Carter's Mansion/C2 Scent of White Roses
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Carter's Mansion/C2 Scent of White Roses
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C2 Scent of White Roses

Though they cleaned and decorated Mariana's bedroom, it was still a shabby room for Mariana.But Mariana just wanted a quiet place to stay.She used to stay at her older sisters place but there things got miserable for her.Her brother-in law,Daniel had a great attraction for her.Mariana is the daughter of a rich businessman called David Wilson. David Wilson has two daughters - Mariana and Maxine and a son named Nicolas.Maxine is older than Mariana and Nicolas.Nicolas is the youngest child of David Wilson.He is 15 years old. Mariana is 6 years older than him.Among two sisters Nicolas loves Mariana the most.Nicolas is always obidient to his older sister Mariana.Mariana also loves him dearly.Nicolas doesn't like Maxine that much because she is kind of self-centerd person.Maxine was married to Daniel.Actually Daniel is their cousin brother. Deniel's father Drake Wilson is David Wilson's younger brother.Daniel is a well-known lawyer.Mariana and Maxine has a good understanding between them.Mariana also used to look up to Daniel as her big brother but things changed after those incidents .....Mariana was lying in her bed and thinking about her new poetry.Mariana has a great attraction for books and poetry.Suddenly her nose felt a nice sweet scent.She got distracted for a moment.Then she realised that she smelt the same scent from the white roses while she was in the garden.Marianas room was near the garden.So she looked down from the window.White roses were right down her window.Mariana was quite surprised, because she could clearly smell the scent from the third floor.Suddenly someone knocked the door."Miss Wilson, it’s almost lunch time.Will you come down to the dinning hall?",said Mr.Smith.Mariana opened the door and said to him,"Sure,take me there".Mr.Smith noded with a smile.They were going down the stairs.Mariana was going behind him.There weren’t many maids or servents.The Mansion was very quiet.Breaking the silence Mariana asked him,"Mr. Smith how long have you been taking care of this Mansion?Do you take care of the garden also?and what about the white roses?they have strong scent!"At first Mr.Smith was confused by Mariana's so many questions then he calmly answered her,"Miss I have been hired recently by the owner of this Mansion.And i have also arranged the flowers recently.And about the white roses,i haven’t arranged them.These were already here before" Mariana again asked him,"Then who had took care of this Mansion before you?" "No one.It used to be an abandoned Mansion " said Mr.Smith."What?!!",Mariana spoke with a loud voice,"Then howcome white roses are so fresh?"Mr. Smith was little startled by her question. Then he managed to answer her question. He told her that someone might have planted these as it was an abandoned place.

...........To Be continued........

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