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An hour later, Zhan Siqi's voice rang out, "Everyone, are you ready? Come and gather."

The students in the class all jogged back! They stood in a row. However, there was an exception. Shangguan Fei was still standing dumbly beside Zhan Siqi. There was no sense of standing in line.

At this time, she shouted, "Shangguan Fei! "Hurry up and line up."

However, Xiao Fei still stood there without moving.

"Shangguan Fei!" Why don't you stand in line? " Zhan Siqi also looked at Shangguan Fei in confusion and asked in doubt!

"There's no attack magic in light magic, so I won't test it!" "Hehe!"

Hearing Xiao Fei's answer, everyone came to a realization.

Zhan Siqi ignored Shangguan Fei. The line was organized according to age. Zhan Siqi called the first person over to Stone!

Zennings is 8 years old, Elementary Wind Mage. He was also the strongest student in the class! He could graduate soon! Go to the Intermediate Magic Academy.

"Gale call, turn into a fierce beast and cut the enemy with its fangs!" The Wind Blade! " His two hands formed a hand seal in front of his chest! A green light shot out from Zennings' hands! It went straight for the black stone. The moment the green light hit the Demon Obliterating Stone, it instantly disappeared. After that, he used a few Wind Blade s. After using them all up, Zanny did not collapse. It was no wonder that he had the highest cultivation base in the class. Zhan Siqi nodded in satisfaction.

"Very good! Continue to work hard in the future! You will graduate at the end of the semester! I hope you can go a long way! "

To Zhan Siqi's encouragement, Zanny respectfully bowed. Zhan Siqi was very happy! This was because this was the first student that he had graduated from. Late stage elementary level mages can graduate from the academy! If you study at the Intermediate Magic Martial Arts Academy and break through to the Intermediate Mage Stage, you can graduate to the Advanced Magic Academy. The high goal of graduating from the Advanced Magic Academy was to break through the Advanced Magician. You can also choose not to graduate and continue to study. There are no restrictions.

"Ed!" Zhan Siqi called out the name of the second student!

Ed, a fire element primary mage, 7 years old! Just like Zani, he also walked in front of the Demon Enchantment Stone.

"Fire Burst!" Burn everything in front of your eyes! "Fireball Technique!" Basically what Zani did.

"Looks like another one can graduate today!" Zhan Siqi thought.

One after another, they went up to test it out! At this moment, Shangguan Fei had already left for a corner to cultivate! Sitting cross-legged! Closing his eyes, Xiao Fei took a look inside as well. The injury from the cultivation waste was already so complete.

The last time he went to the forest, he had seen quite a few medicinal herbs. Strength was the most important thing in this world. Pills were also important, the light attribute was simply a cure that couldn't be cured. Therefore, Shangguan Fei decided to learn refining pills as cultivation. He thought about the effects of the pill. For the current him, it was extremely useful.

Shangguan Fei decided to go into seclusion and train hard!

But first, he had to refine a pill furnace. and to collect a lot of herbs.

"Looks like it!" I have to get busy for a while! " Thinking of this, the cycle began. One week, two weeks … Now, Shangguan Fei could complete forty-nine cycles in two hours!

Shangguan Fei opened his eyes and walked towards the crowd! Before the test was over, it would soon be his turn as a partner!

There was a little girl in front of Qiongsi. Water Element Apprentice.

After using a water blade, his face flushed. It seemed to be a side effect of overconsumption.

"Qiongsi!" Zhan Siqi shouted.

"Go! Try not to force yourself! " Shangguan Fei patted Qiongsi's shoulder and encouraged him.

Qiongsi slowly walked in front of the Demon Enchantment Stone and made a hand gesture. Loyal Earth Elementals! Show off your creation! "Earth Wall!" Earth element low-level defensive magic! A very thin wall of earth appeared in front of the Demon Obliterating Stone.

He had succeeded. That's right! However, Qiongsi was on the verge of collapsing. Seeing this, Shangguan Fei immediately cast a Heal on Qiongsi. Qiongsi did not fall down. Although his spirit was a little low, he still persevered.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. They were not surprised that Qiongsi had succeeded in using beginner level magic. Shangguan Fei actually used a healing spell without chanting at all.

Shangguan Fei didn't care about everyone's surprise and ran over to Qiongsi's side to support him.

"I told you everything! Don't force yourself! Why are you still like this? Remember! Nothing can be done to show off. Unless he is a threat to his life! "

Qiongsi nodded. "Understood!" A very simple answer.

Xiao Fei supported him directly to the edge of the field, allowing him to slowly recover! Shangguan Fei slowly walked in front of everyone. He then walked to the side of Johne and Sisi.

"Don't force yourselves, it's enough. This is not an exam, there's no need to be so serious."

"Johne!" At this moment, Zhan Siqi's voice sounded. Johne walked towards the Enchantment Stone and stopped in front of it.

He clenched his hands into fists and summoned the strong wind, turning it into the teeth of a beast that could cut through the opponent! The Wind Blade! " A green light flashed in front of his hand, but it immediately disappeared. Having learned from Qiongsi's mistakes, Johne didn't insist and immediately stopped.

"Very good! Good control! "The next one!" Hearing Zhan Siqi's voice, she walked to the center of the stage obediently.

"The gentle water particles! Gather it into the blade of water, and destroy the enemy in front of you! " The blue light flashed and disappeared just like Johne.

Xiao Fei once again cast a healing spell. Slowly, they returned to the crowd. The Spiritual Strength was probably a little nervous.

"Not bad!" Everyone was good! Next! Shangguan Fei! Do something, too. "

"Do I still need to do it?" Shangguan Fei looked around.

