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C5 Piercing beautiful dream

When Lin WanRou saw the bridesmaids' group and the grooms' group, she was completely shocked. There were 20 bridesmaids and 20 grooms. Such a number was truly eye-catching.

Those selected were all handsome men and beautiful women. Some of them came from religious families, some from small towns, and most of them came from orphanages. The Merry Fish Sect had always been insisting on charity activities to help the orphanage. At this time, they were only borrowing children from the appropriate age, so the orphanage was naturally doing its best to help.

When Lin WanRou went to find Xiao Yang, she felt a little uneasy seeing so many people around. Just as he walked to the door, he heard a man's voice coming from inside, "Kid, you do have a way. The bridesmaid, she can easily bring these people back to the church! After this is over, you might even be able to be transferred back! "

"I hope elder brother can say a few more nice words!"

It was Xiao Feng and the Sect Leader! Xiao Yang stood beside them and did not make a sound!

Lin Wan Rou was not stupid. She immediately understood what they were talking about! Every once in a while, Lin WanRou's father, Lin Zhiyuan, would go to other places to deliver goods. He would spread the word "seeds of love", and in other words, he would kidnap and sell children. The outcomes of those children were either becoming frequent visitors to a romantic place, or they were given to some high ranking officials. If no one wanted them, they could also become a tool used by the Church to attract the attention of the church.

No wonder there were so many bridesmaids, so this was their plan! No, she had to tell these people to run and not fall into the pit of fire.

"Where are you going?" Just as Lin Wan Rou was about to leave, she was hugged by a pair of big hands. It was Xiao Yang. It was unknown when the Sect Leader and Xiao Feng had walked out.

"Yang'er, this woman knows our plans. We can't let her go!" Let's change another person! " Xiao Feng's ice-cold voice didn't carry the slightest bit of emotion.

"Father, I only like her! If not for her, I would never marry anyone in my life, let alone leave a next generation! "

"Then turn into a mute! Although I can't speak, it doesn't affect my work! "

"Father, there's no need to go through all this trouble. I have a way to keep her from telling others!"

"Oh?" Xiao Feng's interest was piqued and he prepared to watch from the sidelines.

Xiao Yang had people bring whips, ribbons, and other items. Lin WanRou kept retreating, but she didn't know what Xiao Yang was up to. In the morning, Xiao Yang was still treating her gently. The person in front of her must be fake.

"Wan Rou, come here. I won't hurt you, believe me!"

Xiao Yang came over and tied Lin Wan Rou's hands together with a ribbon and even tied them together with a big bow. He crouched down and slowly tied her legs together with his.

Lin Wan Rou wanted to struggle and leave this place, but she lacked the strength to do so. She raised her head to look at Xiao Yang, he definitely knew what was going on.

Xiao Yang affectionately pointed at the tip of her nose. "Little fool, when I hugged you, I already drugged you. Next time, you have to be more careful. Don't easily trust a man."

He softly spoke the most cruel words in the world.

With a ripping sound, Lin Wan Rou's clothes were torn apart. Her fair skin was exposed to the air, giving off a unique charm. The Sect Leader looked as if he was about to drool.

"Xiao Yang, I'm begging you, don't ?" Lin Wan Rou already guessed what Xiao Yang was going to do as she sobbed and begged.

"Wan Rou, don't cry to a man so easily. Men don't have good things!" As Xiao Yang's hands were being tied, Lin WanRou's clothes were falling to the ground one by one. It looked like she was only left with three moves.

"Enough! Yang'er, take her back to her room! Women are all slut. As long as you submit to her, she will listen to anything you say! "


Xiao Yang carried Lin Wan Rou back to the room and almost brutally took her. Time and time again, he completely ignored Lin Wan Rou's pleas and tears.

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