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C2 New holy maiden

Lin WanRou did not understand. A human life had fallen, yet there wasn't even a splash.

She was taken to church by her parents before she could figure it out. Lin Wan Rou couldn't help but shiver. This was the first time she felt that the church was so eerie and cold. It was like a demon with its mouth wide open, swallowing people into its stomach.

"Wan Rou is getting more and more beautiful!" The High Priestess had a look of love on her face.

Lin WanRou felt her heart go cold, "Greetings, Lord Sect Leader!"

"School Head, quickly look. Can my family's Wan Rou become the Holy Daughter?" Fang Lian looked eagerly at the High Priestess.

"This child Wan Rou has always liked church activities. She was a good friend of the previous Holy Maiden. Maybe the Holy Maiden already taught her the way to communicate with spirits!" Lin Zhiyuan said warmly.

Lin Wan Rou's temples throbbed. She didn't want to be the 'Holy Maiden', "I don't want to be the 'Holy Maiden'!"

Fang Lian slapped her across the face. "Child, becoming a Holy Maiden is an honor bestowed by the heavens!" When adults talk, how can you and your children interject? "

Fang Lian said with a charming smile, "Lord Sect Leader, the child is still young, don't bother with her!"

The High Priestess circled around Lin WanRou three times, sizing her up. Under this gaze, Lin WanRou felt as if she had been stripped naked.

After a long while, the Hierarch opened his eyes. "The Gods said that Wan Rou is very intelligent and can become the next Holy Maiden. However, Wan Rou can only stay at home for the time being, after she turns sixteen, she can stay in the church, which is the lord's punishment for you! "

One must know that the 'Holy Maiden' from before had always been living in the church since the time of the selection. She had left her home and lived in the gloomy and cold church with the High Priestess. However, all the members of the church thought that this was an unparalleled glory.

Lin Zhiyuan and Fang Lian were not surprised. Fang Lian regretfully said, "Wan Rou is a naive and lively child, and she has an open mouth. Lord Sect Leader, do you really think we can't let her stay here?"

"This ?." "It's not impossible!" The High Priestess muttered to herself.

"I don't want to become a Holy Maiden! I don't want to live here! " Lin Wan Rou resisted again. She didn't want to live here. She couldn't live here. She had promised Fatty that she would wait for his return. If she moved here, Little Fatso would not be able to find her.

"Hurry up and agree!" "Otherwise ?" Lin Zhiyuan threatened.

"I still want to go to school. I want to become a good diplomat!" Lin Wan Rou knew that it was useless to just reject him. She had an impulse to use her dreams as a cover.

"After becoming Holy Maiden, you can continue to go to school and become a good diplomat. "Someone, show the Holy Maiden the church."

In the church, the Hierarch's opinion was not to be refuted. No one listened to Lin WanRou's words!

"Be good, my lord will bless you!"

She really did not want to meet the Sect Leader's cold, venomous eyes. She lowered her head and obediently followed him to the training room, where she saw the people training in the "sacred art", naked men and women listening to the lecture, interacting, and even intertwining with each other.

Lin Wan Rou followed her parents home with a dazed look in her eyes. She covered her head with a blanket, trying to numb that everything was fake. She didn't want to be like them.

This year, at the age of 14, Lin WanRou became the "Holy Maiden" of the Merry Fish Sect. What awaited her was an unknown fate.

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