Cause Of My Euphoria/C11 You Are Driving Me Crazy
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C11 You Are Driving Me Crazy
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C11 You Are Driving Me Crazy

As Jung-Hoon touched her hand, Syanja took a glance at him, and their eyes met.

They were lost in the moment suddenly the knife split from her hand made them flinch. As they came back to reality both quickly looked away.

"Umm, Actually I want to help you if you don't mind?"

Jung-Hoon asked with his cute and bunny smile, she smiled back and just nodded at him.

He started cutting veggies, she heated the stove and started preparing for cooking.

After thirty minutes they finished their work, she placed plates, glasses, and food on the dining table. They both sat on their opposite sides and started to eat their food. There was pin-drop silence until Jung-Hoon spoke.

"The food is so yummy thank you for it."

Syanja smiled with shiny eyes and became happy with his compliment. Jung-Hoon was focused on his food, she was looking at him. She was observing the way Jung-Hoon was playing with food before eating it. Jung-Hoon was looking so innocent like a baby while eating. He was pouting while he was munching his food. Syanja was fully focused on him and his cute movements. His little and cute movements attracted her so much. He was eating peacefully then some food was on his upper lip, Syanja didn't know what happened to her, she leaned close to him and her hand moved toward his lips. He stopped eating looking at her confusedly, Syanja just touched his lip with her thumb and removed the food from it.

"There was food on your lips."

Syanja smiled and leaned back in her seat. Jung-Hoon's heartbeat increased. He nodded and they continued eating. After eating, she cleaned the kitchen, washed all the dishes and both of them went to the TV launch. They sat beside each other.

"Which movie?"

She asked him without looking at him, totally lost on the TV screen.

"Anything you like"

He said to her, she took a glance at him and smiled.

"What about it's okay not to be okay?"

He nodded, and she played the series.

They were enjoying the series, and suddenly he felt something heavy on his shoulder, he glanced at his shoulder and Syanja was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. He patted her head and caressed his cheek with his thumb. He kissed her forehead without any hesitation, carefully got up from the couch, took her in his arms, and went towards her room. He carefully placed her on her bed, put the blanket on her, and checked her temperature with his hand.

"Damn, she is still having a fever."

He was staring at her with a worried gaze. He bent down to the bed and caressed her cheek with his hand. Jung-Hoon looked at the innocent face, smiled at her. He leaned close to her and touched his forehead to Syanja's forehead.

"What are you doing to me? You are driving me crazy."

Jung-Hoon stared at her face and his gaze landed at her lips, without any hesitation he leaned close to her lips and gave a soft peck on it. After touching her soft lips with his lips he lost in his first kiss for some seconds. He leaned back and took a last glance at her, patted her head, and went out to her room. Jung-Hoon went to his room and glared at his friends who were sleeping peacefully. He kicked Ji-Ho's ass and laid beside him. Seo-Jin was snoring loudly which was making Jung-Hoon irritate. He sat on the bed and leaned close to Seo-Jin. Jung-Hoon patted his head but that was not used. Jung-Hoon shakes Seo-Jin harder, he gets up and starts screaming.

"Ghost, ghost, gho-----"

Jung-Hoon immediately put his hand on Seo-Jin's mouth and made him stop. Meanwhile, Ji-Ho moved and looked at them with half-opened eyes. Ji-Ho's eyes widened as he saw Seo-Jin and Jung-Hoon in a weird position.

"W--what is going on here?"

Ji-Ho questioned them, both of them glanced at each other and harshly spread each other.

"I-it's not like what you are thinking."

"Jung-Hoon cleared him and laid on the bed, showed them his back, and drifted into dreamland. Ji-Ho smirked at Seo-Jin, and Seo-Jin hit his shoulder and laid back. Ji-Ho rolled his eyes and also joined them to sleep.

As the sunlight hits Syanja's face she moved a little. Syanja opened her eyes and changed her position, her eyes widened as he found herself in the room. She immediately got up and sat on the bed, Syanja rubbed her face with palms and heaved a deep sigh. She took her phone from the nightstand and checked the time. After that, she messaged Mr. Robby Gordon and went to the bathroom. She came back to the bathroom and went to her closet, Syanja was searching for comfortable clothes. She wore a black shirt with black formal straight pants. Syanja went to the dressing table and put little make-up on her face, she took a last glance at her from the mirror. Syanja took her coat and stuff and went towards the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen everyone's gaze landed on her. She smiled at them.

"Good Morning Everyone."

She greets them and sits at the dining table. Meanwhile, Jung-Hoon was lost in her beautiful look, this is the first time he saw her in such a dress. A small smile curved on his lips as he shook his head.

"What are you doing to me?"

He mumbled in his breath enough to hear Syanja. She took a glance at Jung-Hoon and a smile appeared on her lips. Meanwhile, Lara, Ji-Ho, and Seo-Jin were enjoying the little interaction between them. After having breakfast, they were about to leave. Syanja still has a fever but she is feeling a little better now. Lara, Syanja, and Lara were standing in front of their car.

"Bye and take care of all of you."

Syanja waved her hand. Jung-Hoon got out of the car and came near Syanja. She was confusedly looking at him.

"Hope you are fine now?"

She smiled and nodded at him. He smiled and they all left for their work.

Lara was looking at them with a smirk on her face. She hit Syanja with her shoulder and tried to tease her. Syanja looked at her and smiled at her.

"You like him?"

She looked at Lara with a disbelieving look and shook her head.

"Stop, I'm going now. Byeeeee."

Syanja Went to her car and waved at Lara.

"So she is not a good liar."

Syanja shouted from the car.

"I can hear you.."

Lara giggled at Syanja's behavior. Syanja gave Mr. Lee a sign from the mirror. He nodded and drove off. Mr. Lee and Syanja were on their way to work. Suddenly she saw a lady on the road who was injured and a crowd all around her. She rushed towards her.

"Excuse me, everyone, can you please take a side of her.."

Everyone started moving, she went to her and bent down on her knees. Syanja held her hand and made her sit.

"Umm, are you okay?"

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