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C3 The fated one

"Holy Maiden, you will live here from now on."

When Lin WanRou was 15 years old, she finally moved to the church. Lin WanRou shivered as she thought of how she would have to spend time with the cold and sinister Sect Leader.

"Don't be afraid! No one can hurt you, my lord will protect you! " The Sect Leader saw Lin WanRou's cowardice and felt uneasy. He thought that this little girl had come to a strange place because it was her first time leaving home. He showed a benevolent smile, trying to ease Lin Wan Rou's emotions.

Lin WanRou was even more nervous as she fell to the ground. Fang Lian patted her shoulder in dissatisfaction. "Why can't you show up on stage like this?"

Lin Wan Rou's cowardice was exactly what the Hierarch liked. Only such a little girl could be better controlled and do things for them. He stopped Fang Lian from reprimanding him further, "The child is still young, it will take a while!"

"Yes!" Yes! Sect Leader's teachings are correct! "

Lin Wan Rou began to pack her luggage as her parents left with the Hierarch. The room was rather large. The morning sun was rising. When one opened the window, they would be able to see the endless sea on the opposite side. Every day, they would wake up to the sound of the waves. Lin Wan Rou loved such a room, but when she opened the door, she was terrified of the gloomy church.

She could not help but run forward, as if something was chasing her. She ran to the archbishop's door. There were only two of them in the whole church.

Lin Wan Rou hesitated and crept behind the window. She saw her mother lying naked under the Pope, and her father encouraging her from the side. After a while, her father replaced the Pope. She saw her mother's fanatical expression and heard the heavy breathing of both men and women.

Lin Wan Rou's heartbeat quickened as she plopped down on the ground. A shadow slipped away from the corner.

"Who?" "Who is it?" Lin Wan Rou chased after him and saw a tall figure standing at the corner. Lin Wan Rou stopped and asked while gasping for breath, "Who are you?"

The person turned his head. He had a handsome face, a high nose bridge, and thin, sexy lips. The sunlight just happened to shine from behind him, giving him a mysterious look.

Lin WanRou was shocked. This person was simply a walking hormone. She couldn't help but touch the spot where her heart was, and it started to beat non-stop.

"We meet again!" The man's pleasant voice rang in his ears.

Someone called out to him from afar. He smiled back, "I'll be leaving first. We'll meet again. Remember, my name is Xiao Yang. "

He gave Lin Wan Rou a gentle kiss before quickly running away.

Even when the man ran away without a trace, Lin WanRou was still rooted to the spot. Her right hand gently caressed the spot where the man had kissed her. It was so soft, so fragrant, and so sunny.

She felt in love! He was completely immersed in the river of love!

At night, Lin WanRou saw Xiao Yang once again. He had come here with his father Xiao Feng to inspect; he was the 'Holy Son'.

Lin WanRou knew that there were many Merry Fish teaching branches in the whole country. Her father would send little girls to each branch every month to spread the word of love among them.

At this moment, she realized that everything had been reversed by the Sect Leader. This was the branch of the Merry Fish Sect. Every branch had a "Holy Maiden", and the "Holy Son" was only Xiao Yang.

"We meet again." Xiao Yang playfully blinked his eyes.

It was this person! Lin Wan Rou only had this thought in her mind. This was the man she had been waiting for all these years!

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