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At this moment, Shangguan Fei was full of energy. Due to the cultivation of the previous world, Spiritual Strength had already reached the tribulation level. Furthermore, due to the consolidation of the Xuan-Yuan Sword, Shangguan Fei's Spiritual Strength was equivalent to a Rogue Immortal.

Shangguan Fei observed the new world and felt that he was studying the body of his heart. Needless to say, this body was much stronger than Shangguan Fei's!

Regardless of whether it was his aptitude or Spiritual Sense.

It's not even that Shangguan Fei on Earth anymore. In his previous life, he was an orphan, so he really enjoyed his current life at home.

Of course, at the same time, he sincerely accepted this fact. "After accepting this identity, the little kid clenched his little fists and swore to himself." "I will be Loong Xiaotian from now on. I must work hard and do my best to become the strongest and protect my friends and family."

Mrs. Loong walked over to Little Shangguan Fei and picked him up. Only then did Loong Xiaotian take a closer look at his mother for the first time. Blonde hair, snow-white skin, no matter how you looked at it, he didn't look like he was in his 50s. The lifespans of people in this world were relatively long, and the average lifespan was around 200 years, so of course, 50 years old was still young.

At this time, Long Zhan walked over and teased Loong Xiaotian.

Then, he picked up Loong Siyu and faced all the nobles. "Speak loudly." "Loong Xiaotian, today, I received another son and a daughter. I sincerely thank my wife." After saying that, he turned around and gave a deep bow to SarBeta Long.

All the guests clapped loudly, and there were even many noble ladies who shed tears of gratitude.

At this moment, Loong Xiaotian was curiously sizing up the crowd. When his eyes came into contact with his grandfather, Shangguan Fei became spirited. He clearly felt that the other party was an expert. At least his energy had reached the Soul Division Stage.

Haha! With an expert at home, Shangguan Fei was very excited.

"Haha, I'm not afraid of anyone bullying me anymore. At least I can hide something of my own." Everyone was eating and drinking, and no one noticed Loong Xiaotian's difference!

"Loong Xiaotian, stop right there!" "You're courting death!" SarBeta Long shouted angrily as he ran out of the bedroom. Xiao Fei was almost 3 years old.

"Mommy! What have I done wrong again? " Looking at Loong Xiaotian's pitiful look, if he didn't know what he had done, he really wouldn't believe that Ye Zichen had done anything.

Loong Xiaotian was three years old. But a clever mind is loved by all his family! But smart brains don't work in the right places.

"Don't make yourself look like you've been wronged. Don't you know what kind of mentality you have? "Little Scoundrel!" Ye Zichen looked at Loong Xiaotian's cute look. SarBeta Long looked at him helplessly.

"Forget it, wife, he didn't do it on purpose!" Long Zhan also walked out of his bedroom. His eyes were painted like a panda's. As funny as you can make it. Then, she blinked at Loong Xiaotian to tell him to hurry up and leave.

"Thanks dad, I'm going to play." Loong Xiaotian ran out!

"Old man, you can't spoil him like this, can you? "Damn brat." Salpeta Long complained, glaring at Long Zhan.

"It's all right, dear! He's just a kid. He'll be fine in two years. In a few months he will be able to take the test and see what his occupation is. " Long Zhan consoled her and then carried his wife back to his bedroom.

At this moment, Shangguan Fei had already run to the mountain outside the city. Shangguan Fei cultivated the Immortal Art from the past and came to a different world. Shangguan Fei initially considered what he should cultivate. It was better to learn from this world or from his previous life. Of course, he first went to his father's study to learn about the world. Back then, he only knew about races. Now, of course, he had to understand occupations and the culture of society. In this world, strength was everything. As long as you had strength, you were the idol of man. There was a law, but it only governed a part of the people. This was a world that was not very civilized, a world that revered strength.

The various Empires had battled for many years, which was why the power of this world was the most important.

Shangguan Fei got the gist of it. In this world, there were two types of vocations: warrior and mage! But now, he had an additional class. That was Shangguan Fei's Rebirth, but it was probably only Shangguan Fei!

Warriors were divided into Swordsman, Assassin, and Archer.

Rank is divided into Warrior, Beginner Swordsman, Intermediate Swordsman, Advanced Swordsman, Sword Saint, Great Sword Saint, Sword Sovereign, Sword God! They charged towards the Sword Saint, and every level was divided into three stages! Beginner, intermediate, and high rank!

Mages were divided into Water Mage, Fire Mage, Wind Mage, Lightning Mage, Earth Mage, Dark Mage, Light Mage, Necromancer, Spatial Mage, and Spirit Mage. Spatial and Spiritual Mages were relatively rare!

Mages were divided into Magic Apprentice, Elementary Mage, Intermediate Mage, Advanced Magician, Magic Tutor, Holy Magic Tutor, and Mage God. Magic Tutor begins! Each stage was also divided into three stages! Junior high school, three stages!

The Loong Family was rich in warriors. Because they had this main inheritance of Raging Dragon Qi, and each generation was suitable to be warriors and not suitable to be mages, they were all looking forward to see Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu become mages.

In the continent, magi were respected, because very few people could become magi. This was because in times of war, mages were much more useful than warriors. Thus, mages were people of great status. However, after Shangguan Fei had considered it for a long time, he still decided to major in cultivation and cultivate the things in this world. Compared to the other children of Loong Family, Loong Xiaotian's body was relatively thin and small.

However, only Shangguan Fei understood. This was the result of him succeeding in his cultivation time and time again, expelling the impurities from his body. Since there was nothing extra, it was only natural that he would be a bit smaller and skinnier.

