Carter's Mansion/C3 Emma's Fear
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Carter's Mansion/C3 Emma's Fear
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C3 Emma's Fear

Mariana came down to dinning hall."Miss your food has been served.Please be seated",said Mr.Smith.He pulled the chair for her.Maids were still serving food.Suddenly Mariana realised that she hadn’t seen Emma for quite long."where is Emma"?,Mariana asked. A maid said that Emma was here a few moments ago."Miss you should start eating your meal,it’s getting cold.I hope Emma will be here soon",Butler said to her.Suddenly Emma rushed to the dinning with a loud scream.It was terror in her face."What happened miss Emma?",asked Mr.Smith."Lady Mariana, that was going to kill me",said Emma with a panic."What are you talking about?",Mariana asked her.Emma panicked by saying "We should leave this place now".She was trembling too much.Mariana hugged her to cool her down.Emma hugged her back tightly.Emma consoled her by saying," Don’t worry.I'm here with you Emma."Emma fainted there.Mariana and the butler took Emma to her room.Mr.Smith called a doctor.After checking Emma and hearing everything, the doctor said that it must have been caused because of tiredness.He prescribed some medicines for her and left."Miss, Emma is sleeping now.You should finish your meal and take rest",said the butler.Mariana was still worried about Emma.It was 8 at night.Mariana skipped the dinner and only asked for a bed time tea.She was still thinking about today's incident of Emma.However,Mariana took her pen and dairy and began to write about it."Today was my first day at this Mansion and things got weird suddenly.Emma was scared to death today for some reason.No wonder why!And there is something about those white roses.This whole Mansion is covered with thier scent specially my room.The scent gets thick in my room."A maid came into Mariana's room and gave her bed tea.Mariana put down her pen and took the cup.She blew the tea and took a sip.The maid wanted to say something to Mariana.She hesitated at first, then she asked Mariana,"My lady,are you going to buy this House?"Mariana put her cup down and said,"What makes you to think that?" "Pardon,my lady.I was just asking casually, " said the maid."It’s ok.Don’t be so formal with me.I was looking for a quiet place to stay for a quite long time.So my father found this place and contacted with It's owner.But I'm not sure about my father buying this place",said Mariana."I understand. Actually a few days ago, before you came the owner Mr.Carter's son was here.He was talking to Mr.Smith about you and something about selling the Mansion",said the maid.The Whole thing was clear to Mariana.The owner of the Mansion was worried about Mariana's comfort and even arranged butler and maids because he was in a hurry to sell the Mansion.

................ To Be Continued...............

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