Cause Of My Euphoria/C17 Are You Happy Now?
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C17 Are You Happy Now?
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C17 Are You Happy Now?

She gulped.

"Aww, Actually I don't know how to drive."

Jung-Hoon glanced at her.

"So, how do you go home?"

She looked at him and nervously laughed.

"Lara was going to pick me up because Mr. Lee leaves, he has some important work, that's why I called my friend, she'll drive the car."

He shook his head, smiled at her with sparkly eyes.

"Okay, I'll drive your car.."

She gave him the car keys and went towards the car, and everyone went to their car. Syanja and Jung-Hoon get in the car and they fix the seat belt.

"So where are we going?"

Jung-Hoon was reversing the car, totally focused on the road.

"It is near a beach, we mostly go there."

Syanja nodded and he started driving.

After some time. Syanja was admiring him secretly, his rolled sleeves, messy hair, big eyes, clean face, his two upper opened button of shirt showing his skin. She is scanning everything about him. Her heart was pounding so fast, her ears became hot and red. She was so lost in him, admiring him like there is no tomorrow. She flinched suddenly when she heard.

"Am I that handsome? You can't take your eyes on me? Hmm?"

She widened her eyes, gasped, and cleared her throat. He looked at her and smirked, she started panicking.

"Yeah, why is it so hot, let me turn on the A.C,"

She was about to touch the button and Jung-Hoon was about to touch it too, then their hands brushed, they looked at each other and looked away in a second. She looked down while blushing.

"Umm.. where are we now?"

He leaned close to her and whispered in a husky voice in her ear.

"On the way.. after 5 minutes we'll be there."

Syanja closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath on her neck and ear, he leaned back to his seat, looked at her, and admired her reaction. After some moments she opened her eyes, looked at him and smiled, she put her head on the window side, after a few seconds, she fell asleep.

"We are about to reach.."

He looked at her, shook his head, leaned close to her, and removed her hair to her face.

"Aish, she is sleeping, I think she is feeling cold."

He whispered in his breath, he put his coat on her and covered her body. He got out of the car and ran towards his friends.

"Where is Syanja?"

Hyun-Tae asked while getting worried. Jung-Hoon sat with them and drank water before answering them.

"She is sleeping in the car.."

Hyun-Tae nodded at him in order of understanding. Then Hyun-Tae said out of the blue.

"She must be tired.."

They nodded and looked at the car where Syanja was sleeping peacefully.

"Yeah. What should I do now?"

Jung-Hoon catches everyone's attention.

"Let's order food after we wake her.."

Jung-Hoon nodded and they went to give orders. After an hour, Jung-Hoon stepped towards the car to wake Syanja up. He sits in the car and looks at her. He was admiring her features.

"I'm feeling so lucky to have her with me right now, she is such a hard-working girl, I must say she is my ideal type, caring, loving, kind, hardworking, calm, and smart. I want to know more about her. Aish, she is looking so cute right now, she is sleeping like a baby. I can watch her the whole night. How can someone be so beautiful?"

He was about to wake her up, but she opened her eyes. Wait what she is sweating, but why??? Did she have a nightmare?? He thought. Syanja woke up because she had a nightmare. She gasped.

"Where am I?"

Jung-Hoon held her hand when he watched her trembling because of a nightmare.

"It's okay, I'm with you, are you okay?"

She nodded and smiled.

"I want water, can you give me some water?"

He nodded and called his friend to bring a water bottle, she took it from him and drank it.

"I'm sorry, I had a nightmare."

She said to him because Jung-Hoon got so worried about her.

"It's okay, are you okay now??"

She nodded, patted his hand, got out of the car, and went towards his friends. Syanja gasped as she saw Lara and everyone staring at her with a worried gaze.

"Lara? you came???"

Lara got up, went towards her, and hugged her.

"Yeah, just now. Why are you sweating?"

Syanja broke the hug and shook her head. After a while, the order arrived and they started serving. Everyone took their food.

"You didn't order that."

Seo-Jin snatched the dish from Ji-Ho's hand, Ji-Ho glared at him and put the dish on his side.

"But I want it now.

Syanja is looking at them while smiling. They are fighting like kids and she is enjoying it. Jung-Hoon is also fighting for his dish. He is looking so cute bunny, the way he yells at them and they are teasing him. He is a bit annoyed now, Ahh, why do I love him so much?? I tried so hard to stay away from him, but it's made me closer to him. Lara leaned close to her and whispered.

"Syanja, what are you thinking??"

She looked at her while smiling, she bit her lower lip and shook her head.

"Nothing, he is cute."

talking random things, teasing each other while having dinner.

"I think we have to leave now."

Syanja said while looking at her watch.

"Nooooo, I'm enjoying your company."

Ji-Ho pouted at her and requested.

"I'm feeling so tired now, sorry."

Ji-Ho nodded.

"Can't you stay for a while?"

Syanja laughed at Ji-Ho's behavior. She was about to say something but Lara cut her words.

"Yeah, we have some work tomorrow, I am starting a new cafe near the beach, so tomorrow Syanja will help me and hope she doesn't forget.."

She looked at Lara and gave her an apologetic look.

"I knew it.."

Lara was about to shout at Syanja, she gasped and said.

"Don't be angry, I'll take a leave so don't Worry."

She laughed nervously.

"You better."

She nodded multiple times. After that, they hugged.

"Okay Guys, Good Night. Bye Byeee."

She waved at them and stepped into her car. And they drove away, he was watching her car disappear.

"Are you happy now???"

He nodded at Hyun-Tae and gave him a bunny smile.

"I'm Happy.."

As Syanja reached her home her phone popped up a message from Jung-Hoon's. She grinned and replied to his message, telling him she is home safely.

He sighs in relief as he throws himself on his bed. Jung-Hon smiles as the event memories flashbacking in his head. He groaned in the fact that he can't stop thinking about Syanja now whole night.

After a while, he fell asleep.

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