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C18 Menisperma

Shangguan Fei did not even do anything, a red light barrier appeared in front of him. This is …! Fire Shield? " That's right! The red shield in front of Shangguan Fei was the intermediate fire defense spell, Fire Shield! Shangguan Fei was originally going to use a stronger magic! However, he wasn't as strong as he was a year ago. However, this was enough to shock Zhan Siqi.

However, before Zhan Siqi could say anything, the Fire Shield in front of Shangguan Fei disappeared. "But then, a thin layer of blue light appeared, covering the wind-style, low-level defensive magic, instantly deepening the color." This is... This is... Shield of Gale? "

Before he could recover from the shock, Shangguan Fei waved his hand and the green light screen disappeared. Replacing it was a low-level earth-style spell, Earth Wall Technique.

He used a simple healing spell on Zhan Siqi. Zhan Siqi felt warmth in her heart, but she still could not accept everything that was happening before her. After all, this was far too unrealistic. As a mage, he naturally understood how difficult it was to have multiple attributes.

There are only a few people in the entire Holy Dragon Continent who know of a multi-attribute mage, but this child in front of their eyes. In terms of age, he was only four years old, and he had to at least have the strength of an intermediate mage.

Seeing the stunned Zhan Siqi, Xiao Fei looked at her but didn't say anything. Honestly speaking, although he didn't use all his strength, it was still quite troublesome. This was because in this world, Xiao Fei had never fought before. The last time he fought against the Sword Saint was obviously not a battle. At most, it would be considered as crippling one's own martial arts.)

Although the energy consumption this time could be made up by meditating for a bit, it was enough to make up for it. However, he was still very excited to see Zhan Siqi's appearance. After all, he couldn't be considered to be mature, so he was very conceited.

And to see oneself like to be shocked by one's own performance. More or less, he would be satisfied with his own little vanity. Soon, Zhan Siqi also calmed down.

At this moment, the training field was very quiet. Little Tian could hear Zhan Siqi's breathing very clearly! Zhan Siqi finally calmed down. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and organized her thoughts. "Shangguan Fei!" All of this was too unthinkable! How did you do it? "

Hearing Zhan Siqi's words, Shangguan Fei replied with a laugh, "I can cast all kinds of magic, including Dark, Spatial, Necromancy and Spiritual, but because I haven't seen any incantations, I temporarily can't cast them. Also, I don't need to chant magic at all, including dou qi. "

Hearing Shangguan Fei's answer! Zhan Siqi was even more shocked. Shangguan Fei! What was it all about? "Will you tell me?"

Shangguan Fei smiled wryly at Zhan Siqi's question. After all, it had something to do with his past life. So it was better to hide it! He didn't want to bring trouble to himself and the people around him. After all, he still had a background that he couldn't reveal for the time being! The identity of Loong Family, Shangguan Fei, must be kept a secret. Therefore, he could only say perfunctorily, "I have had this ability since I could remember! However, the magic power in my body is calculated based on my level. Right now, my cultivation level can release six or seven intermediate magic spells. With that, Shangguan Fei looked up! Plus the body that was only four years old. He looked like a small adult.

Seeing this, Zhan Siqi giggled, then said: "Truly a little genius! "Ha ha." But just as he laughed twice! Then he held Shangguan Fei's hand! He said very seriously: "Shangguan Fei! Do not show your ability and strength in front of strangers! Remember, you can't! "

Seeing Zhan Siqi's serious look, Shangguan Fei felt very, very warm inside. "After all, there is someone who cares about me!" Of course I know! When wood is embroidered in the forest, the wind will destroy it. Right? "

Hearing Shangguan Fei's words! Zhan Siqi was very pleased. "After all, the child is very mature." That's right! Many geniuses had yet to mature! Many geniuses were assassinated by experts before they could truly shine. But when you have enough strength to protect yourself! You must be the most dazzling person on the continent. "

As Zhan Siqi spoke, she yearned for that day, as if she wasn't talking about Shangguan Fei but herself. However, Shangguan Fei's heart was still very warm. Although Shangguan Fei didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, the story had to continue.

"Sister! Do you think I can win? " Shangguan Fei closed his eyes! She asked Zhan Siqi with a calm expression.

Hearing Shangguan Fei's question, Zhan Siqi was stunned and said, "Such a you! He is invincible among the students of our academy! "But …!"

Seeing Zhan Siqi frown, Shangguan Fei did not understand and asked, "But what? Is there a problem? "

"There is no problem in defeating them, but it is too dangerous for you to expose your strength! Or? "I …" Hearing Zhan Siqi's words, Shangguan Fei's heart felt warm and happy. Zhan Siqi was actually worried about his safety! Anyway, it felt great.

So he suggested, "Oh, sister! It's not like he had to say magic! Can't magic equipment do that? And I don't use spells! Isn't that like adding wings to a tiger? " Hearing Shangguan Fei's method, Zhan Siqi was stunned. She thought about it carefully and realized that it was true. Although the school rules forbid the use of scrolls, there is no rule that forbids the use of magical equipment.

