Carefree Journey In Another World/C7 Genius of the Whole Department
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Carefree Journey In Another World/C7 Genius of the Whole Department
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C7 Genius of the Whole Department

"Old grandpa!" I can become a mage! " Loong Xiaotian confidently asked Joseph, who had his mouth wide open.

Seeing that Joseph Gaangdan was silent! Long Hu grabbed Joseph Gaangdan's beard and asked! Old bastard! What kind of attribute is my grandson!? Why is it this color as well? No problem! You have to explain it to me! "Don't let anything happen to my grandson!" Facing Long Hu's nagging questions!

Joseph and Gaangdan still didn't react in the slightest! Loong Xiaotian was infuriated that he did not get an answer for a long time! He went over and grabbed Joseph's white beard! He took a step back!

"Joseph, Gaangdan's final reaction!" Aiyo! It hurts! "You little bastard!" Joseph and Gaangdan complained!

But that was Loong Xiaotian! Instantly, little stars appeared in his eyes!

It didn't matter now! Loong Xiaotian thought maliciously in his heart! Could this old man have some sort of special hobby? He hastily hid behind his grandfather's dragon tiger! He looked at Joseph in fear.

"This is Joseph, Gaangdan. He raised his head and looked at the dragon and tiger holding hands!" General Long! There's something I need to discuss with you! "

"Damn!" You are being treated like this! I can't stand it! " Hearing Joseph Gaangdan talk like that! He was very surprised! There are only a few in Great Magic Tutor! And he was far more powerful than warriors of the same level! And Joseph Gaangdan was his elder! He had never been so respectful to him before! Look at Joseph's steel-skinned mother! He felt even more heartbroken!

"What exactly is going on!?" Tell me about it first! First strand! And then we'll talk about something else! " Long Hu had no choice but to ask Joseph Gaangdan!

"This is what happened! Do you know what department I'm from? " The old mage asked the dragon and tiger!

"Nonsense!" Everyone in the entire continent knew about the Royal Academy of Magic Principal! Joseph Gaangdan, one of the four great Great Magic Tutor of the continent, is of the wind element! " Dragon Tiger directly said it!

However, Joseph Gaangdan immediately cast a Water Ball Spell! Although it was only a rank 1 water spell! But after using the dragon and tiger, there was no reaction at all! After all, mages in the Magic Tutor can start using the low level magic of the other four elements at will! But then he used the first level Ice Magic Ice Cones! This time, the Dragon Tiger was shocked!

What was going on! One must know! Ice magic was a variation of water magic! Ice Magic that only a pure water mage can cultivate! But Joseph Gaangdan is a wind element Great Magic Tutor! He was known by the entire continent! But why can you use a water mage's magic? Seeing the doubts in Dragon Tiger's eyes! Joseph Gaangdan did not explain! "He walked right in front of the crystal ball!

He slowly placed his hand on the crystal ball! Close your eyes! Gather the Magic Elements and guide it into the crystal! Suddenly! Something unbelievable happened! The crystal ball lit up! But they were two colors! Green and blue!

"I am a genius mage with dual elements that is rarely seen in the past thousands of years!" Now do you understand why I'm surprised? "

Joseph Gaangdan explained slowly! But those little eyes still had little stars! Immediately! The Dragon Tiger finally understood the gist of the matter!

"Then didn't you just say …" The dragon and tiger also widened their eyes!

"Old brat Loong Family! What did you say you wanted this little guy to be my disciple? " Joseph and Gaangdan rubbed their hands together again! Once again, he looked at Loong Xiaotian in a perverted manner! He then turned around to look at Dragon and Tiger!

"Old bastard!" This won't do! You said you didn't want to do it! " It was a mischievous smile! Now he understood! Not only could Loong Xiaotian become a Mage, he was also an unprecedented super great genius! It seemed to be full!

How could this not shock everyone! If the news got out! It was likely that all the experts on the mainland would have to capture Loong Xiaotian and study him! He suddenly said this to the old mage! Old fellow! Don't tell me you are going to wear this brat's clothes out? "

"You don't need to say anything! But you have to make this child my disciple! " Joseph, Gaangdan, who was getting ahead of himself! Actually, he didn't need Joseph's request! Longhu will also let Loong Xiaotian Joseph Gaangdan as a teacher! After all, the two of them had known each other for a hundred years! Again! Joseph and Gaangdan were both figures with strength at the top of the pyramid! His identity and strength were all here!

"Haha!" Old boy, I won't tease you anymore! But I don't want this child to be treated differently from a normal child! I want him to grow up bit by bit! So when this child reaches school age! Naturally, I will let him go to your school! As for the tuition fee! Hehehehe! "

I heard the dragon and tiger say that! Naturally, he was extremely excited! "Hurry up and answer the call!" Tuition was not a problem! Haha! Then I'll be waiting! Let this child play for a few years! I'm really looking forward to his development! Your Loong Family must not be broken! "

"Die!" No matter what, they are still people of laozi's Loong Family! Don't be like your child! Haha! Good grandson! Let's go! You truly are grandfather's pride! " Joseph, Gaangdan two words, pull Loong Xiaotian out!

