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C4 To be his woman

Lin Wan Rou was quickly subdued by Xiao Yang's charm! It should be said that all the women in the church had fallen to Xiao Yang's clothes!

As a 'Holy Maiden', Lin WanRou had more opportunities to get close to the brothel, and Xiao Yang had fallen for her alone among all these women. The two of them quickly began to travel alone, and the High Priestess and Xiao Feng seemed to be very happy to see this happen.

Recently, Lin Wan Rou felt as if she was living in a honeypot. As long as she saw Xiao Yang's face, she would be willing to do anything. Even when she participated in the church's activities and saw those shameful scenes again, Lin WanRou felt happy and happy.

"Holy Maiden, have some drinks. I'll have some fun with everyone later."

Lin Wan Rou wholeheartedly chased after Xiao Yang's figure, ignoring the Sect Leader's malicious smile. She took the drink and gulped it down. She still wanted to chase after Xiao Yang.

Lin Wan Rou felt dizzy just after taking two steps. She couldn't help but fall to the side, right into the arms of the Hierarch.

"Holy Maiden, I'll help you rest in the back."

With that, the High Priestess helped Lin Wan Rou into the room. After entering the room, he placed Lin Wan Rou on the bed and impatiently began to take off his clothes.

Yes, he regretted it! The 'Holy Maiden', Lin WanRou, was originally meant to be given to Xiao Feng. She was very beautiful, beautiful, but also very beautiful. However, she was a little stiff and gave it to him just in time to win the hearts of others. He still liked Ji Yaoshan.

However, ever since Xiao Yang came, Lin WanRou blossomed with even more charisma. She was beautiful beyond belief; as long as a man wanted to take off her skirt, he wanted to press her down.

The Sect Leader was no exception. He had personally picked Lin WanRou. He had measured her himself.

He was unwilling. He wanted to take the opportunity to open the flower bud first, so that he wouldn't have to worry about giving it out later. Hence, he purposely added some ingredients into the drink.

"Little darling, I'll be with you soon!" The Sect Leader took off all his clothes in a matter of seconds and pounced on Lin Wan Rou. The fragrance unique to young girls assaulted his nostrils, and he began to move from head to toe.

The High Priestess took off Lin WanRou's inner pocket. The young girl's stamen was right in front of her, and she could no longer stop the blood from flowing out of her nose.

Right at this moment, there was a loud 'bang' as the Sect Leader fainted on the ground. It was Xiao Yang's palm that had cut into his neck. Xiao Yang used one hundred percent of his strength in this strike.

After confirming that the Sect Leader wouldn't wake up in a short period of time, Xiao Yang shook Lin WanRou gently, "Wake up, wake up!"

Lin WanRou muddle-headedly opened her eyes, "Why are there two Xiao Yang?"

Right after she finished speaking, she felt a wave of heat surge up from below her. Her body was incredibly hot and dry and she couldn't help but hug Xiao Yang's body. It was very comfortable and she couldn't help but rub it a few times.

With a whoosh, all of the blood in Xiao Yang's body gathered at a certain spot as he stuck close to the young girl's soft body.

Lin Wan Rou was completely oblivious to it. She stuck her body tightly to Xiao Yang like a koala and muttered to herself, "Don't leave me!"

Xiao Yang couldn't stand this temptation, so he pressed Lin Wan Rou down on top of her.

"Xiao Yang, I ?" Lin WanRou woke up feeling embarrassed when she saw Xiao Yang lying beside her. So last night was not a dream. Everything was real.

"Good girl, call me Yang." Xiao Yang's gaze was gentle like water, and any woman would find it hard to avoid such tenderness.


"Wan Rou, I want to hold the most luxurious wedding for you, with the eye-catching group of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I'm going to have a wedding with you in the biggest church, and I'm going to give you all the blessings.

"I'll listen to you."

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