After an unknown amount of time, in a forest, the sunlight shone through the forest onto the ground, adding a hint of warmth to the dense and humid forest! There was a charred "person" lying on the ground near the center of the clearing?

No! Probably a corpse. From a distance, it looked like a piece of wood that had been burnt into charcoal.

Three days ago, there was a thunderstorm and a golden streak of lightning struck the sky. A violent wind blew, and after the storm, this corpse had been left here. What about Xiaofei? Is he dead?)

Shangguan Fei felt like he slept for a long time. He opened his eyes and saw the dense forest. He could feel that there were Spiritual Force tens of times richer than Sky Dragon Peak.

"Did I succeed? Did I become an immortal? Only the Immortal World would have such a dense Spiritual Force! " Shangguan Fei thought excitedly!

Suddenly, he frowned. Sensing that something was wrong with him, he stretched out his hand to touch himself. "Where is my hand?" My hand! "My body?" Shangguan Fei fumbled anxiously.

"Boss, don't be in such a hurry. You've still failed your tribulation, but your soul has been preserved by my divine power, so we've long since fused into one. Look, that piece of charcoal on the ground is you." Shangguan Fei looked back.

Asked, "Is that me? Am I that fat? "

"This sentence caused Xuanyuan to become stupefied." When you wake me up, once I'm no longer protected by my divine power, you'll immediately disappear. I estimate that I can still hold on for at most four more hours, so boss, you have to hurry up and find a mother for yourself, for the sake of reincarnation and rebirth. "

"What?" Xuanyuan, you have to make it clear. You want me to find a deity? "

"Boss!" I forgot to tell you. You failed your tribulation, so the ninth lightning strike broke through space at the same time it struck you, bringing you to an unknown continent. This is a brand-new world for you, so you have to slowly explore it. "

"This is not the Immortal World? Since I have no way of returning, I can only come at my own convenience. Besides, a genius like me will soon succeed in this environment. Haha! I am such a genius! "

"I say, boss, can you stop talking? An hour has passed. If you wait any longer, you will disappear! "

"Do you think I need to bury my body?"

"If your Divine Sense left your body, your corpse would definitely fly to the dust without the protection of your Spiritual Force. You don't have to worry, quickly find a mother for yourself, or else you would be in danger." Xuan Yuan anxiously said to Shangguan Fei.

However, Shangguan Fei did not immediately reply to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan, do you think it is easy to find a mother? "Can it be that easy to find it? If we find it, we'll just pick on it."

"Boss, are you in a hurry? You're too impatient!" It's done! " Xuan Yuan was completely speechless.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll leave now." Shangguan Fei's soul flew up and slowly left his body. His body instantly collapsed and turned into dust!

"Sigh, after spending 18 years with your body, goodbye." After Shangguan Fei said this, he flew again and again. Because he no longer had a physical body, his flying speed was still considerable.

On the way, he saw many wild beasts of various sizes. Because Xiao Fei Fei was in a hurry to find his mother, he didn't have the time to carefully observe his surroundings. While flying, Shangguan Fei was very emotional, this forest seems to be a bit too big. After flying at full speed for two hours, they finally saw the end. At this moment, Shangguan Fei started to get anxious. If it was because he wasn't in a hurry to dissipate, then it would not be often.

He finally flew out of the forest and saw a large city in the distance. Shangguan Fei could not understand the words above, they were neither Chinese nor English. "Looks like I really arrived at a strange world this time," Shangguan Fei muttered in his heart. He quickly flew into the big city, found a dignified house, and found that his mistress was pregnant. "Shangguan Fei directly merged into his mistress's body, and Xuanyuan was about to fall asleep." Boss, I'm about to fall asleep. I hope you wake me up earlier.

"Thank you, Xuanyuan. Wait for me." Shangguan Fei used the last of his Spiritual Force s to modify his small body and was waiting for his birth.

Gradually, Shangguan Fei also fell into deep sleep.

Time passed very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Inside the Azure Dragon City, Madam Loong Family was suddenly about to give birth. The delivery room was bustling with activity, and people were standing outside as well. The Loong Family Clan Master, General Long Zhan, was also anxiously waiting outside. As they walked back and forth, the two three-year-old sons waited on the bench under the guidance of the nurse.

Three years ago, she gave birth to two young masters, the eldest son, Loong Xiaoyu! His youngest son, Loong Xiaoyun! The two gongzis were also a dragon amongst men and the pride of Loong Family. He was also the successor of Dragon Station. There weren't many people in Loong Family, so he couldn't be considered a big family. However, the family heirloom of berserk dragon dou dou qi, steel is strong.

From three generations ago until now, Long Zhan had shone brilliantly on the battlefield! So he was a great general of Azure Dragon Empire. Long Zhan was a straightforward person, and paid attention to brothers. He would always be the person at the forefront of the battlefield.

Therefore, Long Zhan's subordinates all admired Long Zhan very much. An hour later, the sound of a baby could be heard from the delivery room! "AHH!" "Ah, ah!

"General Long, General Long, congratulations!" Madam has given birth to a little princess for the general, and Madame is safe as well! " The midwife excitedly said to Long Zhan!

"Long Zhan was very excited as well. His two sons wanted a daughter a long time ago." "Darling, where are you? Hurry up and take me to see the Lady."

