rest? If you don't go back to school, the school will explode. "

Hearing Loong Xiaotian talk to him, he also wanted to go back quickly and leave this place that left a shadow on him. So he immediately answered Loong Xiaotian, "Yes! Hm! Hm! "We're leaving right now. I don't want to stay in this crappy place for even a minute longer."

Hearing Kaqiusha's answer, Loong Xiaotian smiled in satisfaction. Thus, Loong Xiaotian led the way in front while Kaqiusha followed behind him. It had already been afternoon after all this commotion. Kaqiusha was a warrior, so Loong Xiaotian wasn't afraid that she wouldn't be able to keep up with him, so he ran.

Finally, the teacher and Kaqiusha made their way back to the academy just as it was getting dark. If they couldn't find Kaqiusha and the dean returned, they wouldn't be able to explain themselves. After all, the dean was only such a student. After a busy day, Loong Xiaotian was a little tired and bid farewell to Kaqiusha.

When he returned to his room, he saw his three roommates looking at him pitifully, causing Loong Xiaotian to be confused. He hastily asked, "What's wrong? It can't be that you missed me, right? "

"Gu!" Cluck! "Goo …!" Before the three of them could reply, they heard a rumbling sound coming from the stomach closest to them! Goo! The sound.

Hearing this voice, Loong Xiaotian laughed. "I see, I'm already hungry. Come, let's go out and eat. I haven't eaten for a day."

"Long live!" Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, the three of them immediately became excited. Johne and Qiongsi carried Loong Xiaotian and ran out of the dorm room while the four of them ran out of the school.

Loong Xiaotian asked the trio, "Where are you going to eat today? To the Arende? " Loong Xiaotian asked the three of them.

But the three really didn't know what to eat, so Loong Xiaotian continued: "How about this, we'll go to any restaurant we see, and we'll all eat once. But before that, to avoid what happened the last time we went to Arende. I've decided to take you guys shopping for clothes. Haha, how is it? " Loong Xiaotian couldn't stand seeing the clothes of the three of them, so he wanted all three of them to wear decent clothes. If he had to save money, he would have to smash them.

When the three of them heard that Loong Xiaotian wanted to buy clothes for them, they became even more excited. Because their family's condition was too difficult, they had to wear a set of clothes for a very long time. Right now, the total number of patches on their clothes was over fifty.

"Shangguan Fei, you're great. I'm going to marry you when I grow up." Si Si was a girl. When she heard that Loong Xiaotian wanted to buy clothes for her, she was the happiest, so she told Loong Xiaotian in a daze.

However, Loong Xiaotian wasn't a child after all. He immediately joked: "Haha, Xiao Budian, we'll talk about it when you grow up. "Haha!" After saying that, the three boys all laughed.

Since the sky was about to turn dark, the clothing stores had to close as well. The four of them had to hurry up. Under Loong Xiaotian's lead, the four of them started running. Although they weren't running as fast as Kaqiusha, they were still a lot faster than Kaqiusha.

As the city was relatively small, the four of them arrived after running for about four minutes. The four of them arrived at the entrance of the store just in time to see the shopkeeper closing the door. Loong Xiaotian hurriedly shouted. Boss, let's buy clothes. "

The shopkeeper turned his head and saw that it was four children. He immediately felt depressed. After all, the four of them were clearly poor. Even commoners might not be able to catch up, so how could they have the money to buy clothes? He thought the four children were just playing with him and wanted to say something. Loong Xiaotian took out a silver coin and threw it over.

"The smile instantly appeared on his face." "Little shopkeepers, what kind of clothes do you want to buy? Please come in and take a look." As he said this, he hastily forgot to call out to the four people in the store.

Seeing the boss like this, Loong Xiaotian immediately cried and laughed, "This businessman, even turning hostile is faster than flipping a book."

Although Loong Xiaotian thought this way, he didn't say anything. Thus, Loong Xiaotian entered the store first and the three of them followed closely behind him. As he walked into the store, he started to scream. Johne and Qiongsi looked around excitedly.

Not long after, Loong Xiaotian had looked through all of the boy's clothes, but there was nothing he was satisfied with, so he asked. "Boss, do you accept the order?"

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's question, the boss immediately laughed and replied, "Of course, we will do our best to do whatever it is that we can to satisfy the customers, but we have to pay the deposit first."

Hearing the boss' answer, Loong Xiaotian immediately answered: "Of course. Help me measure it first, then I'll tell you how it looks like."

"Sure, sure. Please come in."

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, the boss led the way and led Loong Xiaotian to the back of the house. Loong Xiaotian, who was about to go in, turned around and said to the three of them: "Buy whatever you want, save coming back later. But don't buy too much, we're still growing." "Don't be afraid to spend money, it's worth it." After saying that, he followed the shopkeeper in front without even turning his head around.

Hearing her words, the three of them started the cleaning up. They were the craziest as they tried out all the clothes that she could possibly wear. Then he picked five or six pieces. Qiongsi and Johne were boys, not crazy like silk, but the two of them also found two pieces that they liked a lot and bought them. Surprisingly, none of them bought the clothes of a noble. However, the three of them who came from a poor background liked the feeling of being restrained.

