Cause Of My Euphoria/C19 When Something Bad Happened
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C19 When Something Bad Happened
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C19 When Something Bad Happened

It's been two hours since Jung-Hoon and Ji-Ho didn't see Syanja and his two friends. They were a little worried, and so they decided to look for them. Jung-Hoon and Ji-Ho looked all over the place, Lara also came back and joined them. They were finding them suddenly and they heard giggling, laughing, and screaming voices coming out from the room. They opened the door.

"Yeah told you, I'll gonna win again"

Syanja said while flipping her hair. They didn't notice everyone watching them.

"Syanja, what are you doing? Gonna explain it or???

Syanja flinched and looked at the door, she smiled awkwardly at them.

"Hehe, I was accompanying them"

Lara shook her head at her childish behavior.

"You can play, we'll continue work tomorrow."

Syanja started jumping in happiness, Jung-Hoon was observing her every single moment carefully. Lara just laughed at her, and they hugged.

"I'm not gonna play with you again, He's gonna play with you. He is a pro gamer.

Seo-jin pointed his finger to Jung-Hoon. Syanja looked at him and started laughing.

"I'm a pro gamer, no one gonna defeat me."

She said with a proud face, Jung-Hoon chuckled at her and smirked.

"I would love to defeat you, Syanja."

She frowned and looked at him.

"Are you challenging me?"

She said while raising her eyebrow. He nodded and took the controller from his friend. Seo-Jin smiled and patted his back.

"Then I'll be in Syanja team."

Ji-Ho and Ho-Jim said and started cheering for Syanja. Lara went to Jung-Hoon and joined his team.

They started the game, they were fully focused on the game. They are both trying harder to defeat each other. He was on the lead Syanja made a disappointed face, she doesn't want to lose. Jung-Hoon took a glance at her, when he saw her, his heart softened. He smiled and let her win the match, she looked at him. She knows he made her win the game. Everyone cheers for Syanja, Seo-Jin pats Jung-Hoon's shoulder because he knows that he lost the game for Syanja. Syanja smiled and shook her head.

Syanja was sitting on the stairs looking at the sea, feeling the cold breeze enjoying the weather. She closed her eyes and thought about her life. She is so great, full of everything in her life, Lara, Nina, Mr. Lee, and her home mates. She is happy because he and his friends made her world colorful.

"I didn't know that you love the sea this much"

She knew who he was, she held his hand and made him sit. Jung-Hoon smiled and sat beside her.

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath, and let the air touch your Body"

She said while closed eyes, He smiled and did what she said.

After some time Syanja put her head on his shoulder, Jung-Hoon's eyes widened and his gaze landed on her, he smiled. He glanced at the sea.

On the other side, his friends are watching them and they are so happy for him, Mr. Lee and Lara also join. They felt happy for Syanja and Jung-Hoon.

Rushing out the main gate of the office Syanja straightly went to her car and sat. She signed Mr. Lee to drive. He nodded, started the car, and drove off. She was panting badly due to stress. Mr. Lee noticed her. She threw her phone on the other side and opened the window trying to control her anger because she knows if she doesn't control herself it will harm her. She closed her eyes and heaved a deep breath.

"Mr. Lee take me to the beach, and after that, you can leave, I want to spend some time alone."

He nodded at her and after some time he dropped her at the beach and drove away.

She put her phone in airplane mode, put it in her bag, and sat near the sea. She took out her laptop from her bag and started writing, all she wanted was peace.

It's been two weeks since Syanja continuously worked very hard, she stopped taking meals properly even skipping them, stopped sleeping on time, always focusing on work, she still keeps her phone on airplane mode. She stopped meeting anyone, even though she didn't talk with her family, every time they called Lara, Syanja tells her to tell them that she is busy.

Other hands, Jung-Hoon was dying to talk to her and meet her. He was glancing at his mobile hoping that Syanja would pick up the call now, but every time he got disappointed. He is so impatient now, Lara told him about her condition and continuously working routine. He sighs as Ho-Jim patted his back and sat beside him.

"What happened to her? Is she fine?"

Ho-Jim shook his head, and Jung-Hoon stared at him confusingly. Ho-Jim heaved a sigh before saying anything.

"I should have told you about it earlier but I thought maybe I misunderstood."

Jung-Hoon has no clue what his friend is talking about right now. What happened suddenly, all is known is Syanja and what she is going through.

"You remember that 15 days ago we had a meeting, we went to my company?"

He slightly nodded at him, trying to remember.

"When we all left I forget my phone at the office, so I went to the office to get back my phone"

Syanja was standing in front of Hyun-Tae, he was in a very bad mood.

"What the hell is this Syanja? You are telling me that the file is not on the laptop anymore?

She just nodded at him, didn't grudge to say a word in front of him. His behavior scares her so much, this is her first time someone yelling at her like that. She is trying her best not to cry, she has a soft heart. She can't bear the loud voice of anyone.

"I-I'm s-sorry sir, M-Mr Robby told me today that w-which file I sent to him, he deleted mistakenly."

Hyun-Tae looked at her with soft eyes, he understands that she is scared now.

"D-Don't w-worry, I'll work hard and make it again, just give me some time."

After that, she bowed to him and rushed out to the office, which was noticed by Ho-Jim.

Ho-Jim sighs and goes inside the office. He glanced at his brother who was feeling guilty about his behavior.

“Hyun-Tae, what's wrong with you? What were you yelling?”

Hyun-Tae sobbed and looked down, his brother's eyes softened as he understood Hyun-Tae is also going through a lot these days. Ho-Jim went close to him and hugged him.

Jung-Hoon nodded at him as he understood everything. Ho-Jim patted his hand.

"You know she was standing there like a little girl who made a mistake and was scolded by parents or teacher. she didn't disobey him even though he had crossed all of his limits."

a small smile appeared on his face.

"she was holding her tears, trying her best not to let them fall in front of anyone."

Jung-hoon's heart dropped when he heard syanja was crying. He looked at his friend.

"Let's go and meet her please, I want to confront her."

Ho-Jim nodded in agreement. Jung-Hoon sighed and went to his car. Ho-Jim took his phone out and texted Hyun-Tae about they are going to see Syanja if he wanna come or not. As he got no response he sighed and followed Jung-Hoon.

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