Carter's Mansion/C1 A Cold Reception
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Carter's Mansion/C1 A Cold Reception
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C1 A Cold Reception

Mariana came to Chelsea this morning.She got down from the horse carriage .No one came to recieve her.Neighbouring people started gossiping about Mariana's eye-catching appearance.But that was not the only topic of their gossip. They were discussing about how can a lady like Mariana, stay in this haunted Mansion. Of course Mariana heard it all but didn’t get bothered at all.It was 23 July,1991 Summer was on.But Mariana still felt cold breeze around her.Suddenly something caught Emma's attention and her hands started shaking.Mariana noticed that.Mariana asked her,"What’s wrong?"Emma replied with a shaky voice, "The sun is shining brightly outside but why the Mansion area is so dark?Don’t you think It's kind of Creepy?"Mariana said," It’s because of the large trees in the Mansion yard.Don’t be such a kid Emma."Emma is Mariana's personal maid.Mariana's father, David Wilson had set Emma for her.But Mariana treats Emma like her little sister.Emma still wasn’t convinced by her. So she again told her"But the neighbours were telling that it is a haunted Mansion".Mariana gave a disappointed look at Emma.Emma understood that Mariana was loosing her patience. So she changed the topic by saying, "Let's go inside lady Mariana.You must be tired." Emma was still scared to go inside the Mansion but couldn’t say anything bacause of Mariana.Mariana read the Mansions name"The Carter's Mansion "and took a long sigh....

They entered the Mansion and saw a big hall room.They saw some servents cleaning the Mansion.The Butler noticed Mariana and approached to her.He said to Mariana, " Hello Miss Wilson. I'm Henry Smith.From now on, I'll be taking care of your comforts". Mariana said,"Nice to meet you Mr.Smith"."I'm sorry for being unable to receive you miss Wilson.Actually I was managing the cleaning chores of the Servents" "It’s fine", Mariana replied.

Mariana's room was still being prepared. So Mr.Smith asked her to wait in the garden and Emma went with him to get Mariana's luggages from the carriage .Mariana went to the garden.She was quite amazed to see the garden full of colourful flowers.She never thought that this old Mansion had a beautiful garden.Mariana found a swing in the middle of the garden and sat there.She was quite enjoying the scenery. Suddenly her eyes stuck into a corner of the garden. This corner was full of white roses.Though these were white roses but they seemed more fresh than other flowers.Mariana kept staring at the white roses. It seemed to her that they wanted to say something very important to her.A few moments later Emma came to Mariana."My lady, your room is prepared.You should take some rest while i check that if your meal is prepared or not"said Emma.Mariana noded.

....... To Be Continued....

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