Cast Love/C1 The holy maiden is dead
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Cast Love/C1 The holy maiden is dead
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C1 The holy maiden is dead

Ah!" "Ah!" "Hm!" I'm in pain!

Lin Wan Rou covered her mouth as her eyes widened. She looked at the scene in disbelief.

Today was an important day of the Merry Fish Sect's celebration of the "Holy Maiden" coming of age. All the adult men and women in the church were allowed to attend.

Lin WanRou was curious about what the 'Holy Maiden' coming-of-age ceremony would be like when she returned home from school, so she sneaked over. She didn't expect to see such a scene.

The 'Holy Maiden', Ji Yaoshan, was completely naked without a single thing on her body. Beside her were important figures of the school, similarly naked, doing shameful things.

What Lin Wan Rou had just heard was Ji Yao Shan's voice.

The other members of the Church looked on with drooling eyes at what was going on in front of them. There were even some men and women who couldn't wait to embrace each other. Including her parents.

"Hierarch, I'm in so much pain!" "It feels so bad!"

"This is the only way to communicate with the spirit. Holy Maiden, this is for the benefit of the entire Church. This way, every one of us can communicate with the Lord, who will bless us to be healthy, safe, blessed, and wise! "

The high and mighty High Priestess spoke with righteousness.

The shameful things kept happening, but their target kept changing. What was not changed was the Holy Maiden who was surrounded by the crowd.

Lin Wan Rou walked home with her hands on her feet and took a long time. She sat blankly on the ground, unable to believe what she had just seen.

This was a port city, with a free sect. The Carnival Church was the biggest church here, and Lin WanRou's parents were fanatics there, so they had to participate in the church's activities every day.

Lin WanRou had also participated in a few events and always felt that it was quite good. She envied the "Holy Maiden" with her friends. The "Holy Maiden" held the supreme position in the church, having good food, good drinks, and good clothes. Only one thing was inconvenient. The Holy Maiden had to live in the church with the Pope.

Before this, Lin WanRou had even imagined that she would one day become a 'Holy Maiden'.

It was late at night when Lin Zhiyuan and Fang Lian finally returned home. Their faces were slightly flushed. Lin Wan Rou eavesdropped on her parents' conversation and found out that Ji Yao Shan had died. She had been raped and killed by so many people.

"This year's Holy Maiden's quality is not good. Her body is really too bad. The Sect Leader said that the next Holy Maiden must pay attention to exercising her body." If you can't even hold on to the coming of age ceremony, God will blame you. "

"The most important thing for us to do is to elect the next Holy Maiden. The Church must not lack Holy Maiden every day."

"En, tomorrow I must pick out a suitable Holy Maiden. It is already late, go to sleep."

This fanatical couple had dedicated all their energy and time to the Church. Since it was already so late, they didn't talk about whether their daughter was back or what she had for dinner.

Lin WanRou was already used to being ignored like this. Ever since they had joined the church, their parents had disbanded their business and devoted themselves to the church. The church would give them a sum of money every month in return for their enthusiasm and loyalty.

The next day, the news of Ji Yao Shan's death spread. No one was surprised. Everyone said it was a great honor. Ji Yao Shan went to serve the Lord. Everyone was filled with admiration.

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