After three years of hard work, Shangguan Fei successfully broke through to the next realm. Shangguan Fei would soon reach the Core Formation stage due to a small chance. At that time, Shangguan Fei would have the ability to protect himself.

Loong Xiaotian's grandfather, Long Hu, was a high level Sword Saint. However, the most he could find was a Spirit Severing expert. However, his grandfather was almost 200 years old this year. Cultivating to Sword Saint would probably increase his lifespan by 200 years. Therefore, this world was much stronger than Earth.

After spitting for six hours, Shangguan Fei ran back into Loong Family.

"Little brother!" Where did he go? I've been looking for you for a long time! " The twin sister Loong Siyu stopped Shangguan Fei!

"Little brat, I don't have time for you!" Shangguan Fei ran after he finished speaking! Even though Shangguan Fei was a child in his previous life, it was due to the Immortal Cultivation Method. This was why he was so mature. He knew that in this world, everything was normal. Seeing his three year old sister, he was obviously very depressed.

However, Shangguan Fei will always protect his sister well! "Even though he hasn't matured yet!" Damn Loong Xiaotian! I'm going to tell Grandfather! "Humph!" Looking at Loong Xiaotian running away, Loong Siyu stomped her feet and said angrily.

"Then he went to find grandpa." Grandfather, Grandfather, Loong Xiaotian is bullying me. 555555555555. "

Because Loong Family only had this little girl, Grandfather's Dragon Tiger was very protective. Loong Siyu, who had just become angry, immediately complained to her grandfather.

"Siyu, don't be angry, don't be angry. Grandpa will take care of him later. My Siyu is the most obedient." Dragon and Tiger kindly looked at Loong Siyu and comforted her.

"Grandpa is the best, hee hee!" Seeing his grandfather's promise, he grabbed his clothes happily and shook it vigorously.

At this moment, Loong Xiaotian was secretly eating in the kitchen. Grandpa walked over, and Shangguan Fei was very depressed. He couldn't do anything about it, as he had offended his sister. "Grandfather, you're here. Come and eat something." As Loong Xiaotian spoke, he handed the drumstick over.

Long Hu was very surprised to hear Shangguan Fei speak in such a manly manner. Xiaotian! How are you going to bully big sister, and still call him a little brat, aren't you a little brat? " Long Hu teased Shangguan Fei.

"My good grandpa, actually, it's like this. I'm a bit too early in the morning, so I can't leave it to you." Loong Xiaotian teased his grandpa without any hesitation.

"Haha!" Good boy, like me. "Haha, after seeing your sister, you said I taught you a lesson." Long Hu was amused by Loong Xiaotian.

"Grandfather, so you're here to take care of me. Are you willing to part with me?" Loong Xiaotian asked naively.

Long Hu was very happy and said happily, "Grandfather, how could I bear to do that? Siyu called you strong. Haha, there's no other way. I have no choice but to come over."

Loong Xiaotian looked at his grandfather and secretly asked: "Grandpa, aren't you afraid that I'll complain to my sister?"

Loong Xiaotian's expression right now was extremely pitiful. However, he was only a three year old child, so he couldn't do anything about it.

"Oh my god, what should we do? Grandfather is very tight on money right now, how can I get past this? "

"Give me some things, or you can just wait for my sister to pull out all your hair." Loong Xiaotian smiled and threatened Long Hu.

"Here you go, little bastard. Long Hu took out two money bags from his pocket and gave them to Loong Xiaotian. Loong Xiaotian turned his head back and stretched out his hand, making an OK gesture.

"Haha!" "Little thing, you even cheated your grandfather." Although he said that, he still took out three gold coins and gave it to Shangguan Fei. The ratio of gold coins in this world was: 1 purple coin = 100 gold coins = 10000 silver coins = 1000000 copper coins. Of course Loong Xiaotian knew the importance of money! In these three years, he had probably accumulated almost 100 of them.

"Grandson, in a few days I'll be testing your talent. Let's see what your occupation is suitable for. I hope that you two can produce a mage. That is the dream of our Loong Family."

"" Long Hu looked at Loong Xiaotian and said happily! Grandfather, if I were a mage, would I be rewarded? " Loong Xiaotian asked excitedly as he looked at Long Hu.

Shangguan Fei could definitely become a Mage. The so called magic was to feel the surrounding Magic Elements, and then use the incantation as a medium to let the Magic Elements gather magic, releasing destructive power. However, in Shangguan Fei's eyes, Magic Elements were just spiritual energy. Shangguan Fei could cast spells with all of his attributes, and he didn't even need to chant an incantation. He might be the only mage in the whole continent, but Shangguan Fei didn't know it.

"Of course there is. If anyone between you and Siyu becomes a Mage, Grandpa will reward them with 10 purple coins and send them to the best school." The dragon and tiger encouraged him.

"Grandfather, it can't be. In any case, we'll go to the best school. " Loong Xiaotian said.

"Hehe, then ten purple coins isn't a small sum." Long Hu said with a guilty conscience as he used his eyes to observe this grown-up grandson of his.

"Quite a few. Then grandpa, hurry up and prepare. I will definitely become a magus." Loong Xiaotian said confidently as he raised his face.

Ten purple coins was enough for a commoner family to live a comfortable life. Loong Xiaotian was quite satisfied. After all, it was easy for him.

"Good!" "This is my child. He is ambitious!" Long Hu said excitedly.

They were also looking forward to Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu's performance, because this was the dream of several generations.

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