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C6 Magic Test

Three days later, the Azure Dragon City was bustling with activity. Because the day of the annual Mage Awakening was here, this was also the day that the Loong Family was looking forward to.

On this day, Loong Family had anticipated for three years, and even more so, the hopes of several generations, had gathered today.

If he hadn't achieved it today, he wouldn't have to wait till this moment.

Early in the morning, Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu were forced by Long Zhan and his mother, Salpeta Long, to wear the most unbearable clothes of the nobles. Loong Siyu liked to wear it, but it was really hard for her to do so for Loong Xiaotian. "But no matter how much you resist, it's useless. Grandpa entered the door and saw little Loong Xiaotian struggling." Grandson! You are being treated like this! Let's discuss it! Just one day! So be it! "

"Loong Xiaotian's eyes lit up when he heard the Dragon Tiger say something soft!" Grandpa! I can definitely become a mage, but if you let me wear clothes like this! Me! Me! I won't be going! " Shangguan Fei said to Long Hu while playing the rogue!

"This!" "This!" Long Hu was in a difficult situation and didn't know what to say. His Loong Family wasn't like that of the nobles of other families; he didn't need to pay attention to etiquette. Long Hu thought for a while and said to Loong Xiaotian.

"Then what do you think? Wear what? " He was told that he had no choice but to avoid offending this little sect. The dragon and tiger could only choose to compromise!

"I knew grandpa was the best!" "Wait for me!" Loong Xiaotian was satisfied with the development. He ran back to his bedroom and came back in the time it took to make a cup of tea.

"What's this?" After thinking about it for a while, he still could not figure out what kind of clothing it was. Magic robes were not magic robes, and only that fan was known by him.

So Loong Xiaotian was wearing all of Earth's pocket-sized clothes, green Taoist robes, and elegant hair, but he didn't look like a great cultivator at the age of three." However, it was because Loong Xiaotian, who cultivated the Immortal Cultivation Technique, was a little out of this world and felt a little ethereal.

"I got someone else to customize these clothes for me! Very handsome! " Loong Xiaotian said proudly to his grandfather, Long Hu!

"Hahaha!" You really are my grandson! Smart! Grandpa will allow you to wear it this way! "Haha!" Long Hu saw that Loong Xiaotian's eyes were filled with love, and Loong Xiaotian's heart was also very warm. This was because he knew that there was an ugly relationship between the aristocrats of this world and this world. Therefore, Loong Xiaotian was really happy from the bottom of his heart that his grandpa was willing to let him wear such clothes.

The magic test began at noon. Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu, who had been tidied up, were led by their butler and led by Long Zhan as they went out in a carriage. Long Hu didn't follow. He was trying to shock him with reality, but there was no other way. Long Zhan could only appear.

Arriving outside the castle for the magic test, a long queue was already formed. During this test, everyone was calm. Because it was unknown which child would become a mage, and which mage would become a noble, everyone would be equal in this test.

The butler brought Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu off the car, while Long Zhan waited in the car. An hour passed, and the children and parents that came out of the castle were all very calm. Only a small portion of people came out excited. There were too few people who could become a Mage, so most of the people who didn't make it in the competition didn't feel much.

However, there were also some who were very angry. For example, there were some nobles whose children were not qualified to become mages. Those noblewomen all went crazy outside the castle. She did not look like a noble, but a group of shrews.

It was finally the turn of the Loong Family. The butler was waiting outside, while Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu happily entered the largest room. Although the door looked big from the outside, it didn't seem that big when they entered the house. An old man sat in the middle, smiling at Loong Xiaotian and Loong Siyu.

"Little guy!" The two of you are from Loong Family, right? I hope for this generation! A mage can appear in Loong Family! "

"Thank you, Grandfather!" Then start with me! I am your elder sister, Loong Siyu! " His sister Loong Siyu ran over excitedly. At this moment, Loong Xiaotian was observing the old man.

This was because he could clearly feel that the old man was an expert. At the very least, he had to fight with his grandfather! However, he was a Mage after all. Before the Intermediate level, a Warrior could easily defeat a Mage. But once a Mage reached the advanced stage, all sorts of magic and low-level spells would be used very quickly. Thus, it was easy to defeat warriors. Therefore, the higher the level of the Mage, the higher the chance for the Mage to win against the Warrior. That's why this old man was Shangguan Fei since he was born in this world! He was the only one who was stronger than his old man!

However, as long as Loong Xiaotian works hard, he can surpass him in at most 10 years!

"Hm!" Children of Loong Family sure are polite! Come on! "Little girl!" The old mage encouraged Loong Siyu!

"Yes!" But it was obvious that Loong Siyu was a little nervous! Of course! The old mage immediately understood this emotion!

"Little girl!" Don't be nervous! He placed his hand on the crystal ball in front of Grandpa! It was full of feeling! Don't be afraid of anything that happens later! Don't be nervous! Come on! " The old mage comforted Loong Siyu!

Loong Siyu slowly placed her small hand on the crystal ball and closed her eyes to feel her surroundings. After a while, something happened on the crystal ball. The crystal ball that was originally transparent slowly turned into a red light. The old shaman was excited, of course the old shaman knew how long the Loong Family had been anticipating this moment. Finally, Loong Siyu succeeded. "Red light represents the birth of a Fire Mage!" Haha! Little girl! The first mage of Loong Family is you! Your grandfather will be very happy! " With that, he carried Loong Siyu and ran out, leaving Loong Xiaotian there by himself. There was no helping it, no wonder the old man lost his composure, the mage that several generations of Loong Family had hoped for had finally appeared.

