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C9 Conspiracy

Loong Xiaotian felt dizzy! After that, he fainted! Shangguan Fei didn't know how long he had been unconscious for! He had no idea where he was right now! His head hurt! One must know! How powerful Shangguan Fei's Divine Sense was! Although the Divine Sense were slightly damaged due to the failure of the tribulation! But in the end, he was still a master of the Divine Tribulation Realm!

In this world, he was an expert that had surpassed the God of Law and the Sword God! So according to Loong Xiaotian's estimation! This expert should be a Mage at Holy Magic Tutor's level! Furthermore, he was a Spirit Master who specialized in training Spiritual Strength!

Spiritual magi were extremely rare in the continent! This was because the information regarding magic had long since been lost after the catastrophe tens of thousands of years ago! Right now, there was only a small portion of it in the continent! But now, martial arts and magic! Compared to the magic martial arts civilization from before the apocalypse, it was incomparable!

There was no other way! This was the space where the tribulation had basically destroyed everything! And it was because of that catastrophe! Hence, the original piece of land had been split into four pieces! That calamity might have been forgotten by the people of the continent! However, Loong Xiaotian coincidentally saw a chatterbox in his grandfather's study and saw the history of this area!

So! The spiritual magic of today and the Spatial Magic are basically lost! Only in a certain Ancient Ruins would one be able to find a little bit of fur! But based on Loong Xiaotian's understanding! None of the famous experts in the continent were spirit mages! But now, one had suddenly appeared! He even robbed me! What was going on!?

But there was one thing for sure! This person must be related to Loong Family or something! Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to run all the way to the Loong Family and kidnap his precious grandson here!

Thinking of this! Loong Xiaotian felt that he wouldn't be in any danger! After all, he should be a man of character! He was thinking about it! Loong Xiaotian's head was still very heavy from the stimulation! He simply closed his eyes and continued sleeping!

Loong Xiaotian was relieved! But the Azure Dragon City was about to overturn the heavens! The night Loong Xiaotian was robbed! Just like that, the Dragon Tiger discovered it! And then the general situation would come to an end! Search the entire city! That night, the entire city was in an uproar! There was no helping it, Loong Xiaotian was a treasure of Loong Family! A treasure that had been looked forward to for generations! It was unknown whether he was dead or alive after being taken away by a scoundrel! Long Zhan had obviously already exploded!

The dragon and tiger looked as if they had aged more than ten years! It could be seen how he felt about Loong Xiaotian disappearing! There was no other way!

His darling grandson was robbed in the middle of the night! If it was anyone else, they would be depressed to death! They had been searching for him for more than ten days! He couldn't find any clues at all!

Dragon and Tiger's faces were ashen! Until now, he still didn't have a clue! Even a bandit would have long found their conditions in Loong Family! But ten days had passed! There was no clue at all! Dragon and Tiger naturally felt despair! A grandson as precious as his life! He actually went missing!

That's it! Who knew how long the thick miasma of Azure Dragon City would last! But the Azure Dragon City overturned the heavens! Loong Xiaotian didn't know either! Who knew how many days he had been unconscious for! Open your eyes! He looked around! Loong Xiaotian didn't know how long he had been captured! But he knew he was in someone else's hands!

It was dark all around! It looks like a cave! In the middle, there was even a stone table made of stone! Fruit on it! Loong Xiaotian was already hungry! If it were not for the fact that his own Spiritual Force s were stronger! If it was any other person, they would have already starved to death!

Actually, when Loong Xiaotian broke through to the Nascent Soul stage! Loong Xiaotian no longer needed to eat anymore! However, the current him could not force himself to do so! Hurry up and eat some fruits!

To be honest! The fruits of this world are much stronger than those of Earth! If not for the water, there would be more! The most important reason was that the spiritual energy in this world was too dense! So! The fruits were also very, very tasty! Delicious! And there was also the effect of beauty maintenance!

However, Loong Xiaotian was only three years old! But he was indeed a handsome man! What Loong Xiaotian was most satisfied with was his black hair, yellow skin, black eyes! This was the appearance of a Chinese child!