Everyone saw Shangguan Fei instantly cast two healing spells.

With that, Shangguan Fei walked to Qiongsi's side. He sat down and crossed his legs, but before he closed his eyes, he said something that made Zhan Siqi smile bitterly!

"Strength is directly proportional to effort!"

The children listened as if they understood very well. Zhan Siqi felt that Shangguan Fei had a serious expression on his face, but his appearance didn't suit his tone.

Xiao Fei started to cultivate very directly. Everyone saw what Shangguan Fei looked like. They all sat down and began meditating.

Seeing this situation, Zhan Siqi smiled, a smile that came from the bottom of her heart. Seeing every child working so hard to cultivate, of course he would be happy to be a teacher. Zhan Siqi walked out of the training field slowly without saying that the class was over.

The next morning, Xiao Fei went straight out of the school gate. Yesterday, he had already decided to go into seclusion to cultivate. It was time to start preparing. Now, Xiao Fei was about to leave the city and head towards the forest where Kaqiusha had left previously. I saw a lot of herbs there last time. It was considered a treasure on earth, and there were many of them. Xiao Fei ran out of the city gate, using his memories to run into that forest!

The forest was not big, so it was nothing for Shangguan Fei. There weren't any Devil Beast in the forest, so Shangguan Fei didn't think too much about it and walked straight into the forest.

After walking for about two hours, Shangguan Fei stopped and observed his surroundings.

"This is really an alchemist's paradise!" Shangguan Fei sighed with emotion!

After a busy day, Shangguan Fei finally stopped. The sky had already darkened and a cool breeze hit Shangguan Fei's face.

Shangguan Fei felt satisfied.

He gathered the herbs and placed them in a big bag. He then picked them up and slowly walked back to the academy.

Two hours later, a figure walked out of the forest.

The little figure looked extremely strange. A height of 1.2m. He was carrying a bag twice his size on his back.

The bag was bulging. This was the harvest Xiao Fei.

The silhouette slowly approached the city gate. At this time, the sky had already completely darkened. The city gate was about to close. There were basically no pedestrians on the road outside the city, so he put down the bag on his back. Then he dragged them to the city gate.

In order to not arouse suspicion, Shangguan Fei chose to drag things out. Instead of walking on it!

"The guards at the city gate, Shangguan Fei, stopped them." Stop! Who is it? What's in the bag? "

Shangguan Fei heard the guard's question! He immediately took out the academy's proof. "Then, I'll throw the bag in front of the guard." See for yourself! "

Shangguan Fei was too lazy to explain. The guard looked at the proof! He opened the bag again and took a look! In his eyes! These are just useless weeds.

"Let's go!" The guards let him through.

Shangguan Fei dragged the big bag towards the school! The city was much more lively than the outside, and he knew that it was brightly lit. The people in this world all had a bit too much energy, so it was obvious that they didn't have as much sleep as they did!

Xiao Fei very quickly dragged the bag along the road. Finally, they arrived at the entrance of the academy. There weren't many students in the school. The guard was already familiar with this new guy, so he helped Xiao Fei carry the bag. Sending Xiao Fei back to his room.

Shangguan Fei did not stand on ceremony and directly followed the guard in. Soon, he returned to his room. The guard left the bag outside and left. Shangguan Fei smiled of gratitude. Shangguan Fei slowly walked into the room. Shangguan Fei didn't want to disturb the trio as they were deep in thought. He put the bag under his bed and left immediately.

Walking on the academy's small path, he thought about the things he needed to prepare.

"Should I inform Zhan Siqi of my retreat?" It's better to go! "

Thinking of this, Shangguan Fei slowly walked to the teacher's dormitory. In half an incense's time, they arrived at the teacher's dormitory.

However, something embarrassing happened. This place was divided into a male and female area. Although Shangguan Fei was only a four year old child, his mentality was no different from an adult's. It was a good thing that there weren't many teachers in the academy! The place wasn't too big.

Shangguan Fei, who was standing in front of the girl's bed, yelled something that made him burst out laughing, "Zhan Siqi misses you..." I want you to sleep! " It was completely in the tone of the movie "Talk About It"!

And then he even laughed shamelessly.

Just at that moment, he saw a slipper flying straight towards Shangguan Fei's head.

Shangguan Fei hurriedly took a step to the left, reached out his hand to grab the slippers, and thought: "Ambushed me! Humph. "He's still too young!"

I haven't finished yet. Next, he used the Waterball Spell and directly hit Shangguan Fei's head!

Shangguan Fei was instantly drenched all over. In his right hand he was still holding the slipper he had caught.

Shangguan Fei shook his head and smiled wryly.

"Acting B is painful."

Although Shangguan Fei was embarrassed, he was still impressed by Zhan Siqi's control over magic.

"As expected of a genius!" "Although he's much weaker than me," Shangguan Fei could only comfort himself with this thought.

"Shangguan Fei!" Why are you messing around so late at night! " Zhan Siqi's complaints could be heard from afar.

If Shangguan Fei wasn't still a child. What might have appeared was not the Waterball Spell, but the ice pick.

Xiao Fei was still in that cool position and had not gotten enough time to retract it. Zhan Siqi walked over and saw Shangguan Fei's figure. Pfft. Laughter! When his smile landed in Shangguan Fei's eyes, what happened just now was instantly wiped away.

"So beautiful!" Shangguan Fei couldn't help but say this.

Zhan Siqi was stunned upon hearing Shangguan Fei's words. Shangguan Fei looked at him with appreciation, without a hint of vulgarity. Although he was still a child, his temperament was something that a four year old child couldn't display.

"Brat!" So late! "Why are you looking for me?"

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