Thinking about this, Zhan Siqi told Shangguan Fei, "Shangguan Fei, you can just use your defensive magic when the time comes." However, you have to break through to the Junior Mage realm as soon as possible! When the time comes, the Warrior will no longer have any dou qi, so you can just directly use an attack magic to send him out. "

Shangguan Fei originally thought like this. However, when he heard Zhan Siqi arrange it so carefully for him, he felt like laughing. He thought to himself, "Ai!" In the end, you still treat me like a child … I really want to grow up faster! "

Just as Shangguan Fei was sighing, Zhan Siqi asked, "Shangguan Fei! You have to be sure of your own attributes. Otherwise, it's hard to hide it. Can you control it yourself? "

"No problem!" Hearing that, Shangguan Fei didn't even think about it! Ye Zichen answered the question happily. Zhan Siqi looked at Shangguan Fei gratefully.

"Alright!" Study hard! Meditate! "Go back!"

Zhan Siqi's words! Shangguan Fei also looked at the sky. It was getting late. He replied, "Yes, it's very late. Elder sister, you should go to bed early! Was he afraid? Do you need me to send you back? "

With that, he looked at Zhan Siqi with a lecherous gaze. "Hearing Shangguan Fei teasing Zhan Siqi, Zhan Siqi also burst into laughter." No need! "Damn brat!"

Shangguan Fei smiled bitterly when he said that. He watched as Zhan Siqi walked far away!

When they reached the entrance of the training field, Zhan Siqi suddenly turned around and said, "Oh, right! Little devil! In front of outsiders! Call me teacher in charge! " Then, he turned and left without waiting for Shangguan Fei's reply. Ye Zichen directly threw Shangguan Fei there.

Shangguan Fei saw Zhan Siqi's figure disappearing into the night. Shangguan Fei also moved a little. "They slowly walked out of the training grounds." Go back and see your group of friends. I wonder if they had eaten tonight. "

Thinking of this, Shangguan Fei slowly walked towards his room. The training field was still not too far from the dorm. Shangguan Fei walked for about a quarter of an hour and saw the building in the distance. What surprised him was that there was a small and thin figure standing in front of his room's door.

Shangguan Fei took a closer look and it turned out to be Kaqiusha! Kaqiusha seemed to be waiting for him, so Shangguan Fei also quickened his pace.

Kaqiusha also saw Shangguan Fei from afar! "Ye Zichen ran over excitedly like Shangguan Fei." Shangguan Fei...! " Kaqiusha's voice could be heard even before she arrived.

"Kaqiusha!" What business do you have with me? "

"I'm not looking for you, am I?" She didn't want to give a proper answer when Shangguan Fei asked her. Thus, she turned her back to Shangguan Fei and ignored him.

"How could Shangguan Fei know how to react …" Oh! Then I'll go first. "I'm tired!" With that, he turned to leave.

Kaqiusha was so angry that she kicked behind him again. Shangguan Fei felt a kick coming at him. But in order not to offend this little girl. Shangguan Fei had no choice but to hold on, so he flew out with a "Ah!".

It was impossible to be injured, but the situation was more or less dire! Kaqiusha was shocked when she saw Shangguan Fei was really sent flying. She immediately ran over to help Shangguan Fei up. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! "I'm not well …"

Shangguan Fei smiled when he saw Kaqiusha's expression. He said, "Forget it! It's okay, I'm very strong. Why are you looking for me? My little princess. "

Hearing Shangguan Fei call him that. Kaqiusha was overjoyed! I apologize for what happened that day. It was my fault that day... "I'm sorry!"

"Seeing Kaqiusha like this, Shangguan Fei obviously wouldn't say anything." Aiya! It's nothing! I forgot, don't even think about it. "Let's go back to sleep, I slept with wrinkles all over my body."

Hearing Shangguan Fei's twisted logic, Kaqiusha also jokingly said, "I'm still young." Finished! Kaqiusha ran away excitedly.

Seeing Kaqiusha's expression, Shangguan Fei shook his head. He slowly walked back to his room. When he entered the room, he saw that the three little guys were deep in thought. The moment he heard the door open, all three of them simultaneously opened their eyes. Before he could say anything, Shangguan Fei heard his stomach grumble the closest to him. Shangguan Fei immediately understood what was going on when he saw the wronged looks on the trio's faces.

"If it weren't for them, I wouldn't even be able to eat!" After thinking about it carefully, it seemed like it was because of me. Nonsense! You treat them to a big meal every day! Let them eat chaff! How could they still eat it …!)

Shangguan Fei took out 5 gold coins from his pocket. Under the astonished gazes of the three people, he gave the money to the girl beside him. Shangguan Fei said, "In the future, when I'm not around. You guys can eat on your own, but I made a mistake today, so I'm sorry. " Shangguan Fei nodded apologetically at the three of them.

But none of them spoke. They all got out of bed and looked at the money in her hands. At this time, all of their hands were trembling. They had never seen so much money before. Just as they were shocked, Shangguan Fei interrupted them. He said, "When you go out, exchange the money for copper and silver coins before going out to spend it. And then you don't have to ask me, you don't have to give me money. Take good care of yourself. "

"Long live!" The three of them shouted in unison. Then he had to drag Shangguan Fei to eat. They were even shouting for them to invite him in.

Shangguan Fei said, "You guys go ahead, I just had a breakthrough. If you want to consolidate it, then pay attention to your safety. " He went back to his bed.

The three of them saw Shangguan Fei meditating. They then left the room together. Shangguan Fei had just broken through to the puerperal stage and needed to be consolidated. Even though it was already the third time he was training in this stage. But it was better to be serious about something. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes to meditate.

He circulated his zhenqi through seven to four cycles. After an unknown amount of time, Shangguan Fei slowly opened his eyes. The sky was already bright. It was another happy day. Shangguan Fei slowly got up and walked out of the room.

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