Even though Shangguan Fei died! To be Loong Xiaotian in this world! But because of Will! Loong Xiaotian was still the same Shangguan Fei from Earth! Of course, it was still the Chinese descendants! Eating about a plate of fruit! Loong Xiaotian began to wait for someone to arrive! After all, these fruits were fresh! This cave was also very neat and tidy! This meant that someone had come from this place! And there were also people who came to clean!

Just when Loong Xiaotian was puzzled! A figure entered the cave! Loong Xiaotian raised his head and looked at the person who walked in! It was actually just a puppet!

It should be an artificial mechanical puppet! Not many people in the entire continent could create this kind of mechanical puppet! Alchemists were a very noble profession! Because even good alchemists can refine Sword Saint level battle puppets! But that technology had been lost! Until now! This mechanical doll in front of Loong Xiaotian was very rare!

Loong Xiaotian knew that this kind of thing had no intelligence! He didn't even bother to open his mouth! He saw the golem cleaning up the place with an empty plate before leaving! Loong Xiaotian also wanted to follow him out! Then get up! He followed the automaton puppet out! However, when he walked to the cave entrance, he suddenly shouted and a thread of energy shot out!

So he tried it out again! The result was exactly the same! The stone can be thrown! This restriction should only allow the entry of a living being! You can't go out! However, inanimate objects could freely enter and leave!

This should be the ban set up by the mage who captured Loong Xiaotian! There was no other way! He could only wait! Wait for that old guy! He was calculating in his heart! Loong Xiaotian slowly walked back into the cave! He sat up on the bed and started cultivating the Raging Dragon's Qi!

Berserk Dragon Battle Qi: A total of nine levels!

There were a total of nine forces in each layer!

Cultivate to the top! It was a dragon slaying body!

He was improving! He would become a Deity!

The Nine Layer Eighteen Forces were called the First Form (Beginning Form) – Dragon in the Field!

The second flying dragon was in the sky!

The third move, 'The Great Descent of the Earth'!

The fourth form, or 'Jumping In the Abyss'!

The five types of 'Yang Touch Fan'!

Do not use the six forms of Hidden Dragon Trials!

The seventh move was related to the Great River!

The eighth move – Dragon Tails!

The ninth form, Dark Cloud Not Rain!

The tenth move had suddenly appeared!

The eleventh form, Dual Dragons Water!

The twelfth move – Fish Leaping in the Abyss!

The thirteenth form shocked everyone within a hundred li!

The Fourteenth Form of Damage is Fetch!

When it was the fifteenth form, he would ride the six dragons!

The sixteenth move, Dragon Battle in the Wilderness!

The seventeenth move, Frost Solstice!

The eighteenth move – None! Because until now! His Loong Family had also not been able to completely cultivate the eighteenth move! Because the one who had comprehended the final move had yet to appear! Therefore, Loong Xiaotian didn't think too much about it! Because this was not something he should think about right now! Therefore, Loong Xiaotian began to comprehend the first move! Seeing a dragon in the field!

For Loong Xiaotian! Just remember the moves! Because with his cultivation base! He had the ability to absorb the first three layers! With this meditation! Loong Xiaotian had been researching for three days straight! There was no way for anyone to be so bored here! Three days later, in the morning! Loong Xiaotian was the same as usual! After eating the fruit! Get ready to meditate!

But he heard a sound outside the cave! He quickly ran to the cave entrance to check out the situation!

It turned out that the old man who caught Loong Xiaotian was talking to someone else! Through Loong Xiaotian's observation! The person talking to the old man was an educated person! From his words and actions, it was obvious that he was a soldier that had gone through a test of iron and blood!

But from his tone, it was not Azure Dragon Empire! to the point where it resembled the Vermillion Bird Empire of his sworn enemy! The decades of friction between the two countries had never subsided! But because the two empires were far apart! So there was no other way! Large-scale armies would be a great burden to their empire! Furthermore, the two empires were on equal footing! That was why he had always disliked the other party! But because the general of Azure Dragon Empire, Long Zhan, was just too valiant! He was always suppressing General Vermillion Bird Empire!

