Cause Of My Euphoria/C16 "Are You Shy My Baby?"
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C16 "Are You Shy My Baby?"
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C16 "Are You Shy My Baby?"

"Everybody, I would like to invite you all to the dance floor with your partners."

The hall was filled with applause and cheers. Jung-Hoon made his way to Syanja but stopped by an old lady who was standing in front of him blocking his way to Syanja.

"Oh young boy, why don't you become my partner tonight. As you can see I'm all alone."

She winked at Jung-Hoon who was looking at the lady with widened eyes. Syanja giggles, grasping Jung-Hoon's attention towards her. She gulped as she saw Jung-Hoon shooting her a glare. She gave him an apologetic look and smile. Jung-Hoon gave her a sad smile because he wanted to dance with her but he missed his chance.

Hyun-Tae and Ho-Jim entered the hall and everyone's attention diverted to them. Seo-Jin held Syanja's hand, she gasped and looked at him with widened eyes because of his sudden move.

"Let's dance Syanja, as you know you are the only girl who is way better than the fake one."

Seo-Jin states to Syanja while glaring at the girls who were continuously clingy on him. A blush of embarrassment plastered on Syanja's face. Seo-Jin took Syanja to the dance floor and he placed Syanja's hands on his shoulder. He held Syanja's waist in a brotherly way, she smiled at him as she left comfortable with him. They started moving slowly as the music turned the soft one relaxing everyone. Others join them on the dance floor too. Ho-Jim took his brother too and nodded at him. Hyun-Tae smiles and nods to him. As Seo-Jin spins Syanja everyone started Changing their partners. Syanja went towards Hyun-Tae, he gasped and put his hand over her waist and she held his shoulders. She leaned her eyes down to avoid eye contact with him. Hyun-Tae smiled softly and spun her, as she spun, Ho-Jim held her hand and pulled her to him. He smiled at her and they continued their dance. After a while, Ho-Jim took her hand high in her but this time her feet twisted and she lost her balance. Everyone gasped, Syanja closed her eyes and waited to fall but she felt arms around her waist. She opened her eyes to see. Jung-Hoon's face is two inches away from her. He smiled and made her stand. Jung-Hoon leaned his hand towards her, she smiled and held his hand. Jung-Hoon placed her hands on his shoulder while holding her waist. Looking into each other's eyes, Syanja felt a bit Shy. She bites her lips while lowering her gaze. Jung-Hoon smirked, leaned close to her ear, and backed away while whispering something.

"Are You Shy My Baby?"

Leaving her eyes widened, heart-pounding across her chest, her cheeks heated up. A pink tint showed on her cheeks.

Gazing at them sadly Hyun-Tae fist his hand and glances at his brother who was staring at him concerned. A soft hurtful smile plastered at his lips as he took a glance at his friend who was happy with his love. Hyun-Tae knows that Jung-Hoon loves her more than anything. He saw how hard he tried to find her. His eyes landed on Syanja, she was staring at Jung-Hoon eyes lovingly which she never stared at him.

After the end of the event, everyone started leaving. Syanja was standing in front of her car waiting for Lara, Mr. Lee went back and he had urgent work to complete, so he asked Lara to pick up Syanja after the party.

"Go and tell her that you want to have dinner with her.."

U-Ram patted Jung-Hoon's shoulder while looking at her, they were waiting for him to ask Syanja about the celebration together. It's been 1 hour and he is still practicing. He was about to go, everyone's face lit up, but after taking a few steps he turned back to them, everyone glaring at him while becoming angry.

"I'm feeling nervous.."

He landed his gaze down, everyone groaned at him, Ho-Jim rolled eyes at him.

"Aww, our boy is so shy, guess what you want us to die of hunger?"

Everyone starts giggling at his statement. They were talking and teasing each other, and a boy went near Syanja.


Syanja looked back with a confused face. She recognized him, he was Tae-min. She smiled at him.

"Do you need anything??"

Tae-min looked down, he was so shy to ask her what he wanted. He took a deep breath and said it in 1 breath to her.

"Mam. I was thinking, can you have dinner with me?"

She chuckled at his behavior, he was younger than her.

"Please don't say no."

He said while pouty face looked down again. Syanja leaned close to him and patted his head.

"Ahh, Actually I have to go home. I'm feeling so tired right now.. sorry"

He looked up and she leaned back and smiled at him.

"Ohh, It's okay. Can you give me your number if you don't mind? My group wanted to spend some time with you.."

She glanced at his back and there were his friends standing. She nodded her head because he was showing her puppy eyes.

"Ummm, Okay.."

As the boy left, Syanja took off her earrings and heels as well, and she was about to leave towards her car. Then someone called her name. She closed her eyes in frustration, she is feeling so tired and wanted to sleep as soon as possible. She pulled her hair up and tied them in a messy bun. She sighs and looks back.

"Excuse Me, Syanja??"

She looked in his direction, and as she recognized him, he was the friend of Jung-Hoon. He approached her.

"Syanja, are you leaving?"

She smiled and nodded.

"We are going to celebrate, so if you are free come with us."

She looked at him with her tired half-opened eyes. He understands that she is so tired right now.

"Ummm, Actually I don't go out at night."

Ji-Ho looked back in his friend's direction, he just wanted his friend to be happy because Jung-Hoon is a little brother to them.

"Don't worry we will drop you. Please don't say no, it's a request."

She bites her lower lip and thinks for a while before answering him.

"Okay let me inform my friend.."

Ji-Ho nodded at her, and she left to call her friend. Ji-Ho walked toward Jung-Hoon's direction and smiled.

"You are going to pay this time, cause you help you."

Jung-Hoon jumped in his arms and kissed his cheek.

"Yeah, and after that, I want your favorite shirt too."

Jung-Hoon giggled and kissed his other cheek. Ji-Ho made a disgusted face.

"Ohh, Come on it's not a big deal.."

Everyone laughed at them, as they were happy to see his younger brother happy. Syanja came to their direction and said,

"Where are we going? I don't go out at night so I asked my friend to join us. I hope you don't mind."

Jung-Hoon came to her and gave her a cute bunny smile which was warming Syanja's heart.

"No, No It's okay."

She nodded and sent Lara the location.

"Syanja, you drive your car.."

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