Cause Of My Euphoria/C14 Work Hard For Your Family
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C14 Work Hard For Your Family
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C14 Work Hard For Your Family

Jung-Hoon and his friends got out of the car. Jung-Hoon noticed Syanja, and he took his step towards her.

"What are you doing here Syanja?"

U-Ram asked her, she looked at them and bowed.

"I'm the manager of the event. M.r Won was not well, he is on leave so My Boss asked me to help him."

U-Ram nodded at her and they entered the place. Jung-Hoon came back to her and caressed her cheek then went in.

She touched her cheek and thought. "What is that for?"

She sighed and went back to work. Syanja was busy with her work, then someone called her name. She looked behind there was none other than her friend Lara, with a big lunch box. She showed her lunch box.

"Everyone, it's lunchtime, please go and eat something.."

Syanja followed Lara, and they went to the changing room, both sat on the chairs and pulled a table close to them. Syanja smiled and started serving lunch. She was about to eat but someone interrupted her by knocking on the door, she looked at the door. Syanja was about to go, but Lara stopped her and she went towards the door. She opened the door revealing Jung-Hoon and behind him Ji-Ho and Seo-Jin. Syanja looked at them confusedly

"Is there anything you need?"

They all shook their heads. After that, they came in and stood in front of Syanja.

"We want to have lunch with you, can we?"

Syanja giggled and nodded to them. Ji-Ho hit Seo-Jin's shoulder and whispered.

"Dude, what is your problem, you are embarrassing us.."

Syanja heard that and said, and gave them a cute smile.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Come eat with us."

They all sat with them and started eating their lunch. Syanja was about to eat again and suddenly she got a message from someone. She took her phone and started checking. Syanja was busy with her phone. Lara looks at her, she gets annoyed.


Syanja looked at her. Lara's gaze was so dark and angry.

"Put your phone down and eat.."

Syanja looked at all of them, they were glaring at her.

"Okay, Okay. Don't scold me, at least In Front of them.."

She said with a pouty face. Lara caressed her hand.

"It's become your habit now, you are always using your phone during meals, it's very bad.."

She nodded and the boys looked at them, Syanja was about to take a bite of her food again but her phone started ringing loudly, Lara looked at her with disbelief.

"Excuse me, it's my boss, I have you take it.."

They nodded and Syanja went outside.

Lara heaved a sigh in annoyance.

"She never takes her meals on time, I'm so worried about her."

Jung-Hoon and others looked at her as she caught their attention. Seo-Jin smiled at her.

"She is always busy with her work, doesn't sleep well, doesn't take meals on time, she is always on her phone with her Clients, Boss, the Family, hardly takes time for herself.."

They were listing her carefully.

"Her family?"

She nodded at Ji-Ho as he frowned.

"Yeah, she is doing all of this for her family. She always told me that her family is everything for her. If they need anything she is always there for them."

Jung-Hoon pouted.

"Where is her family?"

Lara looked at him and smiled.

"They lived in another country, she moved here for her career, Well you eat.."

They smiled and continued their lunch, Syanja came inside the room and cut the call.

"What's Wrong?"

She took her bag from the table and gave them an apologetic look.

"I have to leave, I'm sorry I'll have dinner with you okay? Don't Worry I'm not hungry.."

Syanja went near Lara, kissed her cheek, and hugged her. She smiled at her.

"You know that I love you right?"

"Yeah, Yeah, you always like that."

Lara looked at her lap while becoming sad.

"You are lucky, I kissed your cheek, I never did that.."

Lara giggled at her, Syanja sighs in relief.

"At least take one bite for me."

Syanja nodded at her and caressed her cheek. She took a sandwich. Lara's face lit up and she smiled.

"I'll meet you all after work.?"

They nodded and Syanja left.

Lara sighs in sadness, she is upset for her friend.

"Try to understand her, it's not easy to express love.."

Ji-Ho said to Lara. They all glanced at him, he just smiled and left them.

"Did you hear that?"

Seo-Jin said while Jung-Hoon nodded an agreement.

"I think he understands her better than you.."

He laughed at Jung-Hoon and made him roll his eyes. Syanja was checking everything she didn't eat her sandwich yet, Jung-Hoon went close to her from nowhere and whispered in her ear.

"You have to eat First."

Syanja flinched. She looked back and she lost her balance and was about to fall but he held her waist and pulled her closer. They both looked at each other, they forgot about the place and lost in their eyes, then someone came to them and screamed making them jump in shock.

"What's going on here??"

Syanja pushed Jung-Hoon and said.

"Excuse me."

She left them and went to her work.

"What's your problem dude? we were so lost.."

Ho-Jim hit Jung-Hoon on the head and rolled his eyes.

"Look around, is this the place to get lost?'

Jung-Hoon nodded and was about to leave.

I was about to leave but I saw Syanja was standing in front of the door and she was busy on her phone about to eat the sandwich which he took for her but someone opened the door, the door hits her and her sandwich fall from her hand, she looked at the Person and then the sandwich, person excuse her and she also did the same, cause it wasn't anyone's mistake, I felt bad for her. She was about to eat but again something happened.

Hyun-Tae is staring at her with a soft gaze.

I said sorry to the person because it's not his fault I was standing in front of the door, "Yeah I was about to eat, I'm so hungry when will the event start and end????"

I'm a bit annoyed now.

Time Passed, and she is fully focused on her work.

"So the event will start in a minute. Everyone will go to your places and make sure everything is ready on time."

They all went to their work and Syanja took a deep sigh, she had a headache because of skipping meals, Syanja was rubbing her temple with her fingers then someone came to her and said.


She looked at their person and smiled.

"No, I don't like coffee.."

Hyun-Tae smiles at her and she leaves, Syanja going to check if everything is fine or not.

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