There was no other way! The Vermillion Bird Empire Emperor could only choose such dirty tricks to restrict the Loong Family! Actually, Long Zhan was also very strong! He became a Sword Saint at such a young age! Becoming the Sword Saint at the age of fifty — this was the youngest Sword Saint on the continent! So! Long Zhan's influence was quite strong!

This was something that the Loong Family had always been proud of! But Loong Xiaotian himself understood! Now he was in a very dangerous situation! But there was no other way!

No matter what! Loong Xiaotian valued brotherhood the most! His family was so good to him! Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn't let himself ruin his father's future! If he really delayed the country, he wouldn't even forgive himself! There was no other way! Loong Xiaotian was a person who valued kinship extremely when he was with Shangguan Fei! Thinking of this! The spirit mage outside led the soldier from Vermillion Bird Empire straight into the cave! Loong Xiaotian had no other choice! Run back into the cave! Then sit on the bed! Waiting for someone to take him away! There was no other way! He could only take things one step at a time!

Loong Xiaotian thought like this! "I heard the old mage say …" Boy! I'll keep the money! Take him away! "Haha!"

Loong Xiaotian finally understood! So it turns out that this Spirit Magic Holy Magic Tutor wasn't someone from Vermillion Bird Empire! From what he said, he seemed to be a professional killer or something like that! He took someone's money to help them get rid of the calamity! But when I have the strength! He would definitely take revenge! Loong Xiaotian secretly made up his mind!

"Alright! Respected Mage! I'll take this child! " Then, he carried Loong Xiaotian up! Only at this moment did Loong Xiaotian start to have a big number of men! This person had the strength of a Sword Saint! He was around 100 years old! How unexpected! Vermillion Bird Empire actually used such a powerful general to escort a little kid like Loong Xiaotian! It could be seen how much importance they placed on the Loong Family!

Loong Xiaotian, who was thinking about something, suddenly became hot-headed and decided to not let Vermillion Bird Empire succeed no matter what! At the very least, he could not allow his own Vermillion Bird Empire to threaten his country's own father! Loong Xiaotian could only make up his mind! That would be spending all of his cultivation to give his opponent a powerful blow! However, three years of cultivation was all that was needed! There was no other way! At this point, this was the only way out!

But for Shangguan Fei! His cultivation could still be obtained through cultivation! Moreover, it could cost the opponent a Sword Saint! Therefore, Loong Xiaotian was very profitable!

However, he could only use it once in his life! Otherwise, Loong Xiaotian would be considered a genius! He wouldn't be able to stand the backlash either!

He had already decided on what to do! Loong Xiaotian was calmly carried on the other party's shoulder and walked away! Loong Xiaotian didn't have any burdens along the way! They served him well! And you even have Sword Saint as your bodyguard! Thus, he could be considered to be at ease!

This soldier walked on paths! After all, it was disgraceful! A man carrying a child! If others saw it, they would easily doubt it! Furthermore, he was still in the territory of the Azure Dragon Empire! It was best not to expose it!

However, the path he took gave Loong Xiaotian a chance to sneak in an attack! Three days later! Vermillion Bird Country's Sword Saint ate some rations in the morning! He carried Loong Xiaotian and continued on his way! in fact, he had long ago left the Azure Dragon Empire! But to be safe! He decided to take the small path! This was a very good path!

On the left was the cliff! One side was a cliff! The river below! The path could barely pass through one person! Loong Xiaotian's eyes lit up when he saw such a place! The chance had come! It was because Loong Xiaotian didn't show any of his power at all these days! Therefore, Sword Saint did not notice that this child was actually a little expert!

When he had gone half the length! Loong Xiaotian suddenly slapped his Dantian! Suddenly, a terrifying aura exploded! But the Sword Saint did not give it to him for nothing! His years of fighting intuition had forced him to block the palm that was slapping towards his head! But it was instantly deflected! That small, powerless hand directly patted Sword Saint's head! "Pu!" Sword Saint instantly spat out a mouthful of blood!

Loong Xiaotian also fell into the water! Sword Saint quickly meditated and got lucky!

By the time Loong Xiaotian stabilized, he would no longer know where he was!

He then patted off the dust on his body! He left slowly!

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