The old mage walked out of the castle, and the little girl who was carrying the Loong Family excitedly handed her to the butler of the Loong Family. Then the old man found Long Zhan.

"Little guy!" Congratulations! Your little girl can absolutely become a Mage! Fire element! It suits your family's battle qi quite well! " Listen to the old mage! Long Zhan was naturally very excited!

"Thank you, teacher!" Sorry for troubling the teacher! What about Loong Xiaotian? What was his result? " Long Zhan asked.

The old mage was stunned for a moment and suddenly remembered that boy, "It's over! Forget about that little guy! " Finished! The old mage lifted his robe and ran.

This caused Long Zhan to be stunned. He smiled bitterly and said, "Teacher seems to be too excited!" Haha! Housekeeper! Go back! Get your father! Let him be happy! "

Long Zhan cheerfully ordered his housekeeper to return, then picked up his little princess. Because she was using her magic, Loong Siyu had already fallen asleep. Long Zhan gently caressed his daughter, his heart filled with indescribable excitement. Unspeakable pride.

In the time it took to make a cup of tea, someone flew over from the horizon. "That's right, he's flying over. I heard him laugh before he even arrived." Haha! I have a mage at home! "

That's right! When the Dragon Tiger heard the news, it didn't even bother to build a car. Instead, it circulated its battle spirit and flew over. One must know that only those who had reached Sword Saint could fly, as the people below were shocked.

Some of them even cheered loudly! You have to understand that in the entire continent, there are only six Great Sword Saint s and four Great Great Magic Tutor s. Right now, he was looking at one of the six Sword Saint s, Old General Dragon and Dragon.

Among the commoners, the prestige of Loong Family was obviously higher than that of the nation. It was just that since the Loong Family was loyal to the nation, there was no objection at all, so the Emperor still trusted the Loong Family very much. Dragon Tiger flew to Long Zhan's side and patted his back. " Haha! Boy! Fine! Quick, let me hug you! "

Long Hu looked at Loong Siyu happily. Long Zhan hastily said: "Father! The child was so tired that he fell asleep! You go in first to see how Loong Xiaotian is doing! The teacher had forgotten about that kid! Carrying this child, they left! Words are a mage anyway! It didn't matter to Tian anymore! Father should quickly go in and take a look! " Long Zhan said with satisfaction!

"Alright! I'll go in and take a look! I'm happy today! Go back and arrange the banquet! Inviting the entire city! "Haha!" With that, the Dragon Tiger strode into the castle.

Everyone began to give way and even congratulated Dragon and Tiger. Naturally, Dragon and Tiger were jubilant and excited.

Long Zhan also carried Loong Siyu home in the carriage. Because they had been here too many times, the diameter of the dragon and tiger had reached the room where the magic test was held. They directly pushed open the door and entered. Loong Xiaotian was still sitting on the chair, while the old mage was also sitting on his seat. Dragon Tiger suspiciously asked the old mage! Haven't they started yet? What's going on? "

"Your brat said something about you agreeing to give him money!" He had to wait for you to arrive before he could take the test! Do you know how long NND took me? How are you going to compensate me! " This time, Long Hu was dumbfounded.

"Old bastard!" How about this! You also know that the children of our Loong Family are basically all geniuses! So if this kid can become a mage, I'll let him acknowledge you as his master! This brat was too smart! You must have noticed it too! "

This old man in front of him was one of the four Great Magic Tutor of the continent, and he was also Royal Academy of Magic Principal, Joseph Gaangdan. He didn't have a disciple in his life, so it would be a blessing if he could become one.

Even the emperor had to give him a lot of face. He was not a genius who would rather not accept any disciples his entire life than accept any ordinary people. After hearing what the dragon and tiger said, the old shaman immediately said it! " Forget it! Forget it! I still don't know what you're up to! You Loong Family Warriors are all very talented! That little girl Qian Cai has pretty good talent too! But I'm still not satisfied! You're trying to fool me! "None at all!"

After Long Hu heard this, he let out two hollow laughs. Up till now, the only person who could become a mage in the Loong Family was Loong Siyu who had just left. Therefore, he basically didn't have much hope for Loong Xiaotian, because Loong Siyu was already satisfied with her achievement. But hearing Joseph Gaangdan's words, Loong Xiaotian was unhappy. He thought to himself, "NND!" I am a genius! Just your little spells! On Earth, any cultivation method could be considered complete! Just you wait! "See how I'll teach you a lesson!"

"Say it right after you are done thinking!" Old grandpa! Just don't beg me to be your disciple later! "Humph!" He saw that Loong Xiaotian was angry!

Dragon Tiger wanted to teach him a lesson! "But Joseph and Gaangdan have stopped the dragon and the tiger!" Little thing! As long as you can become a Mage! I'll take you as my disciple! But don't let me down! " After hearing Joseph and Gaangdan's words, Loong Xiaotian blinked his eyes at his grandfather, Long Hu! His grandfather was also an intelligent person, so he immediately understood what Loong Xiaotian's consciousness was! In his heart, he praised his grandson's cleverness! Haha!

"Tian!" Don't disappoint Grandpa! "Don't forget our agreement!" Long Hu said to Loong Xiaotian!

"No problem!" Grandpa! The money is ready! I'm going to start now! " Then Loong Xiaotian walked in front of the crystal ball, put his hand on the crystal ball and closed his eyes. Feeling the Spiritual Force around, he guided it into the crystal ball. Immediately, the crystal ball emitted 10 colors of light.

Longhu didn't know what was going on, but when he saw Joseph Gaangdan, he could put down his fist even if he saw Joseph Gaangdan with his mouth wide open. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He immediately understood that this performance was definitely not simple!

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