Cause Of My Euphoria/C12 The Billionaire Old Lady
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C12 The Billionaire Old Lady
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C12 The Billionaire Old Lady

Lady looked at her and nodded. She looked at her knee and helped her to stand. Suddenly a man came towards them, he was the driver of the lady.

"Thank You, but someone hit her by car and he is here."

A man grabbed him by his wrist, Syanja made the lady sit on the bench and look at the Man.

"Umm Sir, leave him please and relax. Mr. Lee talks to him and calls the police.."

Lee nodded and call the police, syanja looked at the lady who was badly injured.

"Mam Come with me."

Lady refused her, but Syanja held her hand and took her to the car. Syanja went to the pharmacy and after some time she came back.

"Let me bandage your knee, Mam"

She nodded and Syanja put a bandage on her injury. She gave her juice to drink.

"Please drink juice, you'll feel better Mam."

She handed her juice. They start drinking.

"I'll be back, please stay here for a while.."

She went to Lee. After some time Lee and Syanja came back to them.

"Mam, I'll drop you as you see your car is broken. Please tell me where you wanna go?"

Lady looked at the driver

"No, no we can go on our own."

Syanja smiled at them and held the lady's hand.

"I know you can, but I want to drop you please let me do it.."

They Nodded and told her the location. Lady sat in the car as her driver went to find a mechanic. Mr. Lee starts the car and drives it to their location.

"How are you feeling now mam?"

She asked the lady, she smiled at Syanja.

"ThankYou Sweetie I'm feeling better now.."

Syanja nodded after some time they reached the location. The car stopped at the big mansion's main gate. Two guards came to the car and sign Mr. Lee to the mirror of the car. Mr. Lee nodded and on the guard looked in the car his eyes widened as he saw the lady who was sitting in the backseat. He signs the other guard to open the main gate. Mr. Lee started the car and drove inside the mansion.

"We are here.."

Syanja got out of the car and opened the door for the lady and she came out.

"You don't need to do it, sweetie."

Syanja smiled at her, she was about to sit in the car, but the lady held her arm.

"Come inside with me, My son will be happy."

Syanja looked at her with a smile and shook her head.

"Umm okay, if you say so."

The lady smiled. They were about to enter, then Syanja's phones started ringing. She excused herself and looked at the phone. She smiled and nodded. She picked up the call and left her. On the call Mr. Hyun-Tae was asking for her when she came to the office, unfortunately, she was late. She told him about the incident and he understands her. As Syanja cut the call she went towards the Lady.

"Mam, Sir, I'm in a hurry. I have to leave now, it's urgent, maybe next time I'll meet you son."

Lady's face turned to a sad one, she was about to say something but Syanja smiled.

"Okay, I think it's very urgent."

Syanja nodded, went to her car and they left.

"I want her to meet him.."

She looks at the main door and sighs.

"Maybe next time. Don't be sad. I am meeting him after a long time, he'll be sad if I meet him like that.."

She smiled and knocked on the door.

After coming back Jung-Hoon went to take a shower then suddenly someone started knocking on the door. He felt a little annoyed and took his towel put it on my waist and rushed down to open the door. Jung-Hoon opened the door and he was shocked to see his mother. He was about to hug her mother but her mother pushed him.

"Go and put on some pants first.."

He looked down and his mother came back.

"Okay go now, otherwise you Mom gonna kill you.."

He rushed to his room, put on some comfy, and rushed down.

"Wow, He's got so much speed.."

His mother laughed at him. Jung-Hoon was about to say something but he looked at his mother's knee and got worried.

"Are you okay Mom? what happened to you.."

He bent down and looked at her Knee. Looking worried, his mother patted his back.

"I am fine now, it was a little accident.."

He looked at his mother, his mother gave him a bright smile. They were talking in the eyes suddenly, his mother said.

"Yeah, a beautiful girl helped us and dropped me here.."

After seeing his mother's excitement he giggled.

"A girl??"

They were talking then suddenly Min Ha-Yoon, Jung Ji-Ho, Kim U-Ram, and Seo-Jin rushed to the house. They were talking too loud.

"Everyone look who is here.."

They all looked back at the same time.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Mommy.."

They all meet her one by one. All of them giggled and started talking. After some time Jung-Hoon's mother looked at them.

"I'm hungry, let's cook something.."

She was about to move to the kitchen but Jung-Hoon stopped her and made her sit on the couch. She looked at him confusedly

"Today we'll cook, you just wait here."

Everyone looked at him, their eyes widened, Ji-Ho came near him and whispered in his ear.

"Hey, what are you thinking?"

He looked at him and they were so closed he flinched.

"Yeah, what's wrong you scared me."

Others laugh. He grabbed his gear and took him to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, after talking to Syanja on the phone Hyun-Tae looked at his brother Ho-Jim. They exchanged smiles and Hyun-Tae went to his desk but stopped by his brother.

"So, you like that new girl?"

Hyun-Tae's eyes widened, he looked at him and gulped.

"I know you like her, don't try to hide it from me. You know I have my way to find out."

Hyun-Tae shook his head and gave him a sad smile. Hyun-Tae sighs before giving him an answer.

"I don't know Ho-Jim if she like me back or not but--"

Hyun-Tae stopped and thought before speaking further.

"But I don't know when I caught feelings for her. She is so passionate about work, she has a strong personality which attracted me to her. It's been two months since she has been working here, I love her presence around me."

Ho-Jim smiled at his brother who is falling in love with a girl, but both of them are unaware that the girl is not the other one but Syanja. Hyun-Tae never met Syanja with Jung-Hoon so he didn't know about that, and Ho-Jim never met Syanja in office.

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