After Loong Xiaotian's description, the boss understood what kind of clothes he wanted to customize, but what the shopkeeper didn't understand was that he had never seen such clothes before. After all, he had been in this business for decades, but Loong Xiaotian didn't explain his doubts. Loong Xiaotian paid 3 silver coins and customized 5 sets of clothes. After discussing this with the shop owner, they followed him back to the shop, where they saw that the three of them had all chosen the clothes they wanted. After asking the boss about the price, he only spent 3 silver coins. Loong Xiaotian directly threw 3 silver coins to the boss. After that, he had the three of them change their clothes and prepare to go out to eat.

Ten minutes later, the three of them arrived in front of Loong Xiaotian in their new clothes. It had to be said that the three of them looked like little young masters. She walked to Loong Xiaotian and looked around, then asked: "Shangguan Fei! Am I pretty? "

Hearing her words, Loong Xiaotian smiled bitterly, but he was afraid of offending the child, so he quickly said: "Beautiful! So beautiful! "

Hearing Loong Xiaotian talk about himself like that, Loong Xiaotian smiled happily and directly led the three out of the shop. The four of them were already hungry, so Loong Xiaotian decided to go to Arende Hotel. The food there was indeed very delicious.

As soon as he walked to the entrance of the restaurant, the butler from last time immediately recognized the young master who had used silver coins to smash him. "He ran out from far away to greet the four of them. Loong Xiaotian could hear him from far away." "Aiya, isn't this young master Shangguan Fei Meng? Why are you so late?"

"Haha!" I came here because I was hungry, but I ran into some stuff on the way, do you have any rooms? " Loong Xiaotian also laughed and asked.

But it wasn't true that it came from a four-year-old, but the steward of the Arende didn't care. He immediately replied, "Of course, the four of you, please come in! "Quick, come in!"

As the steward spoke, he greeted the three of them in the restaurant. Just like last time, the four of them had a good meal. The three of them treated Loong Xiaotian as their boss. Loong Xiaotian was naturally happy, but Loong Xiaotian knew that. He might have to leave at any time.

After all, there were still a lot of things that he needed to do, and the identity of Loong Family was not something he could abandon. Loong Xiaotian had to protect the people from Loong Family as well. Thinking of all these, he felt that his own strength was not enough.

The four of them finished their meal and quickly returned to the academy. When they returned to their dorm room, Loong Xiaotian went to wash up and then went to bed to cultivate. He found that he was about to break through. The other three people also understood what kind of consciousness meditation was. Loong Xiaotian didn't attend the first day of class because of Kaqiusha. However, to Loong Xiaotian, this stage of the class was equivalent to wasting his time. It was not certain that the teacher would have more knowledge than him.

Time passed quickly during cultivation. In the blink of an eye, the sky lit up. After the night of training, Loong Xiaotian was one step closer to breaking through. He believed that he would soon be able to make a breakthrough and become even closer to his original strength.

At this time, Loong Xiaotian decided to study things that he had never studied in his previous life, alchemy. Back then, Shangguan Fei was basically at school on Earth and didn't have time to study those herbs. The other reason was that there were too few herbs on Earth. If he wanted to find something, he had to go into the deep mountains, Shangguan Fei was too lazy to go there, so he never tried it. In this world, Loong Xiaotian had found rare herbs in ordinary forests, so he decided to research this.

However, Loong Xiaotian still decided to go to class first. After all, he was a student of this school. If he didn't go to class, he might be expelled from the school. Although Loong Xiaotian didn't really care about this place, Loong Xiaotian still didn't have any power in this world. Thus, before Loong Xiaotian became the strongest person in the world, Loong Xiaotian still kept a low profile.

After Loong Xiaotian had finished washing up, the three others who were sleeping with him also finished their preparations. Seeing that Loong Xiaotian had woken up, they quickly pulled him along. "Big Brother Shangguan Fei, let's go to class together. You don't know our form teacher, right? She's a great beauty, she's a very good person." "Hehe!"

Hearing her words, they could clearly feel that their teacher was a teacher that was very popular with the children. Thus, the four of them went to class together.

The four of them soon arrived at the classroom. When they walked in, they saw that there were more than ten people in the room. After Qiongsi's explanation, Loong Xiaotian finally knew what had happened. There were only twenty or so magus students in the whole academy, and they were the ones who accepted the most this year.

As soon as Loong Xiaotian entered the classroom, he immediately received a warm welcome. Because the number of magicians in the academy was few, Loong Xiaotian's arrival made the class even more lively. "Loong Xiaotian knew what he should do, so he immediately introduced himself." Hello everyone, my name is Shangguan Fei and I come from the village in Kania City, I am four years old this year, I hope that everyone can take good care of me in the future. " He then bowed deeply.

Everyone in the class was very happy to see Loong Xiaotian like this, the person who came was not a domineering Young Master. Therefore, Loong Xiaotian found a seat at the back because it was easier to sleep in the back.

However, Loong Xiaotian, who sat down, found that there were too few students in the class. No matter what, people would always see him sleeping. Loong Xiaotian was very depressed. Just as he was about to think of something, he suddenly heard a very sweet voice.

"Good morning, students!"

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