Cause Of My Euphoria/C15 Hyun-Tae's Love Is One-Sided
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C15 Hyun-Tae's Love Is One-Sided
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C15 Hyun-Tae's Love Is One-Sided

He was standing in front of the entrance, he is looking so handsome, his messy hair, this dress looks so perfect on him, the black color suits him a lot, Damn his smile, ohhh he is looking at me, I can't take my eyes off him, Syanja stops you are staring at him...

Syanja is so lost in him, and he is also enjoying it, but then.

"Mammmmmm??? Mammmmm???? Mammm???"

the girl touched Syanja's shoulder and said,

"Mammmm?? Are you okay??"

Syanja was a bit annoyed now, she yelled at her unknowingly.


Everyone glanced at Syanja, she flinched and her eyes widened of her sudden action.

"I'm sorry, I was lost, I'm sorry."

Girl Smiled at her. Syanja patted her back and smiled.

"What were you saying?"

The girl told her to check the food Syanja nood and walk along with her. They all started fixing their dresses because the event is about to start now. Syanja was standing with them wearing a beautiful navy blue color which was matched with Jung-Hoon suit color.

"Oh no, my shirt button is broken."

Hyun-Tae said he panicked. Syanja went close to him. She looked all over and no one fixed the dress.

"Let me fix it for you."

Syanja said to him, Hyun-Tae nodded and smiled. She went to the dressing room, took the needle, and went to fix the button. Suddenly they all hear a scream.

"My button is also broken."

She looked in the direction it was none other than Jung-Hoon, standing in front holding a button of his shirt.

"But how????"

Her eyes widened because of a sudden thing.

"I don't know, but it is now, so can you fix this???????"

U-Ram hits his shoulder with his elbow. He whispered in his ear.

"Why are you doing this??"

Jung-Hoon looked at him with a pouty face.

"She was about to get close to someone in front of me, I don't want this to happen."

His friends rolled their eyes. Syanja looked at him confusedly. She called one of the staff to help him.

"Umm Emmy??? Can you help him???"

Jung-Hoon looked at her, his eyes widened. He didn't know what to do now. He gave a sign to Seo-Jin with his eyes, telling him to do something for him.

"Ohh Syanja, you go help him. Emmy can help him."

She glanced at Hyun-Tae, he fake smiled at her. Syanja nodded and stepped close to Jung-Hoon. He was smiling like crazy. She sighs.

"You are too tall for me, you have to bend down.."

Jung-Hoon smirked at her, leaned close to Syanja, and whispered in her ear, giving shivers in her spine.

"Awww, maybe you are too short.."

Syanja looked at him annoyedly.

"I'm not short, you are tall."

He laughed louder, catching everyone's attention.

"Haha, you are short."

Everyone starts giggling at them because of their cute conversation. Hyun-Tae felt confused and hurt. Syanja took her gaze all around and everyone giggled, she leaned close to him and whispered.

"I'm not short, don't you know I have a needle in my hand."

His eyes widened and gasped.

"Okay, sorry. You are not short, I'm tall."

After that, she started fixing his button. They were so close, they felt something hot because of the closeness.

She is so close to me, and I am enjoying this feeling. I don't want her to get close to anyone. That's why I broke my button purposely. Ahhh why is it so hot here? I'm feeling so different right now. Don't want her to go.

"It's done.."

She looked up and he was lost in her, she touched his shoulder, he came back to his thoughts.

"Are you okay big man?"

He sighs and nods at her. U-Ram came to him and patted his back.

"Yeah, let's go, we have to meet everyone."

Jung-Hoon nodded at him and left from here.

Hyun-Tae was breathing heavily as he went out of the hall, he was so confused and his heart ached. Hyun-Tae didn't notice his tears rolling down on his cheeks.

"Why? Why didn't I notice that Syanja was that girl? Why did I let her make a place in my heart?"

Hyun-Tae runs his hand in his hair out of frustration. Hyun-Tae has to calm himself down for Jung-Hoon.

"No, Jung-Hoon is more important to me than Syanja."

"I saw her wearing a navy blue one-piece dress, it was the first time she was wearing this type of dress, I can feel it. I know she is feeling a bit uncomfortable in this but trying harder to not let anyone notice her discomfort. Her gaze landed on me as I walked by her. Her soft cherry blossom perfume smell attracted me to her, but I managed myself. I want her to take the first step because I don't know what she feels about me. I took a glance at her while taking a drink. Why are you so frustrated, Syanja? Are you not enjoying it? Is the music disturbing you or you don't like the dress you are wearing? Her brown doe eyes damn she is looking so innocent. I'm kinda enjoying her looking like that."

Jung-Hoon was lost in his world, without caring about others.

Someone tapped her shoulder catching her attention towards him, giving her a grin. She was a bit confused as she didn't know about the person.

"Hello Syanja, I'm Tea-min. I worked in Vim cooperation as well. You don't know me, you never noticed me."

He laughed, making her awkward around him. She gave him a nervous smile.

Hyun-Tae loosened his necktie, he sat on the bench of the lawn, tears continuously falling, he was a mess. He was trembling, his heart was pounding, Hyun-Tae closed his eyes. He tried to control his emotions.


He frowned as the voice of his brother came to his ear, his eyes widened. Hyun-Tae quickly wiped his tears and fixed himself before looking in his brother's direction.

"A-are You C-crying?"

Ho-Jim inquired as he saw his brother in a mess condition. Ho-Jim stepped close to Hyun-Tae and pulled him into his embrace. As Ho-Jim tightened his grip Hyun-Tae burst into tears. Ho-Jim's heart clenched. He patted Hyun-Tae's back. A tear rolled down to Ho-Jim's eye too, he quickly wiped his tears to hide from his brother he didn't want him to show weakness in front of Hyun-Tae.

"Y-you Lo--ove S-syanja?"

Hyun-Tae's eyes widened and he broke the hug and glanced at Ho-Jim who was staring at him with a straight face. Hyun-Tae nodded at him, he knows there is no way to lie to his brother and Hyun-Tae knows he can't have any stamina to debate right now, he is a total mess right now.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" If you told me then I'll never let that happen."

Ho-Jim states to him while running his hand in his hair.

Syanja was sitting at the table, she grabs a glass of juice and sighs.

"I hate parties, and where is Hyun-Tae?"

She narrowed her eyes while talking to herself. She stood up and fixed herself before walking out to find Hyun-Tae. Syanja was about to step out of the gate but she was stopped by a voice that came behind her. She glanced back at her and her gaze landed on Jung-Hoon who was holding a mic in his hand.

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