However, Loong Xiaotian, who did not say anything on the side, stopped! I'm not leaving! "

He suddenly thought of Long Hu as an idiot! However, he was excited about Joseph, who was beside him. He laughed loudly and said to the dragon and tiger, "Haha!" Old boy! Your kid wants to come with me! "Haha!" "Then to Loong Xiaotian!" Boy from Loong Xiaotian! Come with me! I will be your father! "

Loong Xiaotian looked at his grandfather! He said, "Where's grandpa's money?" You don't mean what you say! "

Hah! After hearing what Loong Xiaotian said! Dragon and Tiger immediately understood everything! "Hahaha!" Haha! Stinking brat! Grandfather thought that something is wrong with you! " He reached out and picked Loong Xiaotian up! One of them took out a small bag! He passed it to his grandson Loong Xiaotian in his arms! Here you are! "You little miser!" Loong Xiaotian, who took the money, smiled and kissed on the face of the dragon and tiger!

"Grandfather is the best!" Let's go home! I'm not going to be that old fogey's father! " Seeing this scene! Especially when he heard Loong Xiaotian's last sentence! Joseph, Gaangdan, shamelessly shook his head! But his love for Loong Xiaotian! It was a very thorough performance in the eyes!

"Haha!" What a good grandson! Let's go! " Long Hu carried Shangguan Fei and walked out! Joseph Gaangdan continued to carry out his duties! They were awakening the children one by one!

The dragon and tiger holding Loong Xiaotian are very happy!" Very excited! Because this time, not only did the Loong Family produce a Fire Mage! There was even a little pervert like Loong Xiaotian! Great genius! Loong Xiaotian might become a legendary wizard in a hundred years! It was possible for him to be a character that was at the pinnacle of the continent! That would be a matter that would bring honor to the family!

Loong Xiaotian naturally liked the feeling of not having to walk by himself! He wholeheartedly observed this world that he had never seen before! The Azure Dragon City is quite prosperous! There were all kinds of shops on the side of the street! There were also various stalls along the street! Loong Xiaotian was surprised when he saw this! This world should be the same as Earth's ancient era! But as someone from Earth! Those who had similarly cultivated to the Immortal Realm naturally understood the Laws!

As long as there were places with humans! Basically, all of this would happen!

After walking for about an hour! Loong Xiaotian saw the door to Loong Family! Then, he jumped off the back of the dragon and tiger! He ran back to the Loong Family! He went to his mother to show off! But Longhu was surprised to find out! Loong Siyu had finished her test! He was so tired that he fell asleep! But why is Loong Xiaotian so energetic? Could it be that this brat, Spiritual Strength, was also much stronger than children of his age? But at least he should be tired! But look at Loong Xiaotian! There was no delay at all! Was this kid a genius to this extent?

He was thinking about it! Dragon and Tiger laughed loudly, "Haha!" Our Loong Family is really a genius! Loong Xiaotian! "From now on, you are my family's treasure!"

Loong Xiaotian just ran home! "I met Loong Siyu!" Haha! Little brother! Big sister is a mage! Elder sister will protect you when she's strong in the future! "

I heard my three-year-old sister say that! Loong Xiaotian was very touched!

"But the more naughty one still said something!" What's the big deal! Haha! Goodbye! " Loong Siyu, who originally wanted to show off, made Loong Xiaotian talk a little bit!

It was naturally very aggrieved! A fog suddenly appeared in his two big eyes! Wow … She started crying!

It didn't matter if she cried! It was just nice for the dragon and tiger who had just entered the room to hear! Hurry up and come over! He picked up Loong Siyu! And then he said it! " My little tongue! Who bullied you! See if I catch him or not! "

He saw his grandfather pick him up! "Loong Siyu cried even louder!" Loong Xiaotian is bullying me! Speak of me! Hit me! "

Loong Siyu complained to Loong Xiaotian! He looked at her helplessly! He thought about it!

"Tell this Loong Siyu!" There was no other way! Wait a moment! Grandpa will go teach him a lesson later! "Let my little girl vent her anger!"

How could Long Hu bear to hit Loong Xiaotian! It was just to deal with Loong Siyu! Dragon and Tiger put Loong Siyu on the ground! "It makes your face look very dignified!" Grandfather will go and teach him a lesson! " Then he left Loong Siyu and went to his room to catch Loong Xiaotian!

Loong Xiaotian was showing off to his mother that he could also become a mage! General Long, Long Zhan, has entered! I heard that my son can also become a magus!

Long Zhan was naturally also very excited! After all, his own son would only be a member of the Loong Family in the future! Her daughter would be married off sooner or later! Then it's not a Loong Family one! But a son was different! He would forever be surnamed Long! So! Long Zhan excitedly came over to hug and kiss! It made Loong Xiaotian extremely unwilling!

After all, they were in their twenties! Therefore, this kind of passion was taboo! However, there was no way to show it! They could only allow Long Zhan to ravage them! At this time! Dragon and Tiger walked in!

"Stinking brat!" Can't you just save me the trouble! He's causing trouble for laozi! Your dad used to be a thorn! When it comes to you, do this for me! Your sister came to me to complain again! That you bullied her! " Dragon and Tiger were still dignified in the beginning! However, his tone changed in just a few sentences!

"I'm too lazy to bully her!"

Hearing Loong Xiaotian's explanation! Long Hu was speechless! Indeed, it was because he could clearly feel that this brat had matured earlier! It was completely unlike a three year old child! He was indeed his grandson! There was no way to change that! After all, in the eyes of a dragon and tiger! Grandsons were also very important!

This social woman's position was obviously inferior to a man's! Unless you have the strength! Even though she was his precious granddaughter! However, this grandson's status was clearly higher than Loong Siyu! Therefore, Long Hu could only choose to keep silent!

"Don't bully Big Sister in the future! "Don't give me any trouble!" "Fine!" Seeing dragons and tigers like this!

Loong Xiaotian also silently helped his grandfather!

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