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C16 Jen Siqi

Hearing this voice, Loong Xiaotian knew it was the teacher in charge.

Looking up, he saw a woman around the age of 20. She had jade-like skin, blonde hair and delicate facial features. It gave off a very comfortable feeling, as well as a very pleasant sound. Loong Xiaotian was also very happy. After all, everyone wants to see something beautiful. Since they can't sleep, it's better to admire it.

Loong Xiaotian, who was about to say something, was interrupted by a voice. I heard that there's a new classmate today.

The form teacher looked at the class and said, Loong Xiaotian suddenly wanted to make a joke. Loong Xiaotian stood up and said, "Teacher! When you ask for someone's name, you should introduce yourself first, that's how polite you are. "

All the students in the class looked at Loong Xiaotian, while the older ones chuckled softly.

The homeroom teacher naturally wouldn't be like a little kid, so she just smiled. He introduced: "My name is Zhan Siqi, and I'm the homeroom teacher of Kania Elementary Magic Class. I'm also an apprentice teacher at the school, an intermediate water element mage. Hello, new classmate. "

To be honest, Loong Xiaotian liked this person a lot because his age was similar to his (Will!) "Thus, he confidently gave out his own information." Hello, I'm Shangguan Fei, four years old, unmarried! "Teacher, may I ask a rather private question? You are so old this year, will it be a wedding?" Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, everyone in the class laughed.

"Little guy, you're really precocious."

The crowd burst into laughter again. Loong Xiaotian felt a little awkward. However, his will was still there, so he didn't think much of it.

"Teacher, don't tell me you're hiding something."

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, the homeroom teacher, Zhan Siqi, would of course not admit defeat. "Of course, teacher is 20 years old today. "To be able to catch the eyes of teacher is too little, but you, Shangguan Fei, your name is really strange."

Hearing Zhan Siqi's words, Loong Xiaotian was overjoyed, but he did not continue asking. Indeed, the name Shangguan Fei was quite strange in this world. Whether it was the pronunciation or something else, it was all rather strange. Loong Xiaotian hurriedly said, "Teacher, I think your name is also weird."

"Zhan Siqi is also a very unusual name, so it was immediately mentioned by the teacher." Of course, the teacher is an orphan, so there's no choice but to wake up. "

Loong Xiaotian immediately apologized: "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, sorry."

Seeing Loong Xiaotian like this, Zhan Siqi burst into laughter and immediately forgave Loong Xiaotian. Loong Xiaotian was about the same height as a normal child, but Zhan Siqi had a body size of around 70 meters. In front of Loong Xiaotian, who was just a little over 1 meter, Loong Xiaotian felt a bit inferior.

Just as Loong Xiaotian was talking to the form teacher, a discordant voice sounded. "Ahhh!" Zhan Siqi, good morning.! "

Hearing this extremely annoying voice, Loong Xiaotian immediately frowned. Zhan Siqi had the same expression on her face. He turned around and said, "So it's Ender Lee. What's the matter this early?" "If there's nothing else, I'll be going to class."

Although she clearly felt that Zhan Siqi hated this person, she didn't show it in front of her child.

Hearing Zhan Siqi's order to leave, Ender Lee directly said, "Beautiful lady, I hope that the two of us can be together. Only geniuses and geniuses have the right to be together. You always reject me. "

Hearing this, Loong Xiaotian finally understood what had happened. So it was Zhan Siqi's suitor. Ender Lee was a rare genius among the younger generation. To be able to become Middle Level Warrior at the age of twenty-four was indeed something worthy of showing off. However, compared to Zhan Siqi, he appeared much more ordinary. Zhan Siqi had become an intermediate mage at the age of 19, and because she was a mage, she was much stronger than warriors. In this world, there were very few people who could become an Intermediate Mage before the age of 20. Those who had this kind of Inherent Skill were all above Magic Tutor, so she was a genius amongst geniuses.

Ender Lee was also a graduate of this school. He should have gone to a higher level school, but because he didn't have the qualifications to do so, he ran back to his old school to be a teacher. As for Zhan Siqi, there were many famous schools that recruited her for free, but for some reason, Zhan Siqi also returned to this small city. Take classes in underdeveloped elementary schools.

"I'm going to class, so don't pester me anymore. I've already said it before, I'm still young, and you're not my type." Zhan Siqi rejected him immediately when she heard Ender Lee's words.

Ender Lee had good talent as a warrior since he was young, so he had always been welcomed by people. There was also one thing that had to be said, he had a pretty fair amount of grace, so there were quite a few girls who were abused by him. Although Zhan Siqi admired Ender Lee's abilities, it didn't mean that they liked him.

"At this time, En Dai Li said this sentence." Zhan Siqi, at the end of the year's student evaluation meeting, there must be a competition between us teachers. If I defeat you in that competition, you must give me a chance to pursue you, okay? "

Hearing this, Loong Xiaotian was unhappy that Zhan Siqi didn't have any reaction. He immediately said to Ender Lee, "Ender Lee, you should at least have a limit to your shamelessness. The people of the continent all know that at higher levels, it is impossible to fight against warriors and mages. Do you think this is a battlefield?"

