Cause Of My Euphoria/C18 Lara's New Restaurant
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C18 Lara's New Restaurant
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C18 Lara's New Restaurant

Next day after the celebration. It was ten in the morning, and Lara was waiting for Syanja. She is so annoyed now. Lara didn't take off her eyes on the wall clock. She sighs and shakes her head in disappointment.

"Syanja, you gonna pay for this."

She said while glaring at the door. Mr. Lee and their daughter are out for some father and daughter time. She rolled her eyes, they are getting late because of Syanja who is still sleeping in her warm bed.

"Okay now it's enough, I'm going to her house and I'll kick her butt harder for making me wait."

She took her car keys about to leave, but suddenly the door wide open made her confused, her eyes landed on Jung-Hoon and three of his friends Seo-Jin, Ho-Jim, and Ji-Ho. They came inside and greeted her.

"Syanja is not here, I was about to go to wake her up. She must be sleeping."

He glanced at her scary look, Lara was looking scary.

"Umm, can I go to wake her up?"

He asked her hoping she'll say yes to him.

"Huh? Okay, you go.."

He smiled brightly, took a glance at his friends.

"I'm going to Syanja's house, she must be sleeping."

They nodded at him. He smiled and left.

On another side, Synaja was sleeping peacefully in her warm blanket without caring about anything. She only wants to rest right now, nothing else. She was in her dreamland, and suddenly her room's door was knocked by someone. She flinched and slowly opened her eyes.

"Who's there? Come in."

She sat on the bed, her face covered by her messy hair. She was unbothered, she glanced at the door with half-opened eyes.

"Oh, sorry Syanja I came here to wake you---"

He stopped when he saw her in a messy condition, He screamed out of his lungs.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ghost, ghost."

Syanja pulled her hair away from her face and started jumping on the bed.

"Where is the ghost? Don't eat me please"

He held his chest with one hand and tried to balance himself to fall, suddenly Syanja jumped on him and hugged him. They fall on the floor. He held her waist and her hands under his neck, both of them groaned in pain. Syanja looked at him.

"Are you okay?"

He nodded, she tried to stand up but slipped again. Her face in his crook of the neck. He felt a shiver in his body because of the closeness. She again looked at him now they are closer than before.

"I'm sorry, my hands are under your neck. You have to pull your head up."

His eyes widened, their lips too close. He tried to avoid eye contact with her. She also tries to act cool and doesn't want to make the situation more uncomfortable. He pulled his head up but suddenly the door of the room was wide open, revealing his friends. They all gasped and put their hands on their mouths, but Seo-Jin spoke.

"You were here to wake her up. What are you doing morning romance?"

Syanja felt so embarrassed. She hid her face in his chest.

"Help her to stand up to you idiots."

They nodded immediately and helped them to stand up. When they got up Syanja rushed to the bathroom without taking a glance at them. Jung-Hoon hit his friend's chest and they went downstairs. After some time Syanja came down.

"Let's go, I'm ready."

She rushed out without even taking a glance at a single person.

At the Cafeteria Lara was looking at Syanja with a strong scary gaze Syanja.

"I'm sorry, I told you a thousand times."

Lara was about you Yell again Syanja put tape on her mouth. Her eyes widened.

Syanja was about to sit on the couch.

"No young lady, you can't sit and remember what you promised to me?"

Syanja mentally slapped herself.

"Yeah sweetie, I'm ready to help you let's go.."

Lara made her way but something made her stop in her track she looked behind Syanja was punching in the air.

"I can see you Syanja.."

Syanja's eyes widened, and she started walking behind her.

They reached the beach restaurant. Syanja went out to the car and stretched her arms. Jung-Hoon and his friends also came out to the car and took boxes from the car trunk.

"Let's start the work."

Syanja patted Jung-Hoon’s back and gave him a smirk. He didn't know what that was for. He shook his head and followed her, Lara unlocked the place and they whispered"It's so messy."

Ji-Ho stated without releasing a scary gaze on them, he laughed a little and looked at Lara who was looking at him with a serious look.

"Hehe, I was just kidding, wow what a beautiful place."

She smiled and changed her gaze in a second. Everyone looked at her widened eyes. Syanja went close to the window which was near her, she opened it, and the cold and soft breeze hit her face. She was feeling so relaxed, suddenly Syanja felt someone's presence behind her. She took a glance through the window glass and Jung-Hoon was staring at her with a soft gaze.

"So, you love the view?"

She didn't look at him and nodded while closing her eyes. He smiled because she was looking so pretty, he took a glance and grinned.

"Stop love birds, come on and do some work now. We need you, we can't handle this woman alone, she is so scary.

Seo-Jin said without even thinking twice, Lara was standing behind him, Syanja and Jung-Hoon looked at each other and tried to give him a sign.

"What did you say???"

He gasped and looked back with a trembling body.

"I--I'm S-sorry Mam.."

He said and ran out like a roadrunner.

They all started laughing at his cuteness.

After 5 hours all of them are doing their work.

"I'm so tired, because of you. You're gonna pay for it."

Ho-Jim said while whining at Jung-Hoon. He stretched his back, and his back made a crack voice.

"OH my god my back, someone called an emergency. I'm gonna die.."

He started his drama. All of them shook their heads and made him sit on the couch.

They all started doing their work, Lara came to Syanja and told her she was going out to buy something. She has to look after her. She was working and suddenly she thought about Ho-Jim.

"He must be alone. Let's go and watch him."

She was standing in front of the door and heard someone's screaming voice. She opened the door and saw, Ho-Jim and Seo-Jin were jumping while playing video games. She narrowed her eyes, they looked at her and Ho-Jim started screaming like he is still in pain, she went closed to him and slapped playfully on his shoulder.

"Hehe, Syanja do you wanna join?"

Ho-Jim saw a spark in her eyes, she nodded in excitement because games are one of her weaknesses.

"Yes, let's have a bet that if I win you'll do my work, and if I lose I'll do whatever you want."

They smirked and nodded, made a pinky promise, and started their game.

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