Suddenly! "The midwife's assistant hurriedly shouted." Master, Madam is not done with his wife yet, why did you come out! "

"What?" Quick, bring me there! "

"Nanny, if anything happens to Madam, I'll try you." Long Zhan crazily roared!

"Yes, yes, yes." The midwife did not dare delay and immediately returned to the delivery room.

"After a quarter of an hour, a sound came from the delivery room." Hehe! Hehe! "Kaka!" "General Long, who was outside the delivery room, was surprised." Is that a child's cry? "

"General Long, it's a young master. A very beautiful young master. Congratulations, general."

"Young master, haha!" I, Old Long, has children again, haha! " Long Zhan said excitedly.

"Quick, set up a feast for the entire city!" Long Zhan liked children, and this time he was crazily excited.

Of course, he was also very happy and immediately rushed into the delivery room. Mrs. Loong's name was Sarbetta because she had married into Loong Family, so her name was SarBeta Long. Mrs. Loong was lying on the bed with her two children in her arms. Her face was haggard, and Long Zhan felt his heart ache as he looked at her.

Long Zhan picked up the two children. "She looked happily at Sarah Long." Madam, thank you for your hard work. I have let you give birth to four children for my Loong Family. " Long Zhan's heart ached as he looked at Sarah Long.

"Master, it's fine. As long as you're happy, it's fine. Master, you should give the children a name. " Mrs. Loong asked Long Zhan.

"How can I call you by name? Long Fei, quickly go and invite Lord Father over."

"Yes, master." Roughly an hour later. Long Zhan's father, Long Hu, came into the room with a glimmer in his eyes. He was clearly a very shrewd person.

"Quickly bring my grandson and granddaughter over for me to see." Long Hu shouted loudly.

"Father is here!" Long Zhan brought the two little kids over.

"Father, please give the children a name."

"Okay, let me think." The Dragon and Tiger thought for a long time.

"Girl Loong Siyu, right? Where's the guy... The youngest baby in our family. Let's call him Loong Xiaotian, I hope he's more outstanding than his two brothers. "Haha." Dragon Tiger was very excited!

At this moment, Xiao Fei Fei was Loong Xiaotian. For the first time, Loong Xiaotian opened his eyes and looked around. He was very excited and kept smiling. But it was childish. However, he understood that he was still a child. It would be fine when he grew up.

It had been three weeks since Xiao Fei Fei was born, he should know the distribution of this world now. This world has a total of three continents, and the Holy Dragon Continent s that are on the three continents, have a total of three empires. Dozens of duchies, this world's reputation was ten times that of Earth's. The spiritual energy here was also tens of times stronger than on Earth, but this world didn't seem to have any cultivators. What people use is also a special kind of power, but these are not things that Shangguan Fei should consider right now.

There were also several races in this world. There were humans, Dragon Clan, elves, Dwarf, dwarves, Devil Clan, beastmen, and even god race and underworld races in another dimension! Each race had its own specialties.

Humans had the largest population and the strongest creative ability. However, their bodies were naturally weaker than the beastmen.

Dragon Clan, a race with an extremely low fertility, had the least population. At most, there were only around 500 or so, but they were inherently valiant and stood at the peak of the continent.

Elves, the darling of the Creation God, had a pet called Nature. They were all handsome men and beautiful women, born to be mages, and were quite knowledgeable about archery.

The gnome, the inventor of inborn precision devices, was too weak to fight. However, there was also the rare mechanical armor on the continent, which was a force to be reckoned with.

The Dwarf had innate divine strength and a wealth of forging abilities. The unique Fiery Blaze Dou Qi had added more subtleties to the forging process. All the Divine Artifact on the continent today were basically obtained from the artisans of the Dwarf, something that all the powers yearned for.

The Beastmen, with their powerful physiques, were equivalent to human beginner soldiers, but their intelligence was not that good. And because of their lack of civilization, they had always been an extremely poor race!

There was also another thing that Shangguan Fei was concerned about, the god race and the underworld race. These two races both belonged to the other dimension, and in Shangguan Fei's eyes, they were about the same as flying to immortality on Earth, but he had never heard of any tribulation.

In this world, there were very few wild beasts, but most of them were Devil Beast, and the Devil Beast were divided into 9 levels.

No Level 1-2 attacks! The higher the level of Devil Beast, the stronger they were!

When a Devil Beast reaches level 6, it would have intelligence, and would be difficult to tame or capture.

When the Devil Beast reached level 8, its power would be split into 3 levels, and there would be Beginner High Level. A level 9 Devil Beast could transform into a human and break through to a higher level was a Holy Beast. Holy Beast could even break through to become a Divine Beast, coexisting together with a Divine level expert.

It was said that the Creation God had created everything, but little Shangguan Fei did not think so. A month had passed, and Loong Xiaotian had become a full moon. The Emperor Alexander the Great had come to see them, and Loong Xiaotian Kabachaba the Younger, whose mind was unmistakably similar to that of an adult, had his own small eyes.

Looking at the crowd, no one could tell that this baby was any different from ordinary people.

However, the glint in Shangguan Fei's eyes did not escape his grandfather's eyes. He was truly an old fox. The old fox was thinking that this child would definitely be extraordinary in the future!

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