Hearing Loong Xiaotian say that, all the students in the class let out sounds of disdain. Zhan Siqi laughed even more excessively, causing Ender Lee's face to turn red. He didn't know what to say.

At this time, Loong Xiaotian said, "How about this, let your students compete once at the end of the year. If they lose, then agree to the other party's request."

Hearing this, Ender Lee's eyes lit up as he looked at Loong Xiaotian with ulterior motives. Loong Xiaotian knew that Wu Tie might think that he was helping him, but Zhan Siqi was unwilling to do so. He quickly said, "Shangguan Fei, what decision do you have to help teacher?"

Before she could say anything else, Ender Lee directly said, "What this child said makes a lot of sense. If my student loses, he will call you grandma when he sees you in the future, and he won't bother you in the future. If you lose, then agree to my previous request." With that, he ran off into the distance.

Seeing Ender Lee's excited look, Zhan Siqi became angry. She immediately turned around and shouted to the proud Loong Xiaotian, "Good for you, Shangguan Fei. You'll be even worse if you don't take advantage of me. Do you have to force your teacher to date that scumbag? "

Zhan Siqi's face was a little twisted. Seeing the angry Zhan Siqi, Loong Xiaotian hurriedly said, "Head teacher, don't worry, I'll go look for you tonight and tell you what consciousness I have. Then you'll know my good intentions."

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, Zhan Siqi's anger could not be quelled. "Screw your good intentions! If you don't have a good explanation tonight, see how I'll deal with you!"

Hearing this, Loong Xiaotian felt a little cold, but he didn't refuse her. He immediately ran back to his seat and sat straight. Zhan Siqi could only helplessly shake her head when she saw Loong Xiaotian like this. Zhan Siqi went back to the podium to start today's class. For Loong Xiaotian, meditating was of no use at all, so she started to train during class. Seeing Loong Xiaotian cultivate, Zhan Siqi also wanted to know what kind of explanation this student would give her.

"The morning class ended, and the trio ran in front of Loong Xiaotian and asked where Loong Xiaotian was eating." We still have some classes in the afternoon, so let's go to the cafeteria for a meal.

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, the three of them agreed. After all, no matter where they ate, it would be Loong Xiaotian's expense. The three of them walked out of the campus together. Loong Xiaotian was still very excited. After all, he was a student in the past, so he liked this kind of comfortable life. The four of them had a pleasant lunch together, and in the afternoon, they would go to class in the exercise yard. Because of the senior year's exercise in control, the new students had to observe the older students and help them in their future control.

Due to boredom, Loong Xiaotian and the other two came to the practice field early. There was no one in the practice field now, everything was so quiet.

At this time, Loong Xiaotian vaguely felt that he was about to break through, so he immediately sat cross-legged. However, this period of time was very long. After 23 cycles, Loong Xiaotian already felt the spiritual energy in his body to be nothing. It was only a matter of time until he broke through. Finally, after 30 cycles. All the Zhen Qi in Loong Xiaotian's body had condensed into a solid form. He suddenly felt that his strength had increased a lot. Luckily, his body had already been forged, otherwise, Loong Xiaotian would have been embarrassed. Loong Xiaotian did not stop immediately after the breakthrough as it would be beneficial to his further cultivation after he was done. Loong Xiaotian slowly opened his eyes and was shocked when he saw a pair of big, focused eyes.

"Ah!" "What the hell.

Loong Xiaotian, who was in a trance, replied instinctively. However, he soon realized that it was his teacher, Zhan Siqi. Hearing his words, he frowned. Loong Xiaotian knew that he was going to offend someone and immediately added: "Ah, so it's our beautiful teacher, hehe!" "Hahaha!" As he spoke, he giggled.

"I say, Shangguan Fei, what's wrong with you?" "Meditation isn't as painstaking as you, right? You've been sitting here all afternoon, you didn't even react when I called you."

When Loong Xiaotian heard this, he realized that the sky was about to turn dark and there was no one else on the training field. Only Loong Xiaotian and Zhan Siqi were left. Just as Loong Xiaotian wanted to say something, the homeroom teacher, Zhan Siqi, said, "Brat, you helped me agree to an agreement in class today. Do you want to harm me? I don't think I've offended you. "

Zhan Siqi pointed her finger at Loong Xiaotian's head furiously. Loong Xiaotian, who was hit twice, quickly dodged it. She said, "Teacher, let's do this, let's do it..."

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's words, Zhan Siqi could not help but laugh. She pretended to be serious and said, "Don't just sit there, in other words, everyone on the continent knows that before high level, mages cannot defeat warriors. Isn't it harmful for me or is it for me for you to make such a promise with that shameless guy?"

The more Zhan Siqi said, the angrier she became. Her delicate face was flushed. Seeing this, Loong Xiaotian did not care anymore and directly said, "Actually, teacher, we might not lose."

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