Cause Of My Euphoria/C10 Syanja Hit Him With A Rolling Pin
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C10 Syanja Hit Him With A Rolling Pin
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C10 Syanja Hit Him With A Rolling Pin

"She is skipping her meals, and overworked, and didn't take rest. She is under so much stress. it's not good for her health at that young age. I am giving her some medicine and please make sure she takes them."

Lara nodded and went with the doctor.

Jung-Hoon's friends went to him and patted his back.

"I hope she will be fine, I don't know why I'm feeling that way, I just can't see her in such condition.."

While talking to them his tears fall on his eyes.

"Hey don't Worry."

Seo-Jin hugged him. Meanwhile, Syanja started moving. She was about to get up but Jung-Hoon rushed to her and made her sit on the bed, she looked at him.


Jung-Hoon's gaze was so angry with her carelessness, but he didn't have any right to say anything to her right now. He looked at her with a cold gaze.

" You have to take care of yourself well.."

Syanja looked down because she knows that he is so angry with her. She can feel it.

"I do work hard because I don't want myself to stay free."

She whispered but it was enough to hear.


She looked at him with a sad and pouty face as he asked her quickly.


Before she said further Lara came inside and hugged her.

"Syanja what's wrong with you?"

She started scolding her. Everyone is looking at her but no one has any strength to tell her to stop.

"I'm feeling so cold right now."

They looked at her, she was shivering so badly.

"The heater is on."

She checked her fever.

"I will make soup for you okay?"

She held her hand and shook her head as no.

"You three also can stay here, it's raining outside. You will go tomorrow morning okay?"

Syanja Said to the boys. They nodded with a soft smile. After that Lara took them to the guest room because the roads are blocked due to heavy rain.

Syanja was sleeping peacefully, her hair falling all over her face, a blanket covering her body. Lara went back to her home after changing her clothes. Lara changed her clothes into comfortable ones when she was unconscious. Syanja was in her dreamland when her cell phone started ringing, she started moving irrationally, made a pouty face, and took a pillow, she put it on her face, but it was not used because of her phone which was ringing continuously. She threw a pillow on the other side, sat on the bed. She started rubbing her eyes, removed her hair from her face, and made a messy bun. She took her phone to check the time. When she opened her phone screen, her eyes widened because she had twenty missed calls and thirty messages from her Hyun-Tae and her Manager. She opened the messages which were about the story and she hasn't mailed them yet. Without wasting a single minute she went to her desk, turned on her laptop, and mailed them the file, then she took her mobile phone and dialed Robby Gordon her Manager's number. After a few rings, he picked up the call.

"Mr. Gordon I've sent the file, please send it to Mr. Kim too."

She sighs in relief as he listens to an answer from Mr. Gordon.

"Sure, Miss. Seo."

She heaved a deep sigh, placed her head on the table, and waited for the answer.

After a few minutes she got a message from Hyun-Tae, she smiled. Syanja was about to go to sleep but suddenly her stomach growled. She sighs and rushes down to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoon wasn't asleep yet he was hungry and also worried about Syanja's condition. His stomach growled. Walking all over the room, watching his friends sleeping peacefully without caring about him makes him so annoyed. He took a death glare at his friends. They were sleeping like innocent babies making him so jealous. He took his phone and went to the kitchen if he could find something to eat. As he reached the kitchen and was about to enter, Jung-Hoon heard some noises. He takes a little step to find who's in the kitchen.

On the other side, Syanja was checking the fridge if she found something to eat and suddenly heard a voice of footsteps coming from out of the kitchen. She frowned and took a rolling pin in her hand, started taking steps towards the noise.

They both took steps forward to each other without realizing they were making the noise. As they came close to each other. Syanja hit him with a rolling pin and he just put his hand on her mouth. She hits him so hard on his head, he holds his head and starts rubbing it in pain. Her eyes widened when he saw it was none other than Jung-Hoon, Syanja rushed to him and started rubbing his head.

"I'm sorry I didn't know that it's you."

Jung-Hoon looked at her and gave her a painful smile with teary eyes, that was so painful for him.

"It's okay, I'm not hurt."

Jung-Hoon said that with teary eyes, she knew that she hit him with so much power. Syanja held his hand and took him to the TV launch. He sat on the couch and looking at Syanja, she went to her room and took a first-aid box, and rushed to the TV launch. She looked at him with a soft gaze and took the bandage into the first aid box.

"It hurts a little, okay?"

He nodded in agreement and she placed the bandage on his forehead. Syanja rubbed the bandage he hissed in pain. She gave him an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.."

Jung-Hoon took her hand and patted it.

"It's not a problem, I'm okay.."

They both gave each other smiles.

"So you are hungry? I can cook for you."

He shook his head.

"No, no. I'm not hungry."

When he said that, his stomach growled again, his gaze went at Syanja with embarrassment, she immediately looked away and pressed her lips trying not to laugh.

"Ahh, I guess I should cook for you."

Syanja immediately ran towards the kitchen. Jung-Hoon looked at his tummy and slapped on it.

"Dude, this is so rude. You embarrassed me in front of her."

He pouted and followed her.

She went to the kitchen, rolled up her hoodie's sleeves, grabbed her hair, pulled them up, and made a messy bun. She went towards the fridge, took some veggies, placed them on the counter, took a knife, and started chopping them. She was fully focused on chopping veggies.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoon was looking at her and observing her every single move. His gaze moved on her messy bun and down to her face, some of her hair covering her face. He took a glance at her hands which were busy chopping, he felt his heartbeat increasing every single minute. Her loose hoodie. Her pale skin is driving him crazy. He bits his lower lip, taking